Explosive! Revealing Massive Church Infiltration For Nefarious Reasons

Massive Church Infiltration

This is an explosive, revealing interview exposing massive church infiltration by those who have other ideas on what should be going on within the bounds of the church!

As you watch this video, you will hear from a young man who became part of “The Family” in America. This was not by his own choice, but because the church, and other churches in the area, were infiltrated and taken over by this cult.

Of-course, in the early days, he didn’t know really what was going on, and out of his genuine desire to serve the Lord, he became a leader within the group.

Time came though when he ended up running for his life!

He tells of his journey and all the horrors he experienced, meanwhile exposing a very major name in American politics… exactly how this person treated him… with whipping, torture and rape on multiple occasions.

He is shown here wearing a mask, but not for Co/vid. This story is not over yet… we catch it where he still needs to hide his identity, as this far-reaching group can at anytime come for him.

Massive Church Infiltration – Angels during the day, Satanic during the night

He warns concerning this so-called ‘church’. They preach during the day and sound like virtually any other church. Being very evangelistic, they call people to come to Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour!

They ran huge outreaches for children… (of-course), but running alongside all their programs is a very dark side.

This so-called ‘church’ is nothing more than a cover up for unimaginable nefarious means.

nefarious means:  wicked, base, criminal, evil, foul, horrible, dreadful, vicious, monstrous, shameful, vile, atrocious, sinful, heinous, depraved, odious, abominable, infernal, villainous, iniquitous, execrable, detestable, opprobrious He was said to have committed other acts too nefarious to contemplate.


This is our enemy, the enemy on the dark side with their usual dreadful hu/man and ch/ild s]e]x t[r[a[f[f[i[c[k[i[n[g!

Hiding in plain sight!

Creeping about right there in front of us!

A strong boy/man of faith

During his time there, he saw things it would have been better if he had not. So they took him ‘for a little talk’ holding him under water to ensure he would keep his mouth shut.

As the story progresses, he tells of how his mother suffered with large cancerous tumours which ‘came out of no-where’ after they sprayed her property with ‘who knows what’!

It’s heart-rendering how they treated this man. All the way through from when he was just a young teenager and through till now. He has shown an immense amount of bravery, and in particular, very strong faith in the Lord.

It is not hard to believe that the only reason he lives today is through his faith. He could have been killed many times over.

It’s a 2 hour video, but one everyone should take the time to watch through to the end. It is so revealing.

We will see justice being served!

Justice must be served

This group must be brought down and justice must be served. This can only happen through military tribunals at this point in time. Most all of the courts and justice systems are also corrupt.

Of-course, I do not believe that the White Hats are unaware of this organisation. Truth be known, they have already taken action against them. Allowing this story to come out to the public is probably all part of the revelation . They usually do not allow information to escape until ‘after the fact’.

Never-the-less, if they are still running. Countless children are being fooled, brainwashed and trafficked. They have training programs to teach the young how to become terrorists one way and another. It’s explained how within a couple of days they could bring into action a force that could create major havoc of mammoth proportions.

Remember, this is a world-wide organisation which has been gradually infiltrating various large church denominations. Things are not always as they seem. We must use discernment.

Anyway, we must pray that the White Hats have got them under control, which I believe is more than possible.

American Media Periscope, “Making Sense of the Madness” with John Michael Chambers, contains some other wonderful information worthy of follow-up.

Things are not always as they seem. Massive church infiltration is gradually creeping into other denominations unawares. Little by little they come in while most of us are busy with our day-to-day activities. We must all rise up and spread this kind of video far and wide.


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