Enemy Of Humanity Hidden Easily In Plain Sight?

Enemy of Hamanity

In this post we’re going to see how the ‘enemy of humanity’ is hidden in plain sight and can easily be found for anyone who is truly looking.

There are only 2 categories

Really, there are only two categories… which category are you in?

  1. Globalists and all of their cohorts, or
  2. Everyone else

The Globalists include everyone connected to their dirty little (or very huge) agenda. These are made up of the 13 bloodline families…. the Phoenician families, who rule over the Cabal and all of the Cabal’s minions as seen below:

What If The New World Order Was the Beast of Revelations?

These people, or should I say demons, rule the entire world.

The minions are those who have sold their soul to the devil, who is in ultimate control of this whole sorry lot.

The Goal of Satan

His goal is to have total and complete dominion over the earth. He wants to be the god of humanity.

Unfortunately for him, he is not omnipresence. Only God can be in all places at once. He can not.

The only way for him to be everywhere at once is through his demons. These demons take over human bodies to give Satan control. They have allowed the demons to enter by asking them in.

This then allows Satan to work through them towards his goal of dominion.

He has had this goal from the beginning, and as people have lived and died, new humans have taken up the cause…

Infiltration everywhere

To this end, the enemy of humanity have infiltrated every area of life. There appears to be no area that has been left untouched:

  • Church Seminaries
  • Local Government
  • National Government
  • Education
  • Commerce
  • Film Industry
  • Local post offices
  • Music Industry etc. The list just goes on and on.

Why would good people do this?

Let’s take an example. There is a young singer who loves nothing more than to sing. She/he is showing great promise and has a heart and yearning to become famous and known all over the world. Then along comes these demon controlled people who are running Hollywood or likewise, and offer her/him fame and fortune.

As they are yearning for worldwide fame, and to make an absolute fortune, they are easy targets.

Now I don’t know the exact steps that take place, but you can see the picture. They are taken to a meeting of some kind, and told to ask the demons to enter them, while at the same time, they are told to tell the Holy Spirit to leave.

They follow through with these instructions, in many cases maybe not even understanding why they are doing it. The glitter of stardom is enticingly hung in front of them, so many of them cannot resist. All they can see is the promise of fame and fortune which takes over their mind and causes them to do whatever they’re told. After all, they’ve been dreaming of this for most of their lives.

Sold out to the devil

Unfortunately, now they have sold their very soul to the devil! He laughing big time because he has ensnared yet another.

Now, if they will do all that these evil people ask them to do, they will allow them to rise in both fame and fortune. It’s a trade-off and very hard for them to escape.

Think about it for a moment… how many of us have seen a promising young singer, or actor, head off to Hollywood. Next thing you see is they seem to have completely changed their ways. We’ve seen young people… good-living, Christ-loving Christians, fall into this very trap. Before you know, they’re into evil, demonic shows. You wonder what happened to them!

Well, now we know!

The enemy of humanity…so, who are these evil people?

These people who are in the ruling position over everyone else, want dominion over all the world. Remember, this is Satan’s desire and they fulfill his agenda.

They have given themselves over to the devil, and have become hard as nails, very uncaring people. These people don’t look through normal human eyes as we do. They see us only as a commodity to be used. And have they done that? To the uttermost!

The G[lobalists are so full of their own importance and desires, that they have a very real agenda to reduce the world’s population by 90%. This is so the 10% left would be easily controlled as their slaves.

Do you think they couldn’t/wouldn’t do that?

Better think again! That’s exactly where they are headed.

They will do anything for World Dominion

Even right down to flicking votes!

We know they used the Dominion Voting Machines (notice the name!) for years in countries all around the world. USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada… and many more.

They caused people to come out and vote to give them (the people) the feeling that their voice counted. Constituents take the time on voting day to go and cast their vote, little knowing it’s all just for show!

The D[eep S[tate have already decided exactly who they will have as the new Prime Minister or President (their puppet), but they like to kid us that whoever ‘wins’ is by our choice.

The good news about this is that they have been busted! Now we know their dirty little schemes. What they didn’t know was that there was another voting system working in the background at the same time as their’s. This was the Quantum Voting System, quietly, silently working in the background, being watched as all the fraud was taking place.

Learn more about it here:

There’s no trickery in the Quantum Voting System!

Eugenics – Killing off the population

B/ill G/ates has taken upon himself the role of the world’s doctor. Really, if we want to know something, surely we need to ask him, don’t we? With no qualifications in the medical field, he’s become the mentor for all doctors on the face of the earth. Amazing really don’t you think?

How often we’ve seen him being interviewed, telling us that we must all be vaccinated… it’s the only way, he says! But he can hardly wipe the grin off his snickering face! The dirty little swine is almost rubbing his hands together at the very thought of it. Tick…tick…tick… he sees the dollar signs flying past his eyes and straight into his bank account. Imagine, everyone in the entire world receiving a v/ax… follow it up with another one in a few weeks (more hand rubbing) and make sure they know they have to have one every year (rub, rub, rub). ‘Tis a great idea you’ve come up with Billy!

And the wonderful thing about all this is… hey, we can always invent yet another ‘virus’… oh… I’m in heaven, he thinks!

Eugenics in action

He is/was working for their agenda

If you don’t already know, he is part of the D[eep S[tate and he’s playing his part towards their agenda of creating a New World Order.

But listen! Don’t be fooled! B*ill and M*elinda G*ates have already been dealt with. They’re gone! The folk that are now playing the part of these two don’t even look like the originals. Whether they are wearing masks or just body doubles, and often it could be CGI… I don’t know, but a serious look at their images is very telling.

In the endeavour of waking us all up, these two have had to continue playing out the role that the original two losers were playing. We have to see just how bad it would have been if the G[lobalists had their way.

The enemy of humanity

I have come to believe that these horrid people and their agenda is the real enemy of ‘we the people’. It’s not China. It’s not Russia. Certainly not North Korea. It’s not even the Muslem’s. And what’s more, it’s not random terrorists hijacking planes and causing mayhem. It’s Satanically controlled people stemming out from the original 13 Phoenician families, their cohorts and their minions.

When history is rewritten to show the true events via the Quantum Education System, we will all be blown away. What we’ve been taught in schools is according to how these so called ‘elite’ want to portray history, not as it really was. We need to prepare to be shocked.

Our enemy has been in control of us for generations and we’ve accepted it. We’ve not fully realised who it was that hijacked our livelihoods and took away our freedoms.

But it’s all come out now! These people were responsible for all the wars we’ve known. In fact, they funded both sides of the war. Do they care that millions lost their lives? No, not at all.

Rothschild funded both sides of every war

We have one common enemy who has infiltrated humanity in every country around the world, in every possible way. Now that we know who they are, we declare we’ve had more than enough! We no longer are prepared to play their games.

Yes, they are the enemy of humanity! We know who you are now and we’re coming for you. Their day has come!


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