Truth Being Revealed Soon – Are We Ready For It?

Truth revealed

Many are in turmoil because they do not understand what’s going on… but it won’t be for long. Soon and very soon, the truth will be revealed to us all.

Joe Biden - Truth Revealed

Allow me to ask…

Do you think these two images are of the same man?

Apparently, this is a photo of the real JB versus the one we see these days.

Some of the outstanding features I can see:

  • A different chin line.
  • Different coloured eyes!
  • One has a slim nose while the other nose appears to flare.
  • Ear lobes are different
  • I see some similarities, but major differences.

James Fetzer has done some cool work regarding what he sees so it’s worth checking out his work:
James Fetzer – Exposing Falsehoods and Revealing Truths

What do you think… is it the same man?

Whether or not it’s the same man, nobody can deny that he does some very strange things. For example, his speech can be very weird at times. We’ve all heard him say words that are quite unpronounceable and we have to wonder what that was all about.

If in reality, it’s a body double, he is very clever in his acting ability to bring off some of these sentences.

What about some of his strange actions?

We’ve all seen the footage of B/iden bouncing up the stairs of the plane and then tripping. Not once, not twice but up to three times!

This is pretty good for a man in his 80’s to save himself so well.

Is it the real him, or is it a body double? A much younger man playing the part? Maybe a clone?

What about how he supposedly spent so much time in his basement? Don’t you think this was a very strange action for someone running for president? According to ‘official’ figures, (which we know are not true) JB received more electoral votes than any other president but he had virtually no-one at his rallies.

Don’t you find that strange?

As soon as he was ‘elected’, he went into the ‘Oval Office’ of the ‘White House’ and began to sign many, many Executive Orders. Even there you heard him say that he didn’t know what he was doing!

Was this so-called president so far into dementia that he had to be shown what to do, or was this just some fun role-playing by an actor directed by the White Hats?

Since that time it has come to light that there are two theatre sets representing the White House. One is in California at Castle Rock and the other Tyler Perry’s in Atlanta. On close inspection of the background and some of the interior, it is so obvious that it’s not the real White House.

We all know the White House remained empty…

Strangely, the real White House remained dark and empty. JB was not there.

So what was that all about?

He complains that the military do not relate to him and whinges that they relate to Donald Trump instead.

Would any real president allow such information to escape him?

Something else that’s very strange, don’t you think?

Most of the military turned the other way as JB passed by and did not recognize him as the Commander in Chief. This is not accepted behaviour, so why did they do that?

Uhm… maybe it’s because in reality, the Military have been running the United States of America since President Trump left the White House.

OK, so if he is not the real JB, why not?

According to information I have received, he was arrested sometime last year and was left wearing an ankle bracelet. Now I’ve heard that he was arrested again in January 2021.

What happened to him then?

A double arrest?? Maybe the second arrest was when he was taken into custody and not allowed to depart.

We know that he’s potentially committed many crimes against humanity. I would suggest your research it out if you need to.

Was he taken to Guantanamo Bay for trial?

There’s a more than a very good chance.

Is he still living on this planet?

It’s doubtful, although not confirmed.

So why do they have someone acting out the role of JB? To what end?

For those who are in the know, JB is not the president in reality, so he has no authority.

And as actors, why do they do so many crazy things? I mean, isn’t he the ‘president’? Wouldn’t this be considered rude?

The Alliance / White Hats, for reasons unbeknown to the rest of us, have dealt with many criminals over the past year or more but have not brought it out into public domain as yet.

I believe a very good reason is that they are waiting until they have scooped up every last rat from the swamp. (I apologise to all animal rats everywhere, as not one of you would do the kind of things these people have been involved in!)

Military minds are at work and we can trust they know what they are doing.

They simply ask us to trust them!

I ask many questions such as these… do you?

But isn’t he creating all kinds of mayhem around the world?

It would appear so, but there is something you need to remember. As an actor, he is no more than that. He acts out a part… not more.

But I’ve heard he’s doing this… and this… and this… etc. He’s doing terrible things, many say!

Actually no, he’s not.

We are watching a pantomime.

Showing us what they would do

But why? What is the point?

The point is that the White Hats, the Alliance, are trying to show the world what it would be like if the real JB was in reality the president.

It’s the Alliance that direct what JB does. The actor simply acts out what he has been directed to do. And in the meantime, as they are working on this they have a little fun! Hence the tripping up the steps and the many other ridiculous words he says.

Another image of someone who it clearly is not

Wake up America! Wake up World! It’s time for Truth to be Revealed!

It’s not just JB that is being acted out… there are other actors playing out many roles… right across the world.

The truth is being revealed very soon. It will all come out and be revealed to us all. This will happen just as soon as the White Hats and the Alliance are ready for it to be revealed.

At this point in time, nothing ever escapes their lips until it’s ‘after the fact’, when it doesn’t matter anymore if the word gets out.

Please, please, learn all you can

We need to get ready for this reveal, even us who think we’ve heard it all. I have a feeling that there will be revelations that will shock everyone. We are going to learn about people whom we know, who have been involved in crimes against humanity… and it will shock us.

Research as much as you can now so as to aid you during the time that’s coming.

As the truth is revealed, I think we will all break down to a certain degree. Not only will we learn things that rip us apart, but the past 12 – 18 months have taken their toll on many. The more aware we are, the more we will be able to be there for those that are learning all this for the first time. Truly, they will rely on us to help them as it will be too much.

For many of us, we have been learning in stages. First one shock and then another. Imagine if it was all new to us… how would we cope?

I believe the White Hats are more than aware of this and that is why they are trying to play out in front of our eyes all what we see before us. They are trying to gently expose us, little by little. But a time is coming where the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth will have to be revealed.

It’s still before us… very close now



  1. Yes regards disclosure this will be a huge shock to the unawakened souls. The awoken have been receiving small downloads, bite size chunks. A huge download of infornation all at once may tip some people over the edge. They may refuse to believe what they are hearing.
    I have been acvused of being a conspiracy theorist and brainwashed. My husband dosent believe anything I say. If it was true it would be on the news.
    I pray for a smooth peaceful transition.
    Peace and Love to all

    • HI Carolyn,
      Yes you are so right! Really, we have all been woken up fairly gently rather than with a huge jolt! We’ve had time to absorb and consider. We need to trust God for it to transition in such a way others can accept.

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