Mark Of The Beast – Could It Be Something Else?

As God is currently in the middle of stamping out evil from the earth, are you of the opinion that the ‘Jab’ is the Mark of the Beast?

I see on Social Media a lot of concern that we must under no circumstances accept the Jab, as to do so is submitting yourself to the Mark of the Beast.

What is the focus of the Book of Revelation?

Well, first we must ascertain who the Book of Revelation is about.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:

Revelation 1:1

The focus of Revelation is about Jesus! The victory of Jesus Christ!

It’s a book showing how God overcomes the enemy… the devil… Satan himself. And it shows how we are victorious along with Him. Yay!

We are not the enemy. The enemy is Satan and his minions… all those who follow him, worship him, and carry out his will against us.

How many people see it as that? In my humble opinion, not many.

To most, it is a book full of doom and gloom? Yes, I remember seeing it the same way with absolutely terrible times up ahead.

Doesn’t it tell us about how much we are all going to suffer in the near future, with many of us killed and only a little remnant remaining? It appears to say this, on a casual read.

Do we find it so scary that we would rather find another way out than wait and suffer our way through it? That is, of-course, if it happens during our life time.

If that is how you see the Book of Revelation, I have some very good news for you!

Let’s discover how it is a Book of Victory!

OK, first let’s find out who the Beast is

When I had no idea of who the Beast was, Revelation made no sense to me. I read everything I could find, from all over the Internet, books and I read Revelation over and over, but because I couldn’t work out who the Beast was, I was stumped.

Oh I knew what many were telling me, but one way or another, to me there were always holes in the theory.

So to me, working out from the Word of God who the Beast is, is paramount to understanding the rest. I found it fell into place once I had done that.

I was definitely helped along the way by Melissa from

Am I right?

I’m not saying I am. Just offering this post to encourage you to look outside the box to see what you might see.

What I can say though, once I saw it, everything definitely fell into place and made sense for the first time in my life. I’m always checking and rechecking, for my own benefit.

It’s also brought a beautiful peace along with it as I look around me at world events. It’s now making sense.

Back on the 2nd October, 2020, I wrote this page entitled :

So who is he… or it? That beast, or whatever the creature is?

The Beast has to be someone (or a group of people), who is/are going to experience the full wrath of God.

Let’s look at who does something that’s so bad that God’s wrath will be poured out on them?

In this day as much is being revealed to us, we have been learning about Satanic worship and how it involves the sacrifice of babies and little children to Molech… the pagan god. Many would say they don’t believe in all this pagan stuff and that it doesn’t happen in this day and age.

Unfortunately, this is not so. It has never stopped. It’s been going on underground as well as on the earth.

Who would do such evil? Would you? No!

We have been learning about the way children are traf/ficked; or/gan har/vesting, ped/ophilia, dr/ug tra/de, hum/an traff/icking, and all the rest. Much of this has been happening directly under our feet.

It is shocking to learn what they do to little babies. We are told how they abort them at 5-6 months and remove their little hearts from their bodies while they are still beating, for scientific research! No anesthetic! What decent person would ever do that?

We’ve learned about such things as Adr/ren/och/rome. This is too hard to take in. Research the word if you do not know what it means… it will save me from spelling it out here. (Don’t go to Goo/gle, F/B or even You/tu/be… they have removed every reference. You must investigate much deeper than that.)

Trying to keep this post on topic, don’t you think that the perpetrators of all of this is a better representation of the beast?

So who does perpetrate this evil?

None other than the Globalists, Illuminati, Cabal, Deep State! These people are deep into all that atrocious activity and thrive off it. Satan loves it. They love it too as they have given themselves over to him.

I’m trying to keep this simple and not too involved, but I fully 100% believe, that they represent the Beast spoken of in Revelation.

Here I asked the question… what if it is the NWO?

If this is so…what then is the Mark of the Beast?

Is it the ‘jab’? Many, many believe it to be so.

After all, they are saying that if you don’t take the ‘jab’ you will not be allowed to travel, enter stores (buy or sell), work your job, etc. etc.

Q – And isn’t that what the Bible says about the Mark?

A – Yes, a little similar.

But there is something really big I want you to see.. it’s not talking about us! It’s talking about them! Those who practice these horrific abominations so that God pours out His wrath upon all who partake of it.

Could the ‘jab’ make God angry?

Do you believe that receiving a ‘jab’ so you can enter the Supermarket, buy groceries for your family, maintain your working position, is that horrific?

Would that make God angry?

I don’t think so! Not my God!

To be clear here, I DO NOT believe you should receive the ‘jab’, but not because it will make God angry.

There is much talk that it alters your DNA.

Maybe that would be what God is going to judge so fiercely?

Does God say, ‘How dare you do that to your body’! For that I’m going to send you to Hell!

This is what a lot of people believe… that receiving the ‘jab’ is a one-way ticket directly to Hell!

Of-course this fear is stopping people from taking it, and for that I’m grateful. Countless people are dying from receiving it, and many others are suffering all kind of side-effects. No, you really should NOT take the ‘jab’.

Why not take the ‘jab’

It kills your healing mechanism

Why would you agree to have an experimental drug of any sort injected into your body? Surely no-one would do that. Would they?

I believe totally that the ‘Mark of the Beast’ are those who are involved in Satanic Worship. This includes those in Hollywood – both music and acting, those in high places all around the world who have sold out their souls to be able to get ahead into positions of power and authority, those in government who love the money and power.

They are everywhere, people who have willingly accepted this mark (Mark of the Beast) where they tell the Holy Spirit to depart and invite demon spirits to enter their bodies to take over.

Think about it. Isn’t this more likely to be the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?

You might think this is ‘way out there’ but it happens all the time.

Secret Societies who don’t allow their members to talk about what they do. Their members don’t have any idea of what they are really getting into until they reach the higher levels. That is when, to be able to move forward, they have to do these abominations mentioned above.

By doing so, they are accepting the Mark of the Beast. They worship Satan and involve themselves in spirit cooking… all the things that completely turn our stomach… yes I believe, they are the ones who will experience God’s Wrath! Not us!

The Mark of the Beast is Loyalty and Devotion… to the Devil!

I really like what Tavis Bohlinger says in his article “COV/ID-19 and The Mark of the Beast”. He brings out that no medical procedure could be the mark. He also brings out that it is not even a physical or visible mark, or something that could be accidentally taken or received. No-one could bully you into having it, such as we see with the elderly or disabled people having the ‘jab’ forced upon them.

Then another angel, a third one, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed in full strength in the cup of His anger; and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb”.

Revelation 14:9-10

You can see from this verse that it’s definitely closely tied to worship of the beast. He explains that it’s a mark of loyalty and devotion.

If you are a wicked, evil person, involved in satanic worship, you are ‘marked’ already. It’s not a tattoo, or a jab.

Guess what, this is what the Globalists do… and much, much more. They think nothing of killing people off to lower the population of the earth. All for their own ends.

There is another mark!

We need to remember that in the Bible there is another mark referred to. This is the ‘mark of the Lamb’. No-one is expecting that God’s people are going to receive a mark to identify them, do they? Of-course not, the mark simply means that they are people united with God Himself… referred to as the Lamb. God knows who they are. These people are not involved in satanic worship, but instead, they worship God.

Think about it… can you be forced into worship? Can someone make you worship? No, it comes out of the heart. A heart for God, or a heart for evil.

Therefore, it cannot happen accidentally can it, as many people fear?

Victory ahead… not devastation!

Revelation is a book of victory! My dear readers, we have victory ahead, not devastation! But for those who are sporting the ‘Mark of the Beast’, they have nothing more than devastation! Do you see?

‘The End Times’ is referring to the end of those who are caught up in Globalism… the Illuminati… the Deep State… the Cabal… Satanic worship and all their horrifying acts. It’s THEIR end, not our end!

Please let that sink in…

We have been taught for many years that the ‘End Times’ is referring to the end of time, whatever that may mean. We’ve also been taught that we have to go through the most horrific period of time before the end.

Choose this day who you will serve

It’s time to raise your hand and declare which team you are on. Are you for God or against Him? The line has been drawn in the sand. No-one can sit on the fence as this Good versus Evil (God versus Satan) plays out.

Take a stand against all this evil. As we stand together as one, we bring the victory forward. God is stamping out all evil from the earth.

Choose now whom you will serve. Do you have the Mark of the Beast, or the mark of belonging to God? God knows!



    • Hi Ch!
      Really it doesn’t matter what Jerry Toney says, or what I say, or what anyone else says… it’s what you know in your own heart through finding out for yourself. If you find you really want to know, God will lead you. He certainly did me, but it took months of research and searching God’s Word. I do think we have to find out for ourselves and not just sit back and decide to believe what any pastor may say.
      Thank you for sharing Ch.

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