Ivanka Trump – Interesting Things That Make You Go Hmm…

Ivanka Trump is a beautiful girl, no doubt about it! But when we see images of her, do we know if it really is her or not?

With so much photo-shopping, CGI, body doubles etc. going on, how can we tell the truth?

Please look at the following, randomly chosen off the Internet, images of Ivanka Trump…as I have a question to ask you?

Do you believe that all these images are of the same women?

Is this Ivanka Trump Encouraging People to Get the COVID Vaccine?
Adam Carlson
Sat, April 17, 2021, 12:36 AM·3 min read

On looking carefully at these three images, do you really believe they are all of Ivanka Trump?

Masks hide such a lot, and it’s not that hard to create ‘look-a-likes’ when most of the face is covered up.

I don’t know about you, but I smell at rat! To me, the third photo does not look like the first and second.

What do you think? Do you think the third image is of Ivanka Trump?

I may be wrong! All I’m asking of you is to do your own research. It’s so important really. Carefully examine everything to see if it all adds up, or whether something doesn’t look or sound right to you. Make up your own mind.

It happens so often now, where people are not really who you think they are. On a casual glance, sure… that’s them! But look carefully… is it?

So if it is not who it is portrayed to be, than what is going on? If this is not Ivanka Trump, why do they want to portray her as being so?

Here she is encouraging others to take the ‘shot’ just like she has done. But what did Dr Tenpenny have to say about it?

Much, much more behind this…

So many professionals now speaking out. Many of them risk losing their careers over it, but is that stopping them? No, its not… they HAVE to tell it like it really is.

Unfortunately, people are listening to their neighbours and friends rather than doing real research to find out the truth. It’s a very costly mistake.

Please read this to aid you in your research… for your own good:

Don’t be peer pressured into receiving it against your better judgement!

So, did we decide if it really was Ivanka Trump or not? Well, I’m leaving that decision to you. I know what I think. Why not share below your thoughts…



  1. In 2020 I was one of the lucky ones who saw Trump’s speech about what was coming. He said we would be watching a movie and what makes a good movie? Great actors! He said all the main players such as Putin, all the Bidens, Musk, etc. would be replaced by actors. If these images were made after the year 2020, it’s not Ivanka.

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