Saying No Doesn’t Make You Bad Or Selfish!

saying no

It’s so important that we realise that saying No does NOT make us bad or selfish!

We are born with a God-given right to be able to say no when something does not suit us.

Doing something of a noble nature is worthy of praise, but… the failure to participate in a noble act is not immoral and should not be judged.

Tim Moran of The Critic said these great words:

Only about four per cent (4%) of people give blood.

It is most certainly a noble thing to do, like giving money to charity or volunteering in the community.

But that doesn’t mean the other 96% are bad or selfish people.

The failure to participate in a noble act is not immoral.

To put it another way, giving blood saves lives.

Failing to give blood is not murder.

Tim Moran, The Critic

He also said:

Vac/cine passports would undermine one of the most fundamental rights in a civilised society: autonomy over one’s own body!

Tim Moran, The Critic

So what is the meaning of Autonomy

1. The act or power of making one’s own choices or decisions
2. The state of being free from the control or power of another

Merrian-Webster Thesaurus

Peer pressure stops us from saying no!

In his write-up he brings out some very pertinent points… ones to make us think!

  • Imagine if a blood donation was a prerequisite for going to the theatre?
  • What if you had to show your organ donor card in order to enter into a restaurant?
  • How about donating bone marrow before you could go to a football game?

It all sounds so crazy doesn’t it.

Imagine if we had no choice in it. Maybe the government says this is what has to happen and we are expected to obey… or miss out on the theatre, the restaurant or the football game etc. etc. etc.

Once upon a time, none of us would have thought twice about any of this… it’s too ridiculous to even consider. But strangely enough these days, it’s not so ridiculous. It comes somewhere near to the realm of possibilities.

saying no to peer pressure

The clever method the governments are using to coerce us into have the jab, are second to none. They tell us that ‘oh no, it’s not mandatory’ but then go on to say ‘but you won’t be able to fly, or travel’ etc. etc. and endeavour to prevent us from living our lives as was intended for us.

Scary stuff!

But why are we listening to the government? Aren’t they supposed to be listening to us? Isn’t saying no up to us?

How come we were so happy to give ‘all that political stuff’ over into the hands of a few people, who we elected… or so they told us, to look after our better interest?

For some strange reason, our faith in our governments has been so great that we believed they would truly look after our better interest.

When I mention that maybe they (the government) are not telling the truth., they say to me: ‘But why would they lie?’

We have trusted in the good of humanity to the extent that we have allowed the few ‘bad eggs’ to rule over us, who are now telling us what we will, and will not do… or else!

Do you notice that these government officials always look the same? Their forehead is screwed up with so much ‘concern’! They portray as best they can that we are all facing terrible times. Surely they care for us all so very much!

It’s time to wake up

I was walking past three women today and overheard them talking:

One was saying… ‘Have you heard about those who have died of blood clots after receiving the v/a/c/i/n/n/e?

The other two women said… ‘Oh no!’

The first woman replied… “Oh, it’s OK… it’s only one in (I think she said 35,000) that are affected’!

Whoa.. that makes it ok? Would you really take that risk?

Yep, sure is time to be saying no!

What should we do?

You MUST do your research! If someone has given you this page to read because they are so concerned for you, please realise:

  1. The Covid-19 virus has never, ever been isolated.
  2. This means… if they cannot find it, how can they possibly make a vac/inne to counteract it?
  3. Which goes on to mean, someone is not telling the truth.
  4. And means they have another agenda at play!

You should never accept an experimental anything into your body without first inquiring… what is it and what does it do?

Not ready for saying no yet?

It’s time, more than time, to stop giving our governments all the power.

They DO NOT have the say as to whether you will accept an experimental poison into your body.

This is a personal choice!

You have the right to say “NO!”

Don’t just believe me… I’m just the messenger girl. Find out for yourself!

Yes, you need to do your own research.

Think for a moment… why are there so many people speaking out against these jabs, including thousands of doctors and nurses?

Don’t you know that doctors have so much to lose by speaking out? They can lose their entire careers! But now, many are so concerned over what is being put upon the people they are saying that they have to speak out. They speak out because they can’t live with themselves if they don’t!

Doesn’t that say something to you?

Spread your wings and discover what’s really going on!

But how do I research?

It’s actually become more difficult these days. Once upon a time, we would go to ‘trusty’ Google! The fact that it has never been ‘trusty’ is beside the point.

Google these days, along with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, have censored the life out of truth. If it goes against their narrative, they remove it.

The app called Telegram, at this present time, appears to be one of the best I suggest you download it. You are welcome to join with me at

Gradually, you will get to hear various doctors speaking out about the dangers they see. Many others are researching deeply and forwarding their information on.

Help is at hand… just look for it.

After all, they tell us that even after receiving the j/a/b:

  • We can still get the vi/rus
  • We can still spread it
  • They insist we will still need to wear masks
  • Social distancing will still be insisted upon

There are no benefits, so why would we? Saying no is your God-given right.


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