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Know the Truth

Know the truth! Seek diligently until you find truth as it will set you free!

I write this page today to aid you in your journey and helping you to know the truth!

Here is the direct link to the BitCHUTE video. (In case the above video is taken down)

Transcript taken from the OAN News Report (Video above)

Unfortunately when I transcribed this three minute video, someone was talking over the top of it in various places. He was emphasizing certain points but it completely covered the sound of the person talking.

I understand what he was trying to do, and I’ve no problem with that, but it does mean there are certain words that I’ve been unable to capture. Still I’ve managed to capture most of it and all its meaning:

I’ve been to the OAN News and I couldn’t find reference to this article anywhere. Maybe it is there but I missed it. Let me know please if you happen to find it.

It is a video of the news report and therefore not clear, but the speaking is not too bad.

… Begin Transcript…

… the amount of patients who died of serious pre-existing conditions as Co/vid-19 deaths…. 51,000 patients who actually died from heart attacks as opposed to the Co]rona virus.

The CDC Control (Note: Centre for Disease Control – a private organisation in America) have updated their death counts for Corona virus and revealed yet again that the Co/vid-19 is rarely the actual cause of death among Co]rona Virus patients.

According to the CDC themselves, of the 200,000 deaths attributed to the Co]rona virus,

87,000 died from Pneumonia,
17,000 died from chronic respiratory diseases,
26,000 died from Respiratory Distress Syndrome,
44,000 patients died from Hypertension diseases,
(???) died from Heart Disease and a whopping
28,000 died from Cardiac Arrest and Heart Failure.

Even patients who died of Heart Attacks were put down as Corona virus!

Know the truth… many of them were already dying…

Look at this! How can we deny it when it’s coming out all over the place?

One America News (OAN) explained that 131,000 American patients that were being considered Co/vid-19 deaths, already had life-ending diseases including Cancer, Dementia and even End-Stage Renal Failure.

According to the CDC again, if you look at place of death, you’ll see that 10,000 patients died in Hospice care, meaning they were terminally ill to begin with and were already expected to die.

Doctors tell One America News (OAN) that all of these patients were critically ill and likely died from their pre-existing conditions, without any help from the Co]rona virus.

… explained that the Cares Act passed by Congress in March, gives hospitals a 20% bonus on any Co]rona virus group paid for by Medicare as Co]rona virus. Doctors are being paid to list deaths as Co]rona virus without any indication that the patient’s death was actually Co/vid related!

The 1918 Spanish flu is often used as an example of a comparable pandemic. Perhaps it’s more comparable than most people realise, according to the National Institute of Health.

Even Dr Anthony Fauchi himself, in a 2008 paper, explained that the majority of deaths during the 1918 and 1919 pandemic were not caused by the Spanish flu. Dr Fauchi says that the vast majority of deaths were caused by bacterial pneumonia.

The CDC backs these numbers up by explaining that the Co]rona virus itself is responsible for just 6% of deaths…

The other 94% of deaths were due to pre-existing conditions and advanced age … the mainstream media have completely ignored it… a pandemic that seems less dangerous every day.


…End transcript…

To many of us, this is NOT new news.

Many of us knew it long ago and really didn’t need the CDC or anyone else to tell us… but never-the-less, here it is, straight-forward, in front of our faces…

Back on October 29, 2020 I wrote up a post:

It was in front of our faces away back then!

Almost six months ago… was anyone listening back then?

What about this one?

Was anyone listening to this? Did anyone care?

This is the kind of information that needs to go out far and wide. Guys, we have to get the news out there. If things are being Fact Checked, well guess what, all the more reason to believe they are actually true!

Maybe, you who know it and are trying to explain it to others who need to hear… show them this page. This is why I take the time to put these pages together… I try to explain, as simply as I can, to make it easier for folks to explain to others.

Together we can do it!

Know the truth. Read my pages, and read others who are working to help you, which in turn helps you to help others. That’s what we are all about.



  1. Hi Marilyn,
    Ive tried to find the ingredients to the “Vaccines” from each company – that might be in plain English… I have heard and seen it briefly in videos, but I think I would like to print them out
    Moderna’s , Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Astrazenca Each vaccine has different ingredients I think, and I would like to understand that better. One of them has “human tissue” and I understand that has been collected from the abortion clinics in USA.. agh…
    hope you have such literature that is printable thanks, Brenda

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