No More Political Party Puppets In Our New World

I have been reading with interest in various Telegram groups about how folks are keen to get behind and push this or that political party.

As more and more comes out about the dreadful state of affairs all our countries find themselves in, why would we even consider for a moment on going back into a system that once again could potentially go so wrong.

It doesn’t matter who you have batted for in the past. Republicans, Democratic, Greens, Liberal, Labour, Left or Right!! They are ALL being paid for, and backed by the very same evil conglomerate who were pushing their own agenda.

My thing is this… haven’t we all learnt yet that we don’t want any political party ruling over us once we finally come out the other end of this mess?

I’m not saying that there aren’t some good people around who appear to be standing up for what is right, but really they are few and far between. We live in a time when its very hard to know who is really for ‘We the People” versus who is secretly working for the corrupt Cabal.

No more Political Party System

In the future, I doubt we will have a political party system! Let’s hope we come up with a fresh new name for our leaders.

When the time comes and we are on the other side of this, ‘We the People’ need to choose someone. This someone needs to be one who will listen to the people and act on what they want. We don’t need political parties fighting to outdo one another for their own personal party agenda! Neither do we need to pay their huge expense accounts for continual flights and expensive accommodation.

We don’t need them anymore telling us what we must do!

What we need is a small group of officials who LISTEN and DO what We the People want. They must consider what is the best for our country overall.

Once Nesara/Gesara is announced, every political party and person worldwide has to step down. Then within 120 days after that date, new elections must take place. This will give us a fresh new start. With all our knowledge and understanding of what the old political party system was up to, We the People will need to use wisdom and choose wisely.

Wouldn’t we choose someone who is blessed with the abilities required to lead our country on our behalf? Someone who has no interest in an agenda that’s against the people?

Nesara/Gesara stands for freedom

Freedom from what you may ask?

  • Everything from debt slavery to income tax!
  • Our Senior Citizens living on the bread-line.
  • Our countries coming under the threat of war.
  • Hungry and homeless people everywhere.
  • Corrupt judges and law systems where they change the laws to suit themselves.
  • Having technologies suppressed preventing us from having benefits that are rightfully ours.
  • A medical system ruled by Big Pharma and billionaire’s who are not even trained medical doctors!
  • Freedom from a corrupt fiat monetary system which has ensured the people become poorer each year while the rich rake it all in.
  • and so on…
Love it, don’t you?

Life will change dramatically once all the evil politicians and NWO Cabal are removed

Imagine this:

  • Imagine living in a world where there are no more large conglomerates. Those that have bought up all the small family businesses. They now control prices of items so that any small businesses remaining cannot compete fairly. These same conglomerates import an abundance of cheap produce, clothes and hardware, shipped in from countries where virtual slaves produce them for pennies. Yes, imagine our produce being manufactured in our own countries.
  • Can you imagine a world where each community is self-sufficient? Oh gosh… a place where people gather and actually talk together! Where they’re aware of each other and take care of each other’s need?
  • What if our land was turned back into agriculture using organic practices. No more having to consume chemically sprayed produce so poisonous to our bodies. Imagine they cared for the land like their lives depended on it… literally!
  • Imagine small family stores instead of large supermarkets that undercut prices because of their enormous buying power. Think of buying truly fresh, nutrient full food grown in your local area.
  • Consider working in building, plumbing, and every other manual labour because you love to do it rather than having to because you need the money.
  • Imagine working with people’s health and well-being because of your deep love of helping people rather than acting as a prescription pusher for Big Pharma.

Come on, let your imagination soar…

  • Think about relearning history so we all find out where we came from and what really happened in the past. Are we ready for this? How many lies have we been taught as truth?
  • What about school/college/university educational systems based on truth? What if they had the intention of building strong citizens with a deep love for God, country and fellowmen?
  • Imagine no more politics with all their current antics but instead shifting towards a small office of men and women dedicated to ensuring the best for all citizens in the country, rather than pushing their own agenda.
  • Have you considered abundance? Real abundance? Where every person is well looked after and has more than they need?
  • What about no more wars? What if some kind of rock-solid agreement could be made between all countries that ensured they never go to war again? A dream? The wonderful news is that 209 countries around the world have already signed that agreement. President Trump and the Alliance ensured this. If war is threatened, that country would no longer be able to participate in trade with other countries.

The old has almost gone… the new is emerging

As our world has been undergoing all we have seen in the last couple of years, surely we would agree that the time for a real change has come.

During the first term of President Trump we saw countless hundreds of CEO’s stepping down around the world. Men and women holding ‘top positions’ have mysteriously stepped down. That was just the beginning.

We have had a myriad of diversions keeping us all occupied during 2020 and 2021. But during this time, the old world has been undergoing a dismantling process as those involved in evil are being removed.

We are almost there. Come on guys, let’s announce Nesara/Gesara!

This is a time when each of us should be forgetting about which political party we will back. What we need to involve ourselves in is the putting on of our thinking caps! We all need to find someone, a very caring man or woman, who would be a suitable candidate to lead our country. The direction it needs to go, is according to ‘We the People’. That someone must have a love for God, country and family. Oh, can you just imagine it?



  1. Hi Marilyn

    I hope your well.
    This sounds amazing News! At this current time we are heading into Global economy crash, is this when QFS system will be implemented? What will happen to money currently in the bank.

    • Yes Claire, the crash has to come first… then the QFS becomes the solution.
      It has been running since August, 2020. It is already aware of exactly how much funds you have in your bank account. It will simply transfer over.
      Many folks are taking money out though in preparation for the change over to the Tesla system and the 10 days of darkness. this is so they have some funds on hand if they can’t get any money from the banks.
      All this is just upon us… it shouldn’t be long now.

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