Very Hazardous Digital ID Bill Pushback -Must Sign Now!

We only have until the 27th October, 2021 to have our say. The Digital ID Bill has already passed Phase 1 and Phase 2 in Parliament. It is currently on Phase 3.

This Bill has slipped through Parliament without any of us being aware. If we do not register our non agreement to this new QR Code Bill, they will take it that we are in agreement with it.

Time is running out!

If we don’t wake up and get on to this, before we can even blink, all cash will be gone!

They want to integrate the QR Code system with us paying for our groceries. This of-course will keep tabs on anyone who has not received the shot.

For detailed instructions, please see this post:

Cathy explains more about it, and how to fill out the form.

This is a matter of utmost Urgency!

Please attend to this ASAP because we only have one week left. I found finding my way through their lingo quite difficult to do, that’s why I appreciate Cathy (sorry I don’t know your last name) stepping us through the process.

The Digital ID Bill will direct our immediate future if it gets passed. We the People must stand against it to protect our rights and freedoms with all we have within us.

Once Nesara/Gesara is announced all of this kind of corruption will disappear, so we are working on our rights the best we can while our so-called government try to strip every last one of them away.

Australians need to stand against every bit of tyranny that we possibly can. We need to show that we do not comply.


Australia is under the hammer

Please watch this video and act on it at your first possible moment. People reading this from overseas, please pray for this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit, that God will have His way!

Register your disapproval for the Digital ID Bill now!


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