Treason in Australia? Understand And Take A Stand Now!

Is Treason in Australia

Are we are all witnesses to treason in Australia! It’s hard to believe for a moment that this could, or would, happen. Not in our relatively underpopulated island of the south.

We somehow believed along the way that our government would always have our backs. Although there appeared always to be trouble elsewhere in the world, we were out of the way and safe purely through distance.

What, from the inside???

This is the way the general population have always seen it. Even though they’ve been unhappy about some of the actions of the government, they could never have dreamed that tyranny would hit our shores… from the inside!

Over the years it’s been discussed about how safe are we from trouble coming from up north… our closest neighbours? In World Wars, even though we lost our fair share of men and women, Australia was relatively unharmed.

Now we learn that it’s been brewing deep down within the soul of our country for a very long time. Our own government has portrayed themselves as looking out for us. What we were not quite aware of was that they were being nefarious and corrupt.

NEFARIOUS/ CORRUPT stresses a loss of moral integrity or probity causing betrayal of principle or sworn obligations.

Merriam – Webster

Yes, that does sound just like them! It’s all coming out now, to the absolute horror of all Australians.

It is so important that we realise that there are laws in place to protect us. Even if the government is riding ram-shod over them. They are frightening all the constituents of Australia into submission subject to huge fines that most cannot pay. It’s important that we all familiarize ourselves with the laws of our land. This goes for every country… make sure you know what your laws actually say.

Contains letters and other information we all must have in our possession

I like here what Sasha Stone has to say. This is a direct quote:

There is something that is dressed up in all the b/s as laws in Australia because statutes are never laws and never will be and never can be. They just simply aren’t. They are drafted by technocrats and bureaucrats, unelected people who are not representatives of the people. Therefore, they are committing a form of treason.

In the fullness of time, all this abomination will be brought to light. We will look over our shoulders, those of us who survive this insane sociopathic harvest of humanity. We will be able to look over our shoulders and see how unbearably infantile, dare I say satanic, the logic was that was governing our lives.

But statutes are not laws. If you’ve got (someone) kicking down your door and coming in to stick lethal cocktails of poison, synthetic molecules, into your body and ultimately kill you, you have a duty of care. You have a duty of care to defend yourself and your family. This is up to and including pointing a gun at someone and shooting their brains out in self defense. That sounds shocking, but not half as shocking to me as what’s happening right now to middle Australia.

To defend yourself, people have to begin to understand that the root of law is Right to Life. When the government who’s mandated to protect and defend are no longer doing it. If they have turned the wheel on you, you have the right to protect yourself in any way you choose.

The Constitution also underpins the fact that none of those statutes, none of those ordinances, none of those regulations, apply in an environment like this.

Apostasy & Suicide: Treason in Australia

Is it Treason in Australia – who’d have ever believed?

Watch his full video here as he interviews Dr Judy Wilyman, Jasmin Gagliardi & Morgan Jonas. This is a ‘must watch’ not only for Australians, but for all world-wide. What is happening here is on the way there… watch, learn, act!

Apostasy & Suicide: Treason in Australia!

Great info from Dr Judy Wilyman who’s been fighting this fight for a long time. Morgan Jonas shares his update regarding his girlfriend Monica Smit. She is currently sitting in a goal cell… one hour of sunlight only per day allowed etc! Jasmin Gagliardi speaks up on behalf of all Australians.

Take note and then do whatever you can for your country’s plight

Each country needs to do whatever it is they have to do to come against this tyranny. Australia is being used as the test model. It’s imperative that we all become aware of what is going on under our noses.

We hear over and over again that the Patriots are in control. These are the White Hats, the Alliance, or should I say… the Good Guys and Girls! Many times it’s so easy to be caught up in all the police brutality and unfair actions. This is when we lose sight of what is really going on.

We have been told that Australia has been used by the N/W/O for countless decades. Really even hundreds or thousands of years, for their activities underground. Gradually, our governments, our legal system, our local government, school systems and even many churches have been infiltrated. They have slowly directed the path they have wanted to drive us. A little here and a little there. Almost unnoticeable, sly and cunning. Australia felt so protected and far away that we continued to sleep while they worked.

So there has been a lot of ‘cleaning up’ to do. This means the Alliance Military have been here helping. As I said way back, many lock-downs are to keep the civilians out of the way and safe. Our enemies do not just give-in without a fight… yes, sometimes curfews and lock-downs are necessary.

Of-course, it’s always projected as being to protect us from C/o/v/i/d.

Read this post to comprehend what it’s all about really
Further understanding

We all need to become aware… now!

If indeed it is really true that the White Hats are in control, it’s also true that all these difficulties are coming upon us to cause us to ask questions. And it’s in the asking of questions, comprehension of the reality is realised.

Potentially, it’s also true that many of our leadership members are not whom they appear to be. Have you considered they may be body doubles wearing masks? Then if that is so, they are all saying and doing what they have been told to do! It’s the same in the theatre or film industry… the actors only do what they are told to do. They can’t make the script up for themselves.

So please think for a moment. What if we really are living through a pantomime? Yes I know, a real life pantomime where people are fined and arrested by tyrants. What if all of it is to wake people up? People need to experience reality before they can believe something is true. Try to tell them,, they simply don’t believe. We have all been kept in captivity for a very long time.

So has treason in Australia come to town? If so, what will ‘We the People’ do about it? Will we just grumble everywhere we can on social media? Or will we be proactive and do whatever we can to stand against it. This is the question.



    • Hi Berwin,
      I am definitely aware of all these people and their supposed outcome… but I cannot confirm it. In fact, I do not know where this information is gleaned from. Does ‘Elusive TRUMPeter’ have direct contact with someone within the military who is actually in the know? Are people just making copies of the original and forwarding it on as theirs? All questions I cannot answer.
      But… it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this is all true.
      It’s intersting how they say Bill and Melinda Gates are ‘deceased’. We heard a story they were ‘gone’ about 10 years ago when the Indians strung them up. Once again not sure of the validity… but people who believe Bill Gates is still here when both of them look so different to the originals, I do not know.
      Thanks for supplying the list as I’m sure others will be interested in reading it.

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