Declaration Of The People Versus Declaration of Independence 1766

There has been quite a buzz of late over a circulating document entitled “Declaration of the People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity”. I was a little curious to see how the new document compared with the Declaration of Independence of 1766.

So I took the time to collate the two documents together and saw they both follow the same format.

Is this Declaration of the People a real document?

When I first laid eyes on this document I was unsure. I mean, it had strange capitalisation all the way through. I was not accustomed to seeing legal documents like this.

But when I went searching for a copy of the 1766 Declaration of Independence, I immediately saw that it used the same kind of grammar, with capitalisation sprinkled throughout the document.

Now I realised where that come from.

The question then that came to mind was this. Has someone taken this document and simply added in what they would like to see? In this day and age it’s easy to circulate a fake document? You do know how we must question everything, don’t you?

The more I pondered over it, and the more I listened to various people explaining it, the more confident I became it actually was real. What we had received was a copy only. We may in fact, one day be proven wrong. It did not contain any legal stamps, or even the name of who wrote the document. There is a reference reference to ‘Man of God’. Interesting.

I learnt in my travels that the writer/s of the document had asked to have their names not publicised. I guess at this point in time, in the middle of war, that makes sense to me.

Misinformation and its uses

We know we live in a time of a lot of misinformation. Listening last night to Michael Jaco, a former CIA agent, he said that’s exactly the way they like it. The more misinformation, the more drama happening out among the people, the better they liked it. It was a way to work secretively behinds the scenes and not drawing any attention to yourself.


They also refer to it as a smokescreen. Smokescreens tie people up, that’s for sure. They fail to look under the curtain of smoke to see what is really going on.

It was relayed to us back in March 2020 that … the C/o/v/i/d-1/9, the v/a/x, 5/G, R/i/o/t/s and an A/l/i/e/n/ I/n/v/a/s/i/o/n was going to be used as a smokescreen to take our attention off what was really going on under the surface, and around the world. I think it’s done a wonderful job of that don’t you? It’s all people can talk about… nothing else in life seems to matter any more.

So my question is… is this just more smokescreen, or is this the real McCoy?

The Declaration of the People is a Declaration of Dependence on behalf of the whole world!

What to me is so interesting is that the first document written back in 1766 was just for the USA. But this document is on behalf of the whole world. How cool is that?

Why would this be though? I believe it’s because every country in the world is suffering under the tyrannical rule of the exact same people. Therefore, for this to be done right, it has to be attended to from a worldwide stand point. Do you agree?

These criminal tyrants need to be done away with once and for all. I believe many of them have already been served. They’ve gone through a military tribunal too. Already they have met their fate. It was either execution, or given a little longer to live in Gitmo, if they agreed to share all they knew. A time is soon coming where we will know all this for sure.

I believe people will be so mad when they find out what these tyrants have been up to. They will be ready to rip their limbs off! But what I believe will calm them down is the fact many have already been dealt with, and have already gone to meet their Maker.

Document collation explanation

So how have I collated these two documents? When you download the Word Document you will see much of it is in yellow highlight. This is the original document. The added in parts are from the 2021 document. You will see that the greatest portion of the document is exactly the same.

I will also provide you with both the documents without any collating just in case you find them easier to read.

2. Original Declaration of Independence 1766
Open in website

So what action can you take today?

Action to take today is that each person in each state write a letter addressed to each state representative, legislator, and senator demanding the reforms and corrections to change via new legislature the laws needed to eliminate specific corruption in the state government protecting its state residence.

Specifically addressing the following issues:

  1. Real voting technology that cannot be compromised. Such as the QFS delivery software and hardware instead of the dominion based systems.
  2. Protection of our individual liberties such as the right to choose what medical treatments are acceptable and not acceptable such as the issues of the unwanted COVID 19 vaccines. This shot contains many elements that will compromise the human DNA with RNA and HIV as well as other negative elements.
  3. Compensation and liability for harm against those whom have been coerced into taking the COVID 19 vaccination via Mass Media Influence and Federal Government Influence as well as mandates with illegal passage of the use of the Vaccine approvals from the FDA and other federal agencies all influenced by that agenda of the globalist oligopolist cabal organizations such as the Federal Reserve Board (FRB), United Nations (UN), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Department of Justice (DOJ), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and any other agency or group that have influence in the affairs of the people of the United States that have assaulted our own individual freedom and liberties in the pursuit of happiness.
  4. Removing all restrictions and to stop promoting fear concerning COVID 19 and any other medical issues to control and destroy our individual liberties to work, earn and spend which is the basis of a healthy economy.

Taking the above suggested actions is something we can definitely do

Please do not delay. We cannot sit back and wait for the knights in shining armour to come in and save us… we have to do it ourselves. This is not saying that the White Hats, the Alliance etc. are not working very hard on our behalf, but we must HELP!

The Declaration of the People is a Declaration of Independence. This is exactly what we are declaring! Shout it from the roof tops… er well, at least please do your bit.



  1. Hi Marilyn.
    Thanks for your answer.
    There is so much information out there at the internet which makes it rather difficult to get the correct info. I am reading every day the website and lots of people from the “Academy of Divine Knowledge” are writing their articles over there. This makes life and finding the truth very difficult. New age people have nothhing to do with our Lord Jezus. Same like Billy Graham, who was a free mason high grade and telling the truth for 95% but still deceiving the people with the other 5%, so it looks like he was a good christian.

    • All we can do Mo is trust our intuition. Sometimes when we are unsure we need to just place that info on the shelf and wait…. eventually the real truth will reveal itself. When we have the Holy Spirit within us, He will let us know, not always immediately, but it will come as we tune in to Him.

  2. It is a butchering of the Declaration of Independence plus other documents replete with typos and clumsily inserted Qanon conspiracy myths.

    Give yourself til Xmas. If, by then, there have been no Emergency Broadcasts, no mass arrests of Satan-worshipping Democrats, no Great Reset and Trump has still not been reinstated, please consider the possibility that you, like many others, have been scammed by deluded, self-serving manipulators.

    It is okay to admit to feeling afraid and vulnerable. Courageous honesty with oneself is the beginning of awareness.

    • Hi Alfred,
      It will come out, one way or another for sure. I think you have to be very careful of the ‘typos’ because our different countries use different spellings for the same word.
      I certainly cannot find any ‘inserted Qanon conspiracy myths’ as you put it!
      I know it seems like nothing is happening because not a lot is out in the public view… but it will come… it’s just a matter of time.
      If I’m wrong, I’ll be happy to admit it when the time comes.
      There are always trolls everywhere unfortunately… trying to bring down anything that goes against the governmental narrative. We’ve learnt to live with them.
      Time alone will tell with it all.

  3. Dear Marilyn,
    Did you know that Jaco is a member of a new age group called:
    “Academy of Divine Knowledge” which are in close contact with Sashja/Sacha Stone?
    This Sashja is a leading figure and supposeed to be a satanist.
    Check their logo and you will know enough.

    For real christians those people are deceivers of the endtimes.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Mo!
      I went to the sites you recommended. ‘Out there’ we have deceivers, deceiving the truthers, as well as those pushing a satanic narrative as if that is truth!
      I am always looking to how I feel on the inside when I play videos of this nature. Last night, as I played, I felt creepy and awful… almost like I wanted to be sick. I turned them off.
      All we can ever do is look to the Lord to lead and guide us into truth.
      Yes, the logo made it very clear on the ‘Academy of Divine Knowledge’ But it did state they were showing pictures of both educators and special guests… they were not implying that all the people there were a part of their Academy, or shared their beliefs. Some of these people, I’m sure, speak wherever they can to get the word out there. I am aware of-course, that Sasha Stone wafts off into his own personal belief system, which is very foreign to mine, but I don’t believe everything he says is unworthy.
      Never-the-less, thank you for this. I will investigate further.

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