Beware! The Head Of The Snake Can Still Bite!

head of the snake

Although the head of the snake has been removed, it can still bite!

Here is our own Prime Minister talking up the Australians. We are supposed to listen to and have respect for a man or woman in this position, but most Australians have now lost respect.

Listen to what he says, but look at the reality:

The irony of it all!

Words are cheap. These guys are told what to say and when to say it. They are unfortunately completely controlled by the ones they are subservient to.

So who are they subservient to?

Whether I’m talking about the Australian government, the Indonesian government, or any other government worldwide, they are typically all the same.

For many months we have all watched the fiasco happening over in the States, particularly from the moment of the last elections. Somehow, down on the inside of us, we thought most of the troubles were’ over there’! But we were wrong!

Gradually, over a period of time, we learnt that the same problems existed in every government around the world.

What a wake-up call it was!

Let me tell you a little story:

We lived on a property in Tasmania. On occasion we would see a snake… well, during the five years we were there we actually only ran into three. Not too bad. Two live ones and one dead… that’s another story.

I want to focus on the last live one.

We had two houses on our property, our son lived in one and we were in the other. One day my son rang to say there was a snake just left his place and slithering towards ours.

Now, in Tasmania we only have three types of snakes and ALL of them are poisonous.

So, I went outside to watch its progress, as the last thing you want is to not know where the snake was hiding.

It slid its way towards our shed… and to cut a longer story short, it eventually rounded the corner of the shed and hid its head in the grass. The rest of the snake was quite visible.

To our rescue came my son’s mate… shorts, boots, and with a shovel over his shoulder!

Within moments, he dived the shovel down behind the snake’s head and killed it.

Don’t go near it!

He gathered up the two parts of the snake on his shovel and buried it, being careful to cover the burial site with a piece of corrugated iron and then placing some bricks on top.

He left us with some strict instructions… do not go near that site, in fact, don’t even allow the dog to go near it because that snake can still bite!

I looked at him as if he were a little crazy, but no, he was serious. He told us that the reflexes of the snake’s jaw will still work for up to a few days.

You can read the whole story here if you are interested:

Now how does this story relate to what I’m saying?

Back on December 6th, 2020 I posted:

Head of the snake removed!

We all know that when the head of a chicken is cut off, the chicken will run round and round the yard. You see, its reflexes to run, and run fast, are still working.

So this is similar to the head of the snake being chopped off, it still has the reflex to bite!

We know the Cabal lost its snake head!

In the post above I share how the Cabal lost the 13 families who headed and directed everything from the top. The post goes on to explain how they were rounded up and delivered to Gitmo awaiting military tribunal and judgement.

Interestingly though, as the body of the Cabal is so big, they most probably didn’t realise their head was missing. But they are scared as they can feel the doom coming upon them. Like the chicken, the reflexes of the Cabal has been still active. That body has been running around trying to do its normal thing of bringing the world into total domination, but wondering what’s going on.

The Cabal had infiltrated every part of society. It consisted of every worldwide government, every council, all education systems, schools, colleges and universities, every religious organisation, and the whole medical community via pharmaceutical control, plus more.

Acting as being a ‘Devout Christian’

Quietly and sneakily, they infiltrated everywhere. To do this, they often had to play the part so they wouldn’t be recognised. For example… they had to act out as being a devout Christian.

You see, if they had been found out, Christians would have demanded they leave. Instead, they agreed with most everything and didn’t cause a stir of any kind. They wheedled their way into places of power so they had the authority to direct things as they would have it done.

This was all done very, very gradually, over many years. They taught at the seminaries a certain way… removing the power from the Word of God. The end result has been that the churches have basically become dead institutions lacking the power of God.

Even though I used ‘Christians’ for my example, it’s the same story with the Muslims, the Buddhist’s etc., all of them. The same devious means.


Around the world we have all believed that we have elected people into positions of leadership within the government. It wasn’t until the obvious fraud of the USA elections that we all began to wake up to the fact that we all use the same Dominion software. Not one election has been the result of being chosen by the people, instead, the Cabal rigged the figures to ensure their person came into control.

For them, it had to be this way. They had to make sure that the elected person would do what they instructed them, as they moved the world forward towards their One World Government.

So all the elected officials have been no more than puppets for the Globalists, the NWO.


Even though their head had been removed, the body was still functioning. That head, although dead and buried, still had the ability to bite, and bite it has done.

We have watched in amazement as the world has gone mad! None of us live in a country that represents the lifestyles we once knew.

OK, so we have all lived under unfair tyranny all our lives, but like the frog sitting in water over a flame doesn’t realise the water is starting to boil, we too didn’t realise what dire straights we are all in.

As we watch the unrest in Melbourne and Victoria, and then seeing it all play out in New South Wales and other parts of Australia, we see our country turning into a communist country.

The protestors come out, as they should, and are met with a force similar to what you would expect to see in North Korea! Most all of us would never have dreamt such a thing could ever happen in our country.

Peaceful is met with force. Rubber bullets, the lot. People are thrown roughly to the ground, arrested and carted away when all they were doing was taking a walk in the park… or similar ‘normal’ things.

No need to be afraid

You know, when a headless chicken is running helter-skelter around a yard, it can’t see where it’s going. There is a chance it could run right towards you and cause you to have to jump out of the way.

We are involved in a time when many threats are made towards us. You have to ‘do this’ or you can’t ‘do that’! Mandates and such things that in reality hold no water. They are full of holes but are enforced because they believe they can.

It’s not a nice thought that a headless chicken could potentially run into you and so sure, you would jump out out the way, but what’s happening in our world is fairly similar to that. There is no real need to be frightened of a headless chicken, as apart from bumping into your legs it cannot hurt you in any way.

Even a snake, minus it’s head… same thing… as long as you don’t go near the head, the body of the snake cannot hurt you. Mind you, not sure I’d trust a python, even when minus a head.

We are more than them! By a long shot!

People, wake up!

But guys, we mustn’t lose hope! You see, the White Hats are playing out a movie to cause the populace to wake up! They realised people would never believe them if they were told that these things could or would happen. Sad but very true.

The NWO have had a long-term agenda to depopulate the earth and have complete control over the ones they choose may remain. Half robot / half human! Servants to their every wish. Their time for this to happen is now. The depopulation agenda started many years ago through medical procedures and wars, through poisoning the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink… all planned out.

The Awake must move! The snake has lost its head!

But not only is it to wake up the masses, it’s also to cause the people who are awake to get up and fight for their country. We cannot sit back and expect a ‘human’ deliverer to ride in on an unsullied white stallion.

We don’t fight with guns and ammo, we fight with peace and truth.

In other words, we all need to be doing our part, whatever is right for you. Join active groups on Telegram. Be involved. Not groups that share doom and gloom, but those that are putting forth actual activities that aid the winning of this war. Deliver some flyers. Send emails to politicians. Send on this post and any other post of worth… keep them moving.

This is not a time to sit being entertained by Facebook feeds, Telegram feeds or any other. Do it to learn and then forward. Raise your hand. Be counted.

It’s all coming to a Climax!

Praise God there is a God in Heaven. He has said, enough is enough. He has decreed… no more!

So those who are awake to what is going on, are seeing the body of the Beast being removed before our very eyes.

Let me give you a little example:

The Quantum Financial System is being brought out… a new system by the White Hats. It’s all good! It’s been running alongside the Fiat Currency (current system) since August, 2020.

Over the past weeks, they have been running tests. This is not to test the system so much, but more of a test of the bankers. Those at the head of the Quantum Team have transferred funds into accounts to see how the bankers would respond. As its turned out, there have been more than 10,000 bankers arrested as they were pretending to be on the side of good. Unfortunately, their actions proved they were not as they tried to move the funds over into their own bank accounts.

Fortunately, the QFS has a way they can see that happening and so were able to draw the funds back.

Although we are all anxious for Nesara/Gesara to come out, it’s obvious that there were still some creatures hiding right down deep in a little mud still left in the bottom of the swamp.

We’re nearly there… be encouraged!

We are nearly there… try to be encouraged that delay has been for the betterment of us all. None of us want to have swamp creatures around once Nesara/Gesara comes into play.

So in this post I have talked about snakes, chickens and frogs! I hope you understand how I have used them to explain our current world situation.

Never forget the good news that the head of the snake (the ultimate beast) has already been removed and the body is being dismantled as we watch. Once we are through this, and we will be, we will look back and say “It was all worth it”!


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