Nesara-Gesara Build Up Towards The Great Finale

Nesara-Gesara build up

What can we expect as Nesara-Gesara approaches, what build up of events will take place?

I have been following Wyatt Earp, also calling himself Captain Marvel Junior. He’s an Aussie guy and produces some very good intel.

This is a video he created on February 20, 2023, which is a couple of days ago, but I decided to give some short bullet point notes for you to read through quickly.

Will it be within the dates he’s mentioned? None of us knows… but that’s not the point. The point is that this is what we can expect, and will take place, whether or not it happens exactly on the dates mentioned.

~~~ start notes ~~~

As Nesara-Gesara build up continues… it’s actually rolling out

  • Will be rolled on as of the 21st February, 2023
  • For that to occur there has to be a Black Swan Event which Klaus Schwab (the mask) has said is going to happen. That is, the Stock Market is going to crash. We cannot have two financial systems in competition with each other. Currently they are running along side each other, but not in competition.
  • Medbeds will also be rolled out
  • Brunson Case is supposed to have something happen with it also.

Chaos predicted to create fear and division

  • This is all the Deep State have in their arsenal is fear and division
  • False Flags and shootings are going to be on the rise
  • Pipe bombs found on railway tracks to derail more trains
  • More chemical plants and food processing plants going up in smoke
  • Mass shootings in the States

This is not necessarily the Black Hats themselves creating this havoc, but the minions who are still working within the government, commerce and business. These people are following a directive given to them 6-12 months ago and haven’t received the memo that they’ve lost!

These minions are like chickens with their heads cut off…

Head of the Snake has been cut off

The head of the snake has been cut off!

But even though… the bite can be nasty!

The White Hats are in full control, whether it looks like it or not!

When these minions use the technology to create earthquakes or train derailments etc., the White Hats take control of it and mitigate (lessen the force or intensity… to make less severe) the circumstances.

Drawing attention to Ohio. Whether it’s as bad as everyone is saying or not, the White Hats have access to technologies that can heal the planet. Chemicals getting into the soil and ground water etc., can be healed with this technology. For example, they’ve used good chemtrails to neutralise the bad chemtrails.

Part of the Nesara-Gesara build up is the fake World War III

World War III is going to be the great wake-up call for a lot of people. It may be the ‘event’ they are all talking about.

The fake Kamala Harris (the actress acting as Kamala… remember the mask lifting?) was in Germany accusing Russia of war crimes in Ukraine. She said that the American government had evidence of that. Russia asked for proof! Now Russia has moved a submarine closer to the American shoreline.

It’s all ramping up to this fake World War III scenario. (It’s theatre… This is all a script being acted out for the world to see… you must comprehend that! – Marilyn)

(Kamala Harris could not leave Germany on Airforce II because it ‘broke down’! Interesting fact!)

There will be:

  • Chaos in the streets.
  • False flags.
  • Mass shootings.
  • Anything the DS can put their hand to.

The National Guard are being deployed. It’s interesting to note that where the derailments have happened, they are on the streets already. Hint. Hint.

Anticipated Lock-down

Suddenly after this chaos, the EBS comes into play. This should happen sometime after the week of the 21st.

The world will go into a global Martial Law lockdown for 10 days. It is expected that communications are going to go out, but maybe not so the power. How would we watch the eight hour videos, playing three times per day during the ten day period? If the power does go out it may only be for a couple of hours while they flip the switch onto the new system. Maybe a couple of rolling blackouts.

The Internet, phones etc. will probably go out but after the EBS messages which is going out to every kind of electronic tablet, everything that is Internet capable that you own, including TV’s, radios etc.

The Military phase of the Operation would be over by the end of this month… February, 2023

Red Alert – follow all instructions to the ‘t’

When the Military give you instructions about staying in your homes, do exactly what they tell you. Martial Law is the harshest law of all… it’s a law of last resort. Soldiers are trained to pull a trigger and if you’re on the street when they have told you to remain at home, they don’t know whether you’re a good guy or not. They might think you are trying to run. They will have orders to shoot!

~~~ end notes ~~~

This week and next week, by all accounts, are ramping up to being some of the biggest we have seen to date. Are we really at the point where they’re almost ready to reveal to the greater masses? I hope we, as I know most of you feel the same.

The Nesara-Gesara build up is something we have all been waiting for. We know of all the good that it’s to bring into our troubled world. Remember, in Nesara-Gesara (popularly known now as only Gesara – because it’s global) there can be no more wars.

What, you say, no more wars?

That’s all part of Nesara-Gesara… there can be no more wars! What we are watching is not war as we have known it… it’s governments playing out in front of us. It’s being shared by the media as war, and of-course, the bad, bad Russians etc. In Ukraine it’s Russia taking out the hideous bio-labs and deep state rats. Any war-like action has been by the Ukrainian Nazi’s hurting their own people.

The world news (funded and actioned by the enemy satanic cabal) then present it as being the Russians!

Ukraine is part of Russia, it is not a separate country.

Although all this happening around us, and the potential for us all to go into lockdown, is a little scary… if you have been preparing for this, like they have warned for ever so long, you will be able to follow through with no problems.

At the other side of the Nesara-Gesara build up, things will be very different. Maybe not completely over, but we will be on the other side. We will begin to experience what God set into motion for us a long time ago. So keep your faith levels high as God Himself is leading the charge… because of His great love for you.


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