Tainted Food Line Proven To Be Readily Available

tainted food lines

Many have been becoming aware of our tainted food line so readily available to not only the Australian public, but all around the world.

We are all so trusting. We have trusted our governments, we have trusted our doctors and what’s more, we have trusted the supermarkets too.

But the truth is, we should not have been so trusting!

Each week sees people from all walks of life, walking the aisles of the local supermarket. Many make the most of their weekly shopping trip, because it’s so delightful to see all the wonderful varieties of foods available to us.

But how many have any idea of what they are actually spending their precious money on?

Our tainted food line

By tainted, I don’t just mean a little bit… I mean a lot!

One of the meanings of tainted is:

tainted: (Contaminated), adjective… adulterated, blighted, defiled, dirtied, dirty, diseased, foul, impaired, impure, infected, noxious, poisoned, polluted …

https://www.thefreedictionary.com › tainted

Hey, how many of us would eat food that’s ‘foul’ or ‘noxious’ etc? That’s what the word tainted means!

Enlightened people have been becoming increasingly aware of the use of pesticides, herbicides and all manner of sprays being used on produce, so try to buy organic because of this.

Did you know that the humble lettuce has been sprayed at least 10 times before it arrives on our table! That’s a frightening thought.

Is organic truly organic?

I have to say, how can it be organic if it has been sprayed regularly from the skies above?

We’ve all seen the chemtrails. Just a little bit of research into them shows those ‘clouds’ are full of many poisons. Don’t believe me? Please go look for yourself.

They were doing this because of ‘global warming’, or so they said! Trouble is, it hasn’t been heating up in quite the way they anticipated so they changed it to ‘climate change’! That’s a nice open-ended term isn’t it? It could go either way now. Whatever!

(But there is good news regarding this… President Trump organised they start spraying healing into the atmosphere. Many of the chemtrails we see these days are healing the earth and atmosphere, rather than being the destroyers we’ve become accustomed to.)

Anyway, back to the subject…

Buying organic is still a better option but is not always available

Whatever we buy, we need to wash it thoroughly. No just running it under the tap (faucet) as these sprays are not designed to come off in the rain.

So we have these mammoth problems, and we haven’t even left the produce section of the store!

But once we do enter the middle aisles, this is where things start to get hairy.

All the pretty drinks lined up; the packages and cans… so much to choose from.

Unfortunately, within these drinks, packages and cans are hiding some pretty horrible things that you may not be aware of.

“But I always read the ingredient list on everything” you may say.

Well, I have to congratulate you on that for sure. You’ve done well if you check the ingredient list of each item you buy, most don’t!

In our food! Really?

But… do you comprehend what you’re reading?

Once again, most don’t!

Our food line has been tainted, not only through the usual pesticides etc., but much also contains the cells of abo/rted fet/uses. Don’t believe me? Start to do some serious research and it will soon come to light.

They use them for taste and even to colour food. My husband told me, just minutes ago, that he will no longer be buying any Sour Cherry Juice… he’s found out it tainted in this same way.

Makes you want to puke, just the thought of it!

How much do we eat as a society, that little unwilling lives, have found their way into the food? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

But we must! We must stop buying processed foods of any kind. If they’ve had a chance to get their slimy little hands on it, it will be tainted in a way that’s not acceptable to any of us. Not one!

This includes packaged meats from the supermarket too… it’s scary what may be in them.

Tainted food lines… how?

The food we eat must now be only God’s food, almost anything else is up for grabs. All the packets, cans, drinks, packages we see lining the shelves of the supermarket are nearly all artificially made, and most contain no real food value at all.

It’s not just the fact that they’re artificial, it’s also the fact of the added human meat that very well could be lurking in there. McDonalds wasn’t the only food chain guilty of this. There are countless well-known labels have added unacceptable ingredients into their products.

So even reading labels is no longer sufficient. They don’t list those kind of ingredients or, they use a name we don’t recognise and slip it in.

But many just think that’s life! What can we do about it, they say. In fact, in the mouths of most people we hear them complaining that it’s only going to get worse.

That’s what they believe.

Unfortunately, if we speak out of our mouths what we believe in our hearts, that’s what we get.

But it also works the other way… praise God for that!

Even right down to vitamin and mineral supplements. People think they must be good, surely!

Nope, unfortunately not. Basically all artificially made from things you would not eat naturally, if you knew.

Whole foods is the answer

Choose real foods…

It must be whole foods. A whole orange for example, contains so much more than Vitamin C… and all parts work together synergistically to become health in our body. You cannot just rely on some artificially made white or orange coloured powder we call Vitamin C and think you’ve done good.

We need to get back to basics, and eat what our bodies are crying out for. Real food. What God provided for us right from the start.

Then, and only then, do you have a hope of living a life of health and vitality.

Another tainted food line – Crickets! They are not for human consumption!

What about all the food items that do, or soon will, include cricket powder?

The following “consumer” products will soon be marketed with the addition of crickets. (The name to look out fo isr: Acheta Domesticus):

  • Multigrain bread
  • Multi-grain rolls
  • Crackers and breadsticks
  • Cereal bars
  • Dry premixes for bakery products
  • Cookies
  • filled and unfilled dry pasta products
  • sauces
  • Processed potato products
  • Legume and vegetable dishes
  • Pizza
  • General pasta and whey products
  • Meat substitutes (vegetarian alternatives to meat)
  • Soups and soup concentrates, soup powder
  • Cornmeal-based snacks
  • Beer-like beverages
  • Chocolate products, nuts and oilseeds
  • Snacks (excluding chips) and meat preparations

This information came from https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/DE/TXT/PDF/ which you may notice has been taken down now. I wonder why?

You can also check out https://www.cricketone.asia to learn how this Vietnamese company has been quick to jump on the opportunity… and all the foods they have containing their ‘delicious’ addition.

Be warned as crickets are not designed for human consumption… our body cannot digest the chitin found in crickets. Only birds and other small mammals have digestive systems that can deal with chitin.

Good news, our food lines will be cleaned up… at last!

So really it’s up to you. You choose. Do you want to be healthy and be full of vitality? Then choose God’s food. To do this you must stay away from all the boxes and cans, and from meats you have no idea of what happened to it before it ended up in the nice little pack on the shelves of the supermarket.

To eat this kind of food, is to eat at your own peril.

Until our food lines are all completely cleaned up, resist all processed food items.

Yes, I do believe our food lines will be cleaned up once they are rid of the evil satanic forces operating in today’s world. We’ll be going back to eating real food, grown in truly organic rich soils, and taste ever so yummy.

People will have to learn how to eat in a healthy way. I see that ever so clearly. At this point in time, unless they are being diligent in what they buy, they pop into their trolley whatever their taste buds instruct them to.

So this little overview just brushes over the potentials of our tainted food line. We could go ever so much deeper, but I think you get the idea.


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