People Have Been Dying of Covid-19, Haven’t They?

People have Dying of Covid-19, haven't they?

People have been dying of Covid-19 is the narrative the authorities tell us… in every possible way they can send out the message.

But is this really true?

Stronger Viruses?

This is what they want you to believe that the viruses are getting stronger and more vicious. But Steven Magee has it right… is it that we in general have weaker immune systems?

Build your immune system and it will protect you from anything bad wafting around. The only bad viruses around are those propagated by Bill Gates for our computers. Makes him a LOT of money.

Why do you think the Deep State chose to use a ‘virus’ to endeavour to bring down the world’s economy? The very term ‘virus’ is scary. We don’t understand it. We don’t know where it is or where it comes from. Just like on our computers… it’s like the whole world comes crashing down around us when we get a virus!

As I have been sharing, it turns out that viruses are not scary things waiting to catch us unawares!

It reminds me of the ‘boogy man’ we were all so afraid of when we were kids. Remember how someone older, chased us around saying the boogy man was going to get us!

I can… I remember running for my life afraid that somewhere there in the dark this great and ugly boogy man was going to jump right out at me. How scary it was… even though I kind of knew it wasn’t true… but it felt like it was!

Dying of Covid-19

This is the narrative they have fed us through the media worldwide. The Cabal have done everything in their power to convince us that we are living through a pandemic like never before.

The very sad situation is that most have complied with whatever they have asked us to do, believing of-course, that to not follow their instructions would only serve to spread the virus.

Many believers have been quite outspoken about the few that are standing up against the crazy rules and regulations, blaming them for the continued spread as relayed by the media.

But people have been dying!

Yes they have, but then again when you think about it, they always do, don’t they! As people get older they either succumb to an illness, or they die of old age where they simply pass from this world to the next.

Why is it in England for example, (as related by Charlie Ward) during this year there has been no-one dying of old age? If this fact is genuinely true… wow, that would have to be a first! But there have been people dying of Covid, haven’t they?

It would be the same in any country if they released the figures. No old age related deaths at all. 2020 has been a miracle year indeed!

I cannot verify that these statements are actually true or not. But the point is this… if the virus is not contagious, then it’s obvious that people are dying from other causes that are being documented as the virus.

Do you think that a worldwide group of people who have infiltrated every area of government, medicine, universities etc. etc. etc. with evil intent, wouldn’t stoop to such a thing?

Think about it… the more virus deaths, the more the hospitals (run by the Cabal) are paid. And, the more virus related deaths the Deep State can perpetrate upon an unsuspecting world, the more obvious it is we MUST have a vaccine as the answer to the pandemic. Bill Gates said so, didn’t he? Of-course, he would know as he is the ultimate authority on such things!

I know you are smart and can see this! Something is definitely weird going on here.

Coronavirus will go down in history

So now we have a modern day boogy man waiting to get us all… that is, unless we take the necessary precautions:

Is the virus selective?

In some places in the world, you cannot go to the pub after 10pm… this is because the virus only comes out after 10pm maybe?

In Melbourne, they lived under curfew! Once again, I believe they had the virus well trained so that it only came out after certain hours.

You do believe this of-course, don’t you?

Hey, and the virus only attacks people if they are in groups of more than 6, or whatever was mandated at the time. Pretty amazing really.

Oh, and make sure you don’t sing in church… because the virus will travel on your musical notes and infect everyone. But it’s alright to go to the supermarket with or without a mask… whatever they mandate you should do to ‘protect’ you.

I have always found it so strange that they had to run that test right up the back of your nose. If singing spreads the ‘virus’ then why do they invade such a delicate area of your body?

One of my friends told me, that on having that swab taken, it hurt her so much that she screamed twice as they invaded both her nostrils!

Ho-hum of the Mask

You must wear a mask… hey, it doesn’t matter what type of mask, or what you choose to put over your mouth. It can be anything you choose! I saw one guy who wore very open lace over his nose and mouth, but it was totally acceptable. So run this past me again… we are currently in a world-wide pandemic from a vicious contagious virus, that kills people dead in their tracks… but it’s ok to wear a mask that even on the box or packaging states it won’t work! Hmmm…

But even so, we see people everywhere with these cheap and useless masks on their faces. Actually here in Tasmania, we see very few masks around now, but poor on Melbourne, that’s another story.

A previously worn mask is a very dirty thing. If you could actually see what was on it, you wouldn’t put it anywhere near you!

Hand Washing Saga!

Hand washing… that’s a really good one. Everyone is encouraged to slap that stuff on their hands whenever entering a store, cafe or suchlike. There may have been some sanitizers that were ok, but most of them are made with toxins that absolutely guarantees your body will need to detox at some point.

And you do know what that means don’t you? When your body enters a detox (guaranteed because of all the hand sanitizer toxins) you will have symptoms that requires you to quarantine to protect the masses from catching the ‘virus’. Huh?

How they laugh!

Social distancing is another one. It makes me realise how much they must be laughing, that is, those of the Deep State Cabal who are playing with us. I actually think that is why some of the restrictions are so crazy… yes, I’m sure they are simply playing. Having a bit of fun with us before they all go belly-up… and they will all go belly-up, it’s just a matter of time.

I would like to advise all our government agencies to undergo a little training in the area of health. Will that cause them to stop saying these ridiculous things? I doubt it really… they are told what to say as puppets under the control of the Deep State.

Those dying of Covid-19 will be revealed

A time is soon coming when there will be a reveal of just how many people have been dying of Covid-19, or if indeed, any did at all. There are so many conditions that lead to death… but time will tell.


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