The Great Reset is a Great Deception

The Great Reset is a Great Deception

The Great Reset truly is full of deception!

We live in a world that is so full of deceit that you can certainly be forgiven for feeling you can’t tell what is good anymore, or what is evil.

I was scrolling through Facebook and came up to Pauline Hanson’s ‘Please Explain’ post. Now, I don’t know what you think of her ideas and policies, but really, this post is not about that.

Personally, I think she is like a ‘lone voice crying out in the wilderness!’ She constantly puts her life on the line trying to stand up for what she believes is the best for Australia, but we continually see her being howled down by almost everyone.

But let me share what she said in her post…

Last week I asked the Senate to reject The World Economic Forum’s damaging Great Reset policies.

My proposal was blocked 2-73 with only Malcolm Roberts and I voting to acknowledge the harm these unwanted policies would inflict on Australians.

Since then some people have asked “What is the Great Reset and why should I be concerned?”

Even a senator in the Tasmanian Government shared her ignorance of the Great Reset. It continues to amaze me that there are so many people who are totally oblivious to what is going on around about them.

Pauline shared a video of Rowan Dean, where he gave a quick 10-minute push-back talk aimed squarely at the Tasmanian senator. He explained the Great Reset which was planned to be inflicted upon the world… including of-course, all of Australia.

The Great Reset is a Great Deception

If you are unclear about the plan, please watch the following clip of Rowan Dean, ‘Outsiders Group’ Sky News:

It is truly an awful plan, one that these senators feel we could simply vote against and we could be free of it… but wait one moment, it’s not just as easy as that…

First of all, most of the 73 senators who voted against Pauline Hanson, are more than likely all part of the Cabal… or minions… puppets of the New World Order. The plan is exactly what they want to see be introduced world wide.

I make an exception for those within government, who for some reason, were uninformed as to what it is all about.

The absolutely good news is… that President Trump and his Team have been working overtime to bring out the Great Currency Reset which will bring joy and peace throughout the world

Did you read my post explaining the difference between the two ‘Resets’ that has been planned for our world?

The Good Global Currency Reset versus the Evil

Yes, they had an evil plan…

One was an evil plan, designed to put us down and make the rich absolutely mega-rich beyond imagination!

The plan was that we would have all of our debts forgiven on return for them having complete ownership of us. We would have no rights whatsoever.

The evilness of this plan makes you shiver in your boots… but as I said, thanks to President Trump and his incredible team, instead of them being able to instigate this upon the world, ‘they’ will be spending the rest of their lives in Gitmo, or whatever is the just punishment for them.

When President Trump told us he was about to empty the swamp, he meant it! The sludge found in the bottom of the world-wide swamp was ever so thick and sludgy, with the most evil smell!

Some of the comments shared on the video were:

“It is a global commitment they have made to use the panic and fear generated by the Corona Virus. It would be used as a means to reshape all our economies and laws to move to a form of capitalism, that focuses on net zero emissions. To use all the tools of Covid to tackle Climate Change!”

“If implemented successfully, the Great Reset would undeniably and deliberately have dire and extreme repercussions for every constituent.”

“Replacing Mum and Dad private enterprises with Big Tech and Big Business”

“Democracy and free enterprise would go out the window – totalitarian government and control slides right in!”

“The Great Reset is a Great Deception – in order to get us all to surrender our rights and freedoms which we currently take for granted is to deliberately use Covid as an excuse to use all the political and authoritarian tools – the ones currently being used around the world to eliminate the virus such as lock-downs, exclusion zones, forced closure of businesses, heavy fines, making protesting illegal right now, will be used to eliminate carbon emissions!”

Rowan Dean, ‘Outsiders Group’ Sky News

With the Great Reset You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy!

As also stated on the video, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy!’ is one of their marketing slogans” which is being displayed everywhere in the UK right now.

But enter the ‘Good Guys’!

But listen guys… although they meant it for evil purposes, remember the ‘Good Guys’ have ridden in on their snow-white horses and have been eliminating all their plans.

Please don’t forget that!

I know, I know, it’s not all before us at the present moment. If you watch all the mainstream media news channels, you are missing out big-time on all the good, in fact… GREAT… news!

It’s everywhere if you know where to look!

But when will we see proof?

I can’t tell you when it’s all going to come out. It could begin as early as tomorrow… it might be next week… it might be next month. But what I can tell you, it will be at the very earliest opportunity that President Trump and the Team are ready to release it.

There is so much to do, and so much to be dealt with. It takes time. We live in a microwave age and we want to know everything right now. But we have to apply patience and pray for them to get the job done.

Be aware that all this going on with the elections is being used to further push their agenda. As they keep everyone’s attention firmly fixed on that, it leaves their doors wide open to push, push, push.

But it will not happen! This is not just positive thinking in action, this is real fact. When President Trump is ready to reveal all what happened in the elections. everything is ready to fall into place.

The Great Reset is a Great Deception, so don’t be deceived. Learn all you can about the Great Global Currency Reset. Learn how you, and you’re loved ones, will be super-abundantly blessed.



  1. I am so overwhelmed when it comes to having a Project as I imagine many are. For ages I just believed that for some reason I would suddenly KNOW. It is my destiny to do something important. Wait for my birth certificate maybe and the med=beds to get access to my memory. Come out of the brain-fog I think. Feeling nervous and excited. I know they are waiting for me…………

    • You know Anne, I felt exactly the same way. But then I spent time… allowed myself to become quiet and asked the Lord above what He wanted me to do. Once I began to see, it flowed… oh my, how it flowed! It has not stopped flowing from that day.
      It’s a waste of time trying to think of something you could do… line up with Him and He’ll show you. There is no fear. There is a complete excitement.
      I’m happy to hear although you feel a little nervous, you are excited! Follow that excited feeling and see where it leads you.

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