Planes Cancelled All Over The World… Our Hazardous Experience!

planes cancelled

We live in very troubled times. Virtually everything has been tipped upsidedown on its head. Planes are cancelled at the very last minute, in what seems to be, the endeavour to create as much disruption as they can.


One of the reasons they give is ‘insufficient staff’.

I wonder why that would be? Any ideas?

Airlines around the world pushed for their pilots and crew to take the j/a/b. How many of them are now unable to work for one reason or another? More than we could possibly realise.

I’m going to give you what happened to us in this past couple of days. It wasn’t fun, either for the one trying to take the flight, or for us… the extended family.

Look at this:

Why planes are being cancelled at record rate

Airlines pushed out 56,000 workers during the pandemic, then sold thousands of flights they knew they couldn’t service, and waited until the last minute to cancel on passengers.

If you are unaware of what is going on, watch this video:

What all of us must realise that this has all been planned… it’s all part of bringing the world to its knees. Once all these corrupt corporations are exposed for their despicable dealings, and then dealt with, it will all be over. Money talks, and talks big. Service for us only goes as far as they can get away with. To them, we are nothing!

Actually, the CEO’s of these corporations have long been arrested. Thousands of them stood down way back in about 2017 I think it was. This was back under President Trump’s ‘official’ watch. These corporations were deeply involved in the D/eep Sta/te.

They’re going down!

Our personal experience of planes cancelled

My son’s girlfriend, Sue (not her real name) was wanting to catch a flight to the Gold Coast in Queensland. She searched… found the plane she wanted and booked her ticket for Tuesday. A nice direct flight there.

All good.


Just three hours before the plane was due to take off, she received a message informing her the flight had been cancelled. Not happy!

(We have been hearing of many planes being cancelled just ten minutes before… wow!)

OK, these things happen don’t they? Sue took it on the chin and booked a flight for the following day… Wednesday. But this time she had to go to Melbourne first and change planes for the Gold Coast. Of-course, this allows for further potential for trouble, doesn’t it?



All was well before we left, so off to the airport we went… approximate 100 kilometres away, and arrived nicely on time. But the first thing she learnt on entering the terminal was it was delayed by half an hour. OK, she could live with that.

Just about to board the plane when she was informed it was further delayed by another hour.

Oh no! This meant she would miss the connecting flight in Melbourne!

Trouble was on the way!

What to do? What to do? The airflight staff informed her that the folk in Melbourne would look after her and not to worry.

And of-course, her luggage had already been booked in.

So she sat, waited and finally boarded the plane.

Hope we’ve fixed it!

Next it came of the PA system… after apologies, they said: ‘the plane has had engine problems, but hopefully we’ve fixed it!’

Golly gee, she wanted off the plane right there and then!

But her luggage…

So she dug her head into a movie and tried to think of nothing else.

Melbourne experience – and what to do when your planes cancelled

She’s landed in Melbourne and finds herself in a huge que of very unhappy people. Two hours it took for her to finally talk to someone on the desk.

(We’ve been reading since that a wiser move, if you find yourself in that situation, is to call the airline! Apparently, they deal with you right then rather than waiting in the que… worth remembering.)

Anyway, back to the story…

Finally at the desk they said… Oh yes, they could most certainly help her…

  1. If she waited until next Monday, they could put her on a flight! (Remember, this is Wednesday!) OR
  2. They could put her on a flight to Sydney, then a train to somewhere (she doesn’t remember the name of the place) and finally she would need to take a bus to her destination!

What a choice!

Wait five days for a flight, or spend days slowly making her way up north.

She chose neither.

After all this trouble, she just wanted to go back home!

Could she go back to Tasmania, she asked?

Yes, 6.00am… first thing in the morning.

Sue rebooked the plane.

What a mess!

By the time this happened it was about 10.30pm in the evening.

What was she going to do?

Having something to eat would be good.

After traversing the airport she found there was nothing open at all! Not even for coffee!

What about the dispensing machine… oh, out of order!

Complaining to the airflight staff they ‘kindly’ gave her a bottle of water and a small bag of chips.

Next they asked her if she had a room for the night?


Oh, wait a minute and we’ll fix that!

Back they came with a slip of paper containing the address of a room. Now Sue is totally unfamiliar with Melbourne. It was 35 minutes away!

As she had to be back by 5.00am in the morning to catch her morning flight, it was totally out of the question.

OK… can’t do that… it’s a hard plastic chair for the night.

Jetstar passengers fume – flights cancelled – no way home!

Travellers facing more delays and flight cancellations…

I agreed to go back to pick her up on Thursday morning


It’s not a hard trip, quite enjoyable really… sure, not a problem. Or so I thought!

But I woke up early to find everywhere engulfed in fog. A real pea souper, as they say.

Oh dear… I hope it will clear after I cross the river.

It didn’t!

In fact, that day I travelled 200 kilometres (there and back) with heavy fog for most of it.

It has been perfectly clear each morning leading up to this Thursday, and today (Friday), once again perfectly clear. But not Thursday!

It was awful.

As I was approaching the last 10 kilometres or so, going past a place called Longford, the sun managed to peek above the clouds and what a magnificent sight it was. If I could have frozen the world at that point, I would have stopped right there on the spot to take photos.

Absolutely beautiful with the fog, clouds and sun.

But I rounded a corner and found myself driving directly into the sun. Now this was really bad! I had to contend not only with all the fog, but the sun shining in my eyes too.

How careful I had to be.

On approaching the Launceston airport there was no fog. Quite clear in fact. I picked Sue up and as she hadn’t had any coffee (the coffee on the plane was very strong and tasted burnt to her so she couldn’t drink it) I suggested we go into Longford to grab one.

Roadworks on Illawarra Road?

There we are, moving along the highway quite nicely… a bit of fog around but we could see quite clearly at that stage, when we suddenly came to a halt.


I couldn’t remember any.



We waited in this long que. Cars began turning around and leaving.

An ambulance and an emergency ambulance passed us on the wrong side of the road.


Deciding it was an accident we turned around and and headed back. We would go another way.

Just up the road a little way, the police were already directing traffic. We were sent off to the left, along a country road I had never been on before.

And oh the fog! We’ve been right along that road but didn’t see a thing!

There was heavy fog on a road that only had a centre white line marked, not like the highway where there is a white line marked along the edges too.

We travelled very slowly.

When we had time to think it through, I realised that the accident had to have happened just after I had passed through on my way to the airport. I mean, the ambulances had come and the police were already directing traffic.

This is what I found on online ABC News:

Two people in hospital after multi-car crash on Illawarra Road at Longford, south of Launceston

Two people have been taken to hospital after a series of crashes involving eight cars and a bus on a major Tasmanian road south of Launceston.

Illawarra Road at Longford was closed for several hours this morning between the Bass and Midland highways.

The road is a popular thoroughfare between the two highways.

Acting Sergeant Casey Wood said there were three separate crashes, one after the other, on the stretch of road around 8am.

She said the first incident was sparked when someone had “pulled over slightly on the side of the road”, but investigations were continuing.

The wet road, sun and fog contributed to several other cars crashing in the next incident, Acting Sergeant Wood said.

All those factors led to the third crash, which involved a bus holding two people and several cars, she said.

ABC News

Yep, I had just passed through there!

God’s protection

I have to say that as I was driving I was thanking the Lord for two burley angels I envisioned sitting on my bonnet, leaning back against the windscreen. Of-course, I could see right through them, but I do believe they were there.

Praise the Lord for His protection!

So while the airlines are booking tickets for flights they know won’t fly, can’t you just see them laughing?

Look at the disruptions, not only to the ones who have their planes cancelled, but everyone else involved in it.

As we travelled slowly home, we went through areas of no reception. This caused anxiety to those at home, trusting we were still fine.

It just goes on and on.

Why are we really experiencing all these planes cancelling?

Once again, I reiterate, we are living through a pantomime. This is where we have to see and experience what the De/ep S/ta/te had in mind for us. We are living it!

But don’t worry. It’s not because we who can ‘see’ need it, but for those who still need to see.

Let’s pray for those who will come to realise. As it hurts, let them decide… something is just not right here.

Planes being cancelled is a real pain which ever way you look at it, but thankfully… ever so thankfully, a time is soon coming where all this will be taken care of. People will care for each other unlike how it is now.


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