Great Event Happening Soon? Will It Change The World?

great event

Could a great event happen to cause all people everywhere, to come to the same realisation?

I have been asking myself this question… what would it take for this to happen?

Back in the day, by the hand of God and an obedient man (Moses), the Red Sea opened up a path and allowed millions of people to walk through on dry ground. Not everyone believes this is possible. I’ve heard for most of my life, that some say it had to happen in the reedy part where the water was shallow. Really? Than we are looking at an even greater miracle because this shallow water drowned all of Pharaoh’s army… horses, chariots, the lot!

However, whatever, the end result was that the people were free and safe and the Egyptian army was dead and gone.

The miraculous hand of God!

What would it take for this great event?

We know from reading the Word that God is going to intervene and do what we couldn’t do. He has been leading this battle every inch of the way, but a time is coming where He will have to step in.

If He were to show up today, would we recognise Him? Would the people of this earth point and say… that is Him?

We live in a time where it’s virtually impossible to decide if we are looking at the real person or at a clone… a body double etc. The silicon masks are so good it’s very hard to tell. In fact, if you’re not looking out for it you are totally fooled.

Then there is CGI and the ability to create all kinds of images designed to fool the world. Even if Jesus came walking on the water today, would some say it’s Him, while others say it’s only a CGI image!

This brings to mind a question… What would it take to cause the whole world to declare… there has to be a God!

What could possibly happen in this world of ours to bring to pass such a happening?

Only God knows!

Whatever it is, it would have to be a perfect move of God. There is nothing humanity could do that could bring about such an event as this.

What could bring us all together in such a way that it changes the way we think?

It would have to be greater than the parting of the Red Sea. That was a local event, this would need to be worldwide!

In my imagination, I can’t envisage one country, let alone all countries. Not even one state… one city… one street! Goodness me, it’s hard enough to get one household to all agree on the one thing!

The following video gives a fresh new perspective on the current times we are living in. I highly recommend you watch it. In fact, you may have to watch it a couple of times, as Bo talks fast and is obviously excited.

He might be right… he might not be, but it sounds very plausible. This time, I won’t spill the beans… I’ll allow Bo to explain:

The 24 Hours That Will Change The World

Youtube link

Remain focused

What we must do is keep our eyes focused on the good and positive actions rather than allowing ourselves to be overcome with fear and uncertainty.

It’s important to remember that the Last Days are rejoicing for us. This is where we see the tyrants removed, the children rescued and the beginning of peace on earth. But for the D/e/e/p St/ate, all they want to do is run and hide! In fact, they want the mountains to fall on them as they shake in horror over the coming judgement.

Many scary events will take place, but for us, it will mainly be ‘all talk’. There will be talk of an outbreak of a dreadful nuclear war which could cause us all to fear for our lives.

But then there is God…

If you are on His side in this battle, you have been marked. God knows exactly who you are and who’s side you are on. (Rev 7:3)

I know you can’t see the mark, but God has sealed you for His protection.

We have been told to watch. Those who don’t watch face the possibility of missing the whole event. It will be sad for them when they look back and realise.

We have been chosen to live in this time. That means, God knows you have what it takes.

If you are struggling, be encouraged and try to read or listen only to those posts/videos etc. that lift your spirits and keep you strongly grounded.

If you don’t know Him… now is a very good time to put things right.

We are all in this. Stick closely together. Always encourage each other.

Join the Marilyn J Williams Chat group for uplifting content…

Keep focused on the One who has declared that ‘Enough is enough!’

We are moving out of something bad into something good.

Will we really see this great event unfold quickly and surely before our eyes? Only time will tell.



  1. We have so much to look forward to; the great event, med beds, peace, and no more suffering. Amen to a joyous 1000 years.

  2. my spirit is slipping and feeling empty, even with the Signs we are seeing, GOD please to to US in the hour of our NEED !

    • Whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to slip into depression.
      Great things are happening, and soon we will see with our own eyes what we are only hearing about now.
      God has it all under control, as usual. All He wants from us is for us to maintain faith that He IS in control. We do that through prayer and praise.
      God hears all, sees all and knows all. He must rid this earth once and for all of the evil that’s been taking place. He directs His people to do what they must do.
      Be encouraged. Bless you.

      • I’m maintaining my faith, but as JTW posted it’s tough. There are so many things going on in this world, which I can’t understand. How can there be so much evil and the evil imposing that will upon us. Infiltration is one of the answers. There are so many that are a part of this directly/indirectly and they get their rewards one way, or another. This past two years has cost relationships among other things for positions I’ve taken along with others, as in the tax. Still remaining un-vaxxed, though today I was reading that the stupid PCR test could in some instances be a vaccination. I’m 64 and can’t believe all that I’ve lived through to get to this moment. I will maintain and keep hoping that soon there will be big changes for the better to our world.

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