Tired Of Waiting For The World To Wake Up?

Are you tired of waiting for the world to wake up? You are not alone!

We are all in the same boat.

The more people who wake up, the sooner we can all move forward.

Do you feel like this? Listen to Blake…

Do you feel like this? Sure, we feel it too.

Blake is virtually over it! Why, why, why is it taking so long?

I could almost guarantee there’s not one of us who have not thought this along the way.

We’re heading for Nesara/Gesara. The Promised Land of modern times. We too have been in a slavery of a different kind. Like the people of Israel back in the day, we’ve got some hills to climb and rivers/seas to cross.

Because it’s taking longer than we anticipate, do we just give up?

We must remember though, that this is a world wide battle. A war! Back in Moses’ day, it was a local experience. Today, what we face includes every country, and all at the same time!

It’s massive!

Yeah, yeah… I hear you saying, I know this, but surely they could just go in and bring it to an end.

Don’t we all wish that were true?

Warning – don’t grumble like the Israelites did

I’ve been reading once again about the journey taken from Egypt to the ‘promised land’. In particular, I’ve been focusing on the man Moses and what he had to put up with.

He was the only one in that sorry group that was able, at all times, to keep focused on what God was doing. Virtually, the rest of them were full of complaints.

Even after seeing with their own eyes, all the miracles performed in front of them back in the land of Egypt, the Israelites were quick to forget. Just as soon as they couldn’t see an answer to their immediate need, off they went and gave Moses heaps!

We’re thirsty! There is no water! Why did you bring us out of Egypt just to die in the wilderness?

Moses’ sorry lot!


They were walking in the promise of God, trudging their way to the land promised by God Himself. Now it was all Moses’ fault because of one reason or another!

These people could have walked from Egypt to the promised land in a couple of weeks or so, but they tried not only Moses, but eventually God Himself.

God was excited to deliver Israel. He had so much waiting for them to experience. He told them it was a land flowing with milk and honey! A rich land.

Similarities for our example

All these people had only known slavery. They had never owned their own land. They had never, in their entire lives, been free to create their own property. To raise their own stock and provide for their individual families.

Eventually, God decreed that not one of the original people that experienced the miracles of the plagues of Egypt, and had walked across the dry ground of the Red Sea, would get to cross into the new land.

Not one!

Even Moses, finally driven to desperation by an unbelieving lot, disobeyed God. So God said no!

It’s so sad!

So the Israelites wandered here and there around in the wilderness in total for 40 years. I bet they got tired of waiting! But a whole new generation of people had to be raised up. All the originals had to die before the promise could be fulfilled.

We need to learn from those who came before us

These episodes written down for us, are there to teach us.

We’re on route to the promised land! All of us together, moving quickly through the desert places.

But so many people complain about how long it’s taking to remove evil from off the face of the earth. In reality, since we have become aware, it’s only been a relatively short time. For most, it started back around the beginning of 2020.

The Lord God is leading the charge. He knows what’s on the other side of the hill! Yes He can see the whole picture.

He knows what works. Absolutely knows the right way to go about it, for the benefit of us all.

Don’t be caught, because you’re tired of waiting, whinging and a-moaning!

God sees and hears all. Wouldn’t it be terrible if He decided we were an unworthy lot to experience His incredible grace and mercy? To be the people, chosen of God, to be used for evil to be eradicated and for us to move forward into the promises He has for us.

What if He changed His mind?

We must never let that happen!

Tired of waiting? So what could move us forward quicker?

  • Positive words
  • Praise
  • Encouraging each other at all times
  • Being grateful
  • Praying for those on the frontline
  • Thankfulness that God is finally removing evil from amongst us
  • Moving forward as one.

It’s called faith!

In fact, anything of a positive nature.

I like what Sher, on my Signal group, said in answer to one of the other members:

I’m so sorry. You are so right and it’s so sad and upsetting but at the same time we are privileged to be here at this time and help bring the new beautiful world into existence.

The truth hurts and so many refuse to even look. Birthing/growing pains.

In the moments when I get down, I stop, acknowledge my feelings, accept them and then I think about all the good, positive things around me and pray. It helps a lot.

Music is also uplifting and helps change one’s vibe.

I believe God is in charge and we are his soldiers.

It’s the perfect time to work on and improve ourselves. Biggest life lesson…we cannot change anyone except ourselves.

I believe we have to focus our energy on what we can do rather then what we can’t.

Sher – Telegram

We are privileged!

Yes, we are more than privileged. We have been chosen by God to be living on this earth at one of the most amazing times of history!

There are times when we all get down, but it’s what we do at that time that really counts.

We can fall into negativity, or… we can move on in a positive way.

This positivity does so much more than help ourselves. Much more! In fact, our vibrations carry out into the world around us, collectively encouraging even those doing the hard yards on the front line.

  • Individual prayer carries power.
  • With collective prayer… mountains are moved!

Just think what it would be like if we didn’t have this support group…I thank God each for this group…❤️????????


Yes Nellie. Thank God for Marilyn and everyone in this group ????????❤️


Beautiful people make up my Signal Chat group. We all encourage one another to hang on, even when the going gets tough.

Yes, we all get tired of waiting, but whatever you do, don’t allow it to move you over into negativity. Remember the wilderness experience and whatever you do, don’t go there!



  1. Hi Marilyn, thank you again for your words. You are spot on again. I know I, along with many others, are so tired. I keep reading, watching, listening and questioning all that I take in. I have learned so much and believe so much that is so incredible and evil. How could this be? How could all of these things have happened right in front of the eyes of our great grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings, friends, etc. As you say in your piece, what is happening/has been happening, is so massive. I’ve used this word over and over for all that I’ve been led to believe. My prayers and faith will continue. However I can help, I will.

    • Wonderful outlook Greg! That’s the way. Only in these last days have our eyes been opened to see what we see. Unfortunately, or maybe I should say fortunately in some ways, our grandparents etc didn’t see it. It’s not pretty, and a lot for us to take in… but wonderful we are coming through with God’s help.

  2. According to the Passover story, after escaping slavery in Egypt, the Jewish people wandered for 40 years in the desert on the way to the promised land.

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