How To Stand For Your Rights In An Uncertain World

Stand up for your Rights

This post will help you! We want you to know how to stand up for your rights in a world gone mad!

Let’s start off by listening to hard-hitting Riccardo Bossi who has started up the AustraliaOne party. I love his no-nonsense way of telling it how it is. He’s straight to the point and from what I’ve seen, seems to be a real man of integrity.

Under the video I have transcripted about half of the video.

Video transcript from 0.00 – 8.10 and a little just before 14.00.

Stand up for your rights

Riccardo was asked the question: “…Wearing masks, social distancing, the C..o..v..i..d App, and now the new issue of military being brought in to vaccinate Australians. Can you please just elaborate on these points?”

Riccardo Bossi speaking:

Good questions! It’s a tough situation because the legal aspects are quite complex, but quite simple at the same time. From what I can see, what the government is doing, they are trying it on! On the one hand they make a statement saying ‘Oh look, you don’t have to do this, and you don’t have to do that, (which is legally correct), but then they’ll say that you’ve got to do this, and you’ve got to do that!

This means they are playing ducks and drakes with the people and not being upfront. They are trying to protect themselves and still persuade the people that there right.

So the first point I want to make is this…

If there are two pieces of legislation, one Federal and one State, (in the same area), the Federal legislation always trumps the State legislation.

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act Chapter V – The States, 109

So it doesn’t matter what the State say, if it’s within the realm of the Federal to pass a law on it, that’s the one that wins.

(This is how you stand up for your rights!?

Now one of the relevant documents (there’s a couple) is the Biosecurity Act of 2015 which is really quite strict. Let me just read this section from a lawyer in Melbourne who was de-registered. I’m just chasing that up as she is the one who has the expertise. It’s Serena Faha (?) – it’s quite a long document she’ wrote, but one of the statements reads as follows:

A Biosecurity Control Order must be issued

“The emergency requirements are qualified and restricted by the significant fact that the emergency requirements and directions can not request an individual to be isolated, detained, tested, vaccinated, medically treated or bodily searched, among other actions, in the absence of a Biosecurity Control Order issued to the individual.”

So those things can be done, for the good order and the safety of society, but a Biosecurity Control Order must be issued to an individual.

Now that’s got to be done in a Court of Law to an individual who is showing symptoms and is proven to be sick. So this global ‘We’re going to quarantine the healthy’ is wrong in law in so many ways, it’s nonsensical!

As you know, you quarantine the sick and let the healthy move about. But the Biosecurity Control Order requires a judge to see evidence that this person needs to be constrained, restrained, injected, or whatever!

None of us have this Control Order on us

So that’s the first point. None of us have this Control Order on us. The Biosecurities Act supersedes whatever the States do. It doesn’t matter what the State says, it’s nonsense. The coppers (policemen) have shown me: ‘the paper says’! It doesn’t matter Constable, because the Biosecurities Act 2015, is a Federal piece of legislation and supersedes any State Law.

Australian Privacy Act 1988, Section 94h

Now let me just read a bit more because that’s just the Biosecurity Act. Let’s go to the Australian Privacy Act 1988. Section 94h and it will tell you the following:

‘No-one can ask you to provide medical information’

Reference: Privacy Act 1988 (Go to Section 94H on Page 303)

For example… an employer or anyone asking if you are vaccinated. They are not allowed to know anything about your personal health status. It’s a privacy issue. That’s why they can’t demand evidence of the nature of your exemption.

‘No-one can track your movements.’

Reference: Privacy Act 1988 (Go to Section 94H on Page 303)

Secondly, no-one can tract your movements. For example, signing into a cafe or restaurant, pub, post office… whatever… or be required to have a tracking app. It’s illegal. You cannot do that.

‘You cannot be refused entry to a business that is open to the public.’

Reference: Privacy Act 1988 (Go to Section 94H on Page 303)

You cannot be refused entry. This is Federal Legislation.

Now, here’s what the owners of the businesses don’t understand, or if they do understand, they are trying to get away with it. Breeches to this Act are punishable with a five year imprisonment or a $63,000 fine.

So the local Post Office says you can’t come in here for the following reasons they are risking five years imprisonment or a $63,000 fine!

Reference: Privacy Act 1988 (Go to Section 94H on Page 303)

94H Requiring the use of COVIDSafe

A direct copy from the Fair Work Commission webpage. This information comes from The Australian Privacy Act 1988 – Section 94H . Also Commonwealth Consolidated Acts (Privacy) Act 1988 – Section 94H)

Download and print out a copy to keep on hand to help you stand for your rights, for:

  • If someone insists you download the COVIDSafe App.
  • They refuse you entry into their store.
  • They want to sack you from your employment.

Download: Section 94H of the Privacy Act 1988 PDF

Biosecurity Control Order Section 60

Let’s go back to the Biosecurity Act Section 60:

‘No person, other than a Human Biosecurity Officer, under the authority of the Biosecurity Control Order’

BSA Section 60

So there we come back to that Biosecurity Control Order! A Biosecurity Officer with a Control Order for an individual granted by a judge, in court, with evidence.

So unless they’ve got that, they cannot force you to submit to Biosecurity measures such as forced vaccination, coerced or forced PCR Tests, or quarantining you, including social distancing, mask wearing, or any other clothing.

So, the Biosecurity Act Section 60 prevents what the States are saying they can do They are playing ducks and drakes… on the one hand they’ll say one thing but then they insinuate that you have to listen to this.

Biosecurity Control Order Section 61

It tells you the very strict conditions under which the Biosecurity Control Order may be issued. Unless they have one on them, they are not authorized to do what they’re doing. That Control Order enumerates the grounds on which it can be issued, and by whom. It must be a listed human diseases. There must be symptoms… you must be symptomatic.

This is why they tell you although you haven’t got the symptoms, you’ve got the disease. They are trying to get around this!

And the history of the contact with infected people – they can’t ask you that! … and all enforcement have rights of review.

So what they are trying to do is confuse people, bush-whack them, tell them half-truths, partial truths, persuade, lie and cheat.

So all these things they are doing… they all claim it’s for the safety of the nation, well I’m sorry, it’s illegal! Quarantine the sick and let the healthy get on with their lives.

The Death Rate

The death rate from the C..o..v..i..d vaccinations is multiple times greater than the death rate from C..o..v..i..d. This is a fact. This is an absolute fact. The death rate from C..o..v..i..d vaccinations is much, much, much, MUCH greater than catching C..o..v..i..d. In fact, the death rate from C..o..v..i..d vaccines, is much higher than anything else they’ve got out there. … people have the right to be very suspicious.

Harassing individuals for not complying to their unlawful commands- stand for your rights!

It doesn’t matter what these buffoons say on television, this is beyond the law. Quite apart from being immoral and asinine in it’s application, it is beyond the law, it’s illegal.. it’s unlawful. They can’t do it, and yet they’re sending the police around to harass individuals for not wearing masks when there is no basis to do so. They are harassing individuals for not complying to their unlawful commands.

… Understand this… the law IS on your side and is on the side of the Federal Government. It is NOT on the side of the State Government. They act illegitimately and illegally and will be charged. If found guilty…punished.

… End Transcript…

Are the Military here to jab us?

There is a huge build up of the Military here in Australia at the present time.

Are they really here to jab us? I don’t think so!

More likely, they are here dragging out the filthy, stinking swamp, making sure there is nothing left crawling around on the bottom.

This is the reason for the lock-downs here and there all over Australia… but more on that next time!

Marilyn’s thoughts on how to stand up for our rights

We need to read and examine every word in the parliamentary document. Print it off and keep it with you at all time.

We don’t want to be fined or arrested… but if it comes to it, what are our choices? We either conform to what they want, which means they win, or we take a stand against them.

Please remember, even if they do fine us, they are acting illegally and it will not stand up in court. Do not pay the fine.

It’s only as we do this together that we can hope to overcome the tyranny we are all experiencing within our own countries. Enough is enough.

Answer the call and stand for our rights! Make sure you count. Please spread this news and information far and wide.



  1. Well done again Marilyn.
    The evil agenda. Either fill them with fear or give them some facts to start, suck them in and then bombard them with lies.
    Family members couldn’t explain why children didn’t have to wear masks yet twenty year old people had too. Also if you are ‘vaxxed’ why would you have to wear a mask.

    • Hi Keith,
      I think this is such an important subject. My goodness, how we’ve been played! People everywhere are struggling to work it all out… that’s why I post, in the hope I can help join a few dots… 🙂

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