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common law

After writing my last post, I felt compelled to write up on the Common Law.

You’ve got to know your rights or you will have nothing to stand on

Most of us, in fact nearly all of us, have no idea what’s contained in the Common Law. We don’t know where it came from, how we came to have it, or how it affects our daily lives.

Larry Hannigan and ‘Common Law for Dummies’

It has come to my attention that an acquaintance of many years ago, Larry Hannigan, has completed a lot of work which is designed to alert the general public to the reality of this law we should all be living under. Unfortunately, because most of us do not comprehend what is going on, we hear that something’s been made law, and simply believe it.

It’s not the case!

Here is a video produced and narrated by Larry Hannigan. Originally a CD, he has since copied it onto a video. It’s now available on YouTube at this point in time.

He’s entitled it ‘Common Law for Dummies” so this is most probably a really good place to start. He explains all the parts that we, in particular, should know.

Meanwhile, he has an excellent PDF document where he has transcribed the entire video for us. This makes it easier to follow along. The PDF also contains many other pertinent important documents:

Common Law for Dummies and other pertinent documents

Open the PDF and then hit the play button on the video… and enjoy. It runs for 36 minutes.

Although this video was made a number of years ago, the message is basically the same. Nothing has changed in the political world, except to become progressively worse.

The evil royal families have been taken down

Of-course, these days we have all come to learn the truths about the royal families of Europe. When we are soon returned to Common Law, I’m quite sure we will no longer be subject to those families who have been quite traitorous towards us. anyway, it is believed these royal families have all been arrested. What we are seeing these days is all an act… but only until the time is right to expose the lot of them.

Within the PDF/Video, Larry makes mention of these three sections that we should pay particular attention to. In fact, he made the suggestion that we should learn them off by heart:

Back from the Law of the Sea to the Law of the Land – the Common Law

Quietly, over many years, the Glob/alists have taken us away from the Common Law, which is our God-given right, over to the Law of the Sea. As we are all waking up to this reality, it’s important we become fully aware of our rights. You never know when you may need to know them.

The head of the beast (the ruling families of the world) was cut off quite some time ago, and what we are now dealing with are the death throes of this beast as it dies. Don’t worry, it’s only the minions kicking and screaming we are currently dealing with. Their time is very short.

Death Throes of the C/a/b/a/l

How exciting it is for us who are reasonably aware of what is happening in our world! As we see ‘them’ taken down and removed from the scene, we will be able to move on over into a world of peace and security… and no longer be slaves to their system.

Take the time to become aware of the Common Law. This is suitable information for people from any country, because we have all been caught in the trap of the Law of the Sea. Be encouraged, it won’t be long now. Yes the road may still be a little bumpy, but just buckle up and enjoy the ride.



  1. Hi Marilyn…question for you…here in Canada we have a Canada Pension Plan the nesara gesara kicks in will that have any effect on CCP..knowing how corrupt our government is etc..

    • Hi Jerome!
      Nice to hear from you again.
      I think it will have a MASSIVE effect on your CCP and every other pension plan in the world!
      I can’t tell you how, as it’s not been released to my knowledge, but Nesara/Gesara represents freedom and abundance. Current pension plans represent slavery and lack… don’t you agree?

  2. You are right Marilyn this is exiting times. The most exiting time in human history. It is all coming together rapidly. Nesara/Gesara can only be a plan by a Divine hand.

    Those of us who a watching the premiere of this movie are privileged. Others who watch it later will be astounded.

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