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Extraordinary event

During the history of humanity there have been many major events, but do you know that an extraordinary event could be taking place right now?

  1. The first extraordinary event was when Jesus Christ first came to earth
  2. The second will be His promised return

I’m not writing this article from a religious point of view, but would like to present it more from a factual angle.

Could it be that we are witnessing His promised return? When you read through the book of Revelations and see the NWO as the ‘beast’… it very much looks like it.

First we will look at how ‘ordinary’ the life of Jesus was, in the sense of how life for the people basically continued as if nothing was going on. This is more than amazing, when it’s considered, that the most important event of all time was happening right under their noses!

Extraordinary Event –
The birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

There is no denying that Jesus came to earth around 2,000 years, as it’s been well documented.

10 Historical Facts About Jesus From Non-Christian Sources

The Bible fills in many more details surrounding his life:

Angel appears to Mary

  • She may or may not have had trouble accepting the truth of the message, but she couldn’t ignore the baby growing within her.
  • Mary was told why He was to come, and always held it close within her heart.

His Birth predicted in the Stars

  • There are various ideas as to what made up the Star of Bethlehem. Was it a conjunction of planets, or a single one-time star? All we really know was that it was there, shining brightly.
  • Even though it shone brightly and many would have seen it, hardly anyone knew of its significance.
  • Those who were studied and familiar with the stars, and the constellations, would have realised it’s importance, such as the wise men who followed it two years later.

A few lowly Shepherds were the first to be informed.

  • Being out in the fields at night, I’m guessing the shepherds would have been discussing the brightness of the star shining overhead.
  • Lowly they may have been, but they were chosen by God to have the angels sent to them, telling of the birth of Jesus.
  • Wouldn’t you think such an important event would be shared to the ‘more important’ folks?

A King born in a Stable is unheard of!

  • Hidden out the back, not in the best room.
  • No arriving in style via carriage, limousine or ambulance.
  • No-one attending – like a non event.
  • Not even a bed, just a trough for the animals’ food.
  • Their nostrils would have been filled with animals’ odour.
    • This odour would have been Jesus’ first ever sense of smell!
  • Such an extraordinary event, in the most ordinary circumstances.

He grew up as an Ordinary child

  • He came in the world as a little baby, totally relying on the care of his parents.
  • Would have suckled the breast, and cried when hungry.
  • They would have had to potty train him.
  • Needed to learn to walk and talk just as any other child.

The Ministry of Jesus

  • At age 30 years:
    • He travelled the countryside teaching, preaching and healing.
    • Some followed him everywhere.
    • Others only heard about Him, but didn’t make the effort to go and see for themselves.
    • Some proclaimed he worked by the power of Satan.
    • Some claimed Him to be the Son of God, but others complained it couldn’t be so, as they knew His mother and father… and ‘nothing good could come out of Nazareth!’
  • Although men walked with Him daily for three years; heard all what He said, and saw everything He did… they ran in fear for their lives when he allowed the soldiers to arrest Him.

His Purpose

  • He went to the cross while everyone who had been a part of His life on this earth forsook Him.
  • They had lost heart, were confused, and in a terrible state of depression… they thought He had come to rescue them, and the world, from the Deep State tyrants of the Roman Government. Total disillusionment.
  • Although He had told them He would rise again in three days, they couldn’t understand the words He said… their eyes and ears were closed. Understanding only came after His resurrection.
  • The deep agony Mary would have experienced as she stood at the foot of the cross, bewildered that such an abhorrent event should come upon her miracle birth child.
  • Jesus rose again in three days.
  • He came and achieved His purpose of coming to earth… the salvation of humanity… for all those who believe.
  • … but He did nothing about the tyrannical control the Deep State had on the earth… it was not yet time.

The most amazing, extraordinary events took place while most of the world was fast asleep and totally unaware!

Extraordinary Event –
Using an Ordinary Man – Donald Trump

Two thousand years on and God begins preparing a man to carry out a very important mission.

Jesus had promised He would return to carry out the judgement upon our tyrannical world system.

People had been set free by His first visitation, (if only they believed), but this time, people would be set free from world tyrants… and then move into 1,000 years of peace.

Donald Trump was prepared in spirit, soul and body for this time. He has, with God’s help:

  • Grit and determination
  • Thick rhino skin
  • Learnt how to be successful in business
  • Has the ability to see a job through to the end
  • Able to stand against a vicious enemy
  • Able to see and be aware of potential danger
  • Very brilliant mind
  • Accomplished 5D chess player
  • Ability to share in code language to relay messages to those who are standing with him, while hiding the intent from enemy forces.

Further to this, God raised up an 8,000 strong International Alliance Team, to stand and work with him in this Extraordinary Event

  • These forces planned together for years on how to take down the enemy that was set to engulf them and us.
  • Every move that has been taking place now… right down to the last little one… was strategically planned years before being enacted.

Be sure to understand I’m not saying that Donald Trump is the Messiah!

Is Donald Trump the Messiah or the Anti-Christ?

The Deep State were planning to fully take over the world by:

  • Bringing in a one world monetary system – not backed by gold.
  • To depopulate the world to a number they could more easily control.
  • Organise the entire world into just ten states.
  • Crash the economy so they could bring in the new monetary system.
  • Sent out man-made viruses with intent of killing as many people as possible… chiefly by inflicting fear upon them.
  • Caused everyone to obey them through the wearing of masks, social distancing, virus testing etc.
  • Caused people to believe the hospitals were full to overflowing, and people were falling dead in the streets.
  • Inflicted locked-down on societies world-wide, and closed up businesses – causing them to fail.
  • Took God out of the schools and out of the governments.
  • Infiltrated every part of society through all positions of authority to control all of humanity.
  • Infiltrated the universities, pharmaceutical, medical, and seminaries world-wide to be in the position to ensure only their narrative was taught.
  • Secret Societies such as the M]asonic L]odges secretly spied on society. They search out anyone who has a voice against the D]eep S]tate (G]lobalists) and cause accidents to happen to them. Just an example.

The D]eep S]tate (G]lobalists) being satanic in origin:

  • Many of them hid themselves from humanity by going into D]eep U]nderground M]ilitary B]ases where they committed horrific crimes against humanity.
    • Held satanic rituals
    • Deeply involved in:
      • Pedophilia
      • Human trafficking
      • Drug trafficking
      • Sacrificing children to Satan
      • Baby farms
      • Experimentation on children
      • Organ harvesting of both children and adults
        • and a whole lot more…
  • Promised vast wealth to the leaders in government or any prominent positions. Took over music and acting by promising wealth and fame to any who would partake in their atrocities
  • Continued to hold all their minions by black-mailing them. They held their deeds over them and therefore never allowed for a way out.


Donald Trump as leader of the Alliance Team, directed by God to ‘clean out the swamp’. He’s:

  • Cleaning out world-wide pedophilia.
  • Bringing down Drug Cartels.
  • Stopping all human and child trafficking worldwide.
  • Rescuing all children held underground by these evil, satanic people.
  • Stopping baby farming, organ harvesting and experimentations etc.

At the same time:

  • He bringing down all the world-wide corrupt governments.
  • Didn’t go to war against any country (first time for many years)
  • Brokered peace deals in the Middle East.
  • Bringing in the Quantum Financial System, with gold-backed currencies for all countries around the world.
  • Resetting the currencies of all countries, bringing them all onto an equal basis.
  • Bringing out the Quantum Voting System, which will stop all illegal voting which has been done in many other countries besides America.
  • The Quantum Education System will be brought in to return education back to the truth, as much history has been removed, changed or compromised.
  • Just a small sample of what he’s achieving. There is so much more that this list would become very long indeed!

Don’t be fooled!

President Donald Trump has never stepped down from office… he’s still there! The United States Military only take orders from this man.

Yes, he’s allowed for J. Bi/den to pretend to be in office, but this was to show the world what life would be like under such a tyrant as he.

President Trump had to ‘step aside’ for a time, and praise God, that time is almost up. He will soon return for all to see.

One extraordinary event after another have taken place throughout history, using ordinary people to fulfil the role:

  • President Trump, together with those God has raised up to work with him.
  • Jesus Christ, although extraordinary in Himself, used the ordinary to bring about the extraordinary.

While all these extraordinary events are taking place, many, many people continue to be side-tracked by:

  • The ‘virus’.
  • The ‘plandemic’.
  • Complaining people are doing the wrong thing and therefore continuing the spread of the ‘virus’.
  • Locking down specific areas.
  • Insisting on mask wearing and social distancing.
  • 2020 Presidential Elections in the US.
  • The new so-called ‘president-elect’ hoax.
  • Black Lives Matter.
  • 5G.
  • It goes on and on…

Anything and everything to keep our attention anywhere else but on what is really going on..

But meanwhile…

The White Hats are utilising the scaremongering of the Black Hats, so they can do what they have to do, to bring our world into a whole new and wonderful place.

So history is repeating itself in that, while everyone is busy about their own lives, or complaining about the restrictions placed upon them, remarkable events are taking place.

People are still eating and drinking; getting married; giving birth; going to work (if they still have a job); bush-walking; family events… and so on… life continues as normal as much as the planned pandemic will allow.

Men and women everywhere are crying out for ‘the vaccine’ so they can return to a normal life. All they want is to go back to where they were!

While an Extraordinary Event is required… people are crying out to ‘Go back to normal!’

Why would you want to go back to a place where:

  • Children daily are being murdered in satanic rituals?
  • A place where the D]eep State and Cabal continue to rob us of our hard-earned money?
  • Back to a life of debt.
  • Being ruled over in every way with the courts filled with corrupt judges and afraid to let your children play in the street?
  • Where we are being slowly poisoned with everything we eat and drink… and we think it’s normal!

Why would we want to go back to there?

Others don’t believe we will ever go back to normal… we will always have to be careful of this vicious ‘virus’ forever more, they claim!

Maybe, just maybe, Jesus is coming back. The world is being purged of all the evil that has plagued it since the fall of man.

Remember how ordinary his first coming was? How many people recognised it and knew the Saviour of the world had come? Virtually none!

We are warned to watch! Warned not to slumber!

In other words, we are told to wake up! We need to know what is happening so we can be apart of it all unfolding.

God uses the ordinary to bring about the extraordinary. When talking of His return He stated:

… therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you. (NKJV)

… for if you continue to slumber, I will come to you like a thief, and you’ll have no idea at what hour I will come. (The Passion)

Revelations 3:3

It’s time to wake up. Stop relying on the MSM to provide you with the latest news as they will only say what they are told to tell you… and it’s not the truth.

Above all, ask questions! Don’t simply accept, not even what I tell you. Do research and more research. Get your spade out and determine to know the truth.

Stop Believing the Lies

The year 2020 has been to open our eyes…
The year 2021 will be for change!

If your eyes are not yet open, you are missing the greatest show on earth!

An extraordinary event is happening right under our noses at this present time. We need to lift our thinking up, out and beyond all the busy-ness that surrounds us, so we can see what’s really happening. It’s the most amazing and exciting time to be alive.



  1. I often hear “it’s an exciting time to be alive”. I first heard this phrase in 2015 when I came across Dolores Cannon and the ET’s. I started digging 4 years before the so called virus. I’m sure people who have lost their jobs, lost loved ones don’t agree with this phrase. I know there are casualties in war but we are all just waiting for disclosure. I know we have to be patient as the old structure is dismantling but many are still fast asleep including my family. I’m the only one awake its very lonely. You try and drop hints and snippets of info to people they look at you completely fuddled they haven’t a clue.

    • Yes Caroline, I agree with you.
      No, it’s not exciting for what people have been going through.
      To me, the exciting part is though, that all the evil is being brought to justice at long, long last.
      It’s a HUGE job, but under God’s instruction, it’s being done. All the tunn/els are being blown up… and everything related to it.
      For this, it’s the time to shout HALLELUJAH!
      But people have lost loved ones needlessly, lost jobs, income etc. For this I feel very sad as you do.
      We all need the disclosure to come out and for the truth to be revealed, that is for sure.
      Keep up the good fight! It’s a lonely road but you meet other wonderful patriots trudging the same road with you, so that’s good.

  2. Marilyn, I see and feel truth in your words. Thank you for your diligent study while listening to God’s whispers of truth. Remarkably having read most of all your blog entries, it does ring true in so many ways. Thank you. God bless you and your work.

    a fellow truth seeker. Believer in Jesus Christ and God’s word.

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