Trump Announcement Will Rock The Earth To The Core!

It’s so exciting that very soon, a Trump announcement will indeed rock the earth… yes, all the way to the core! His re-inauguration is almost upon us, and when he comes back, he will blow the lid off the global plandemic!

Chosen by God for such a time as this

With the support and backing of the Worldwide Alliance… Trump is the man!

Currently he has been taking some very well earned time off to regroup. On his return to office, he has an enormous job to attend to… blowing all this fictitious Delta variant, and everything related to it, right out of the water. This has to be done before he can begin the rebuilding of America.

Other countries will observe and follow suit. It will all disappear. Currently many people are worried that our life will be this way for ever, but no… it will go away. Just as it came quickly, it will disappear quickly.

A Trump Announcement, and then…

President Trump is an amazing leader, recognised world wide. I am confident that here are many good solid citizens in each country that are able to rise up and follow his wonderful example. Each country needs to turn their backs on most of the current politicians. We need to look for a new breed of beautiful, caring people to lead our countries to where they need to go.

It’s interesting that he acknowledges the fact that he was tricked into supporting the vaccine. It is believed he will apologize for that to the people. This is the kind of man that makes you want to support him all the way.

A new era coming…

Are you prepared for what’s ahead?

A whole new era is coming… just as soon as these horrific minions of Satan are removed from the face of the earth. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s really happening!

The [New World Order] have had a stranglehold on the world for a very long time. We need to praise God that just in the nick of time, God raised up an army of people from around the world, and showed them how to take the evil ones down.

People have been so scared, but retribution is on the way!

So many people you talk to are convinced that a time is almost upon us when we will be living according to what the Globalists, the Elite, want of us. They have heard of The Great Reset and believe it’s what’s ahead. Time and time again I have to say ‘Hey, it’s not like that!’. I know you do too.

It almost was though, truly we have been saved from their ongoing tyranny by the skin of our teeth. But isn’t that typical of God? Let’s it play right out and then lifts His hand and says ‘No more!’

People all over the world have been scared out of their wits. More than scared really, because people have suffered greatly over the past months as this has been playing out. Lost jobs, and lost businesses, and so much more.

The people behind all this will pay the ultimate price for what they have done. So many of them have already been dealt with, while others are still at large, but their time is short.

The penalty for crimes against humanity or treason is death.

Through lack of research and total belief in the ‘system’, many people have suffered terribly…

Because most people have been completely brainwashed to believe the news media, countless millions of people have done only what they believe they have to do. Mask wearing, social distancing… all of it. With so many prominent doctors endorsing these measures, and endorsing the ‘vaccine’, people have simply followed blindly.

Of-course, all those who have been labeled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been ridiculed and put down. Family members have been against one another because of this… children against parents; friends against friends. The emotional trauma this has brought will take time to heal, and all thanks to the Globalists who clap their hands with glee.

Emergency Broadcasting System

It is also expected that soon after the Trump announcement, the Emergency Broadcast System will be enacted. This is when the truth will go out far and wide… all around the world.

Stocking up for a blackout

We have received many warnings that you need to stock up on some food items, drinking water etc. This is not anything to do with ‘doomsday prepping’, but rather, a possibility that maybe the shops will be unable to open for a period of time. The length of time is usually stated at between 3 – 10 days.

I don’t know if the electricity will be also be affected, but if so, unless you have a generator, you need to stock up on food items that do not require fridges or freezers. Torches or candles… whatever you would need if you were in an extended blackout.

I don’t know for sure if this will ever happen or not, but better to be prepared than sorry.

We live in a time of so much fantasy and fabrication that at times it can be very hard to know what is and what isn’t. But that time, thankfully, is coming to an end. As the White Hats drive the last of these evil people out, a time of incredible truth will reign supreme.

You can read a full report here from Real Raw News:

Let’s blow the lid off!

I can hardly wait for his return and I’m not even an American! We all love him as if he were our own. The Trump announcement of the fallacy of the pandemic will truly rock the world, and as everyone is exposed to the truth of what really happened we need to be there to support and help them transition their thinking.



  1. I have no way to know you or if what you believe is correct i hope with all my heart you are correct about our Pres Trump & NASARA the debt, the irs is killing this country not to mention sex slavery, drugs the border we need help so badly.

    • Hi Beverly! You are quite right… you don’t know me or what I stand for. But, I don’t ask anyone to believe me, but I do ask them to do their own research.
      You are on the right track though with the things you mentioned but it does goes a whole lot deeper than that… into a place we wish we didn’t have to go to learn of the depravity of these people.
      God bless you on your search for truth. You’ll try to tell others but mostly they won’t listen to you. Don’t allow yourself to be cut off… keep in contact with others who may have been down the rabbit hole in front of you.
      All truth will be revealed. Learning about it up front will certainly help those because we’ve been told that when it all comes out every jaw will drop.

      • Aloha, Marilyn,
        Yesterday morning I read something that says in bold letters, “EBS is coming.”
        Didn’t continue reading but instead I googled “what is EBS” and read a lot of articles on your blogs. Obviously, it was my first time to learn about EBS so I read everything that I can read. I am a Trump supporter.

        Do we have any update so far? I have read about Prince Charles having cancer and yeah, I told to myself, “that’s it.” I doubted the overwhelming fires all around and most recently, the fire on Maui.

        Right after I read your article about preparing, I went out to buy food, water, etc. I also alerted my children and asked them to read your articles. I emphasized no harm done. My children are not as inquisitive as I am about the politics of the world. They are in the Philippines and I am here in San Diego, California.

        • Oh it’s so good to hear from you Lourdes! I’m thrilled to see you’ve followed up with what I’ve been saying… that’s all any of us can do. It’s better to be prepared than found out under the bus!
          You are right to doubt all what you hear on the MSM. Continue to research everything.
          We are all still waiting. All I can say is that we are getting closer because many of the things we were told had to happen first, have happened.
          We are waiting on the Black Swan event which seems to be coming ever so close these days.
          Keep the faith and never give up… no matter what you hear is happening around about you. 🙂

  2. Marilyn I am so grateful for your insight. Sometimes it is difficult to wait for God’s time, but I strive to keep the faith.

    • Hi Earl,
      Everything you say here sounds wonderful!
      Unfortunately I cannot say one way or the other concerning the gold/silver backed negotiable instruments. I haven’t actually heard anything about it.
      But I do really like your vision regarding the coins.
      So sorry I can’t help you more on this, not at this time.

  3. Your article is resonating the same info select friends and I have heard and believe…..this can’t happen soon enough for me, but Gods timing, not mine.

    • Thank you JJ for sharing your thoughts. Yes, we all want it now, that’s for sure…. but God does know best. We only see such a tiny bit of the overall picture, while God sees all. Let’s just continue to trust His better judgement.

      • Yes we believe this also Marilyn. It is very close to happening , All the signs and clues are there if you are paying attention. Most people in the world know the truth , and the others are still asleep.. The truth will prevail and Nesara Gesara is already in action and just needs to be announced. Life cannot exist through corruption and debt slavery. President Trump never left office . He stepped aside for the bigger goal. To get rid of the corruption and save Humanity. It is very clear ,.The writing is on the wall!!! We win!

  4. Ive been hearing this for so long now. Who are you and where do you get this info. Is just hear say. Or did you get this from the man himself. Hard to believe unless you have solid evidence. I want to believe you. Buy who is saying this. Name and dates.

    • Hi Martin!
      No, unfortunately, I didn’t get it from ‘the man himself’! Would be nice. I do what others do and share what we can, when we can. I always endeavour to receive at least 3 different sources. When some of the top men such as Dan Scavino, Gen. Michael Flynn, Lin Wood etc. etc. etc. say these things I have to say I’m open to believing them.
      But even ‘the man himself’ is saying it…
      We have to be patient right to the end… it’s coming.

  5. Wonderful article Marilyn and good advise.
    What great news on a day when we welcomed a new addition to our family. Never in our history has there been a time when a newborn can look forward to a world of love and abundance.

    Surely only a divine hand can bring forth a man so utterly ruthless with evil people yet so compassionate to the children and the needy.

    • Hi there Keith!
      Thank you for your kind words… very much appreciated!
      Yes, it’s so true… the times are a-changing for the better. Can be hard to see at time, but everyone needs to continue to hold onto their hat… it’s coming.
      I fully believe it is the ‘divine hand’ upon him. I think he has the toughest job in the world!

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