38,000 Lightning Strikes Within 48 Hours Takes Out DUMB!


What is this you are saying? 38,000 lightning strikes in the one area taking out a DUMB? One can hardly imagine it.

I was listening to Gene Decode together with Scott McKay where he was asked a question as to whether the Alliance had been taken down.

In explanation, and among other things, Gene began to share about a massive DUMB that was in between South Eastern Australia and the northern coast of Tasmania in the Bass Straight.

This immediately got my attention! Now this is talking ‘home’ to me!

I listened carefully.

Gene shared there were a massive amount of 10k earthquakes off the coast of Australia in the Bass Straight. He said they took out that DUMB and ‘the rats were fleeing the ship’!

This had only just happened, sometime within the last week. 38,000 lightning strikes within a 48 hour period!

Of-course, we know these were not normal lightning strikes. Not that I can explain what it is they do to create them… Or, really, how they used them to clean out this DUMB.

Countless DUMB’s worldwide

‘The rats were fleeing the ship’!

I’ve heard him talking on this before about how they use some kind of space craft to try and escape. He’s shared before on how they have the means to blow them out of the sky. I don’t profess to understand how all this works.

He went on to say that it looks like regular lightning. But in reality, it’s real canons taking out ‘the rats’ as they are trying to flee for their lives.

It all sounds really ‘out there’ doesn’t it? Can we really believe all this? Sometimes I wonder… But, we do hear of this happening often.

Apparently, according to Gene Decode, they had the option to surrender. But they chose to go ‘off world’… or at least try to.

Once again, I query the ‘off world’ part of this story. Some believe with all their hearts that there are other life forms living on planets… that they are living on the moon, on mars and wherever.

I’m sorry, but I take all of that with a pinch of salt. I know a time is coming where all will be revealed. Once real truth is plainly put before us concerning our earth and the other planets, I will be more than ready to listen.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m hesitant to believe everything I hear. Time alone will tell.

Another DUMB bites the dust!

I’m more than happy that yet another DUMB has been removed. Sometimes you wonder what exactly is going on under your feet… I long for the day when we can be assured there is an end to all the evil activities that have been going on underground for more years than you can imagine.

He went into more detail about space fleet carriers that he said were between one and ten miles long. Boggles my brain so I’ll leave it there!

As he finished sharing all these things he declared that none of this would be occurring if the Alliance were not in action.

Personally, I have full assurance that the Alliance are alive and well, carrying out the most amazing feats the world has ever seen. One day we will comprehend the length and the depth of it as we watch their movies made to explain it all.

The information was taken from this video:

Gene decode talks with Scott McKay

So as we can see, the removal of another DUMB would not be occurring if the Alliance were dead in the water, as some are wanting us to believe..



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  2. Hi Marilyn, it’s not possible to know what is true in this upside down world. The only way to know the truth of what is going on and what will take place to end this evil is to read and understand the word of God. Bible prophecy is unfolding before our eyes with precision accuracy. Jesus is our only hope. God bless.

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