Official Australian Death Numbers For Jabbed Children 52x Higher

I have transcribed a little short video made by Sam Bopatrick RN, as she talks with Dr Peter Johnson, both of the Gold Coast, as they discuss the official Australian death numbers for jabbed children is 52x higher!

Higher than what you may ask?

Let Dr Johnson explain how they came up with those numbers, and how they ‘fiddle the books’, so to speak.

Official Australian death numbers about 99% underreported!

RN Sam Bopatrick (Gold Coast): So this morning I printed off the TGA website 105,000 adverse advents since the drug’s been in Australia, nearly 750 deaths adverse advents…

Dr Peter Johnson (Gold Coast): Do you know they’re about 99% underreported…?

RN Sam Bopatrick: Are you a medico?

Dr Peter Johnson (Gold Coast): Yes, I’ve been …. for 43 years

RN Sam Bopatrick: OK, I’m a nurse from the Gold Coast. I’ve been a nurse for 35 years. I do weather reports now and people tune in from all around the world to watch them!

Dr Peter Johnson (Gold Coast): Did you know that the death rate in children who are jabbed is 52 times higher than unjabbed children and the miscarriage rate is 600% higher

Anyone dying within 14 days of being jabbed are counted as unvaccinated!

Dr Johnson continues…

The thing is this… when they say there are deaths among the unvaccinated and/or people who have been murdered by the jab because they haven’t reached the 14 days, they define them as unvaccinated until 14 days after the jab.

I saw the graphs and really, all those reported deaths of the unvaccinated, they are all vaccine murders. Because they by technical, or sneaky, whatever they call it, they don’t call them vaccinated until after the 14 days. This is whether it’s a second jab or whether the booster. Really, they are all vaccine murders being reported and being designated as unvaccinated.

Choke Orders hold the media in check!

The ABC and Channel 9 have got a choke collar around them because they’ll be fired if they don’t toe the line. Because all the funding is from Blackrock and Vanguard… ?? Express, Bill Gates… They own the media in Australia and New Zealand, they own the government… they own Big Pharma…. Human Health services.

ATAGI says the jabs demonstrate they are safe and effective. ATAGI is the only misinformation that there is… there is no other misinformation besides ATAGI and AHPRA and Services Australia.

AHPRA – Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
ATAGI – Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization

Every health minister, every one of them… they are all held by the choke orders by Big Pharma and the Freemason’s.

End transcript…

The video goes for just 2.45 minutes. You can watch it here:

So where did it go?

The good news is that we are coming now into a place where the perpetrators of this fraud will be more than severely dealt with… and it will never be able to happen again.

For anyone who doesn’t grasp the reality of what is going on, this transcript and/or video simply explains how they came up with the official Australian death numbers as being the unvaxxed. As Dr Johnson said, those unvaxxed numbers come from those dying and/or being hurt from the so-called vaccinations in the first place. Children are not dying all over the place from catching a ‘virus’ because they haven’t been vaccinated against it. It’s just not happening. These poor little ones just didn’t make it even to the 14 day marker… so sad.


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