Did The Flu Just Disappear Last Year? – Interesting Facts!

Let’s face facts … did the flu just magically disappear last year, or have we all be duped into believing that it did?

Come on guys?

I love the way Kate Soreno went into the NC Board of Education meeting and told the board exactly what she thought of them! She told them they were lawless and they would pay for their actions.

Either listen to Kate talk or read my transcript below:

Dare county, NC Board of Education Meeting with Kate Soreno

Good evening, My name is Kate Soreno.

So we keep hearing this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Even our own media pushes this narrative, and a recent OBX voice article of Mark (?) define vaccinated as those who have received two doses of Pfiser/Moderna, or one of J&J. This is not completely accurate, in fact listen carefully… the CDC definition of fully vaccinated are those who are two weeks beyond their final dose. For clarity, let’s dig into some of the examples:

So Jack get’s his first Moderna vaccination and dies a week later from an unfortunate adverse reaction. He is classified by health officials as an unvaccinated death… he had one dose.

Jill gets her second Pfizer vaccine and 13 days later tests positive. She is classified as an unvaccinated cov/id case because she’s less than two full weeks post her last dose.

This is data manipulation folks, and some might call it fraud.

Does it strike you as odd that citizens are being offered free donuts, lottery money, burgers, marijuana and beer for vaccine compliance across the country in the name of ‘public health’?

Does it seem outrageous that PCR tests that have been relied upon for two years have now been pulled by the FDA & CDC for failure to differentiate between cov/id and the flu?

Did the flu just disappear?

The flu didn’t just magically disappear last year guys!

Does it seem suspect that the quarantine metrics keep changing in an increasingly bizarre manner?

The current toolkit rewards compliance, the fully vaxxed and boosted have no quarantine imposed despite their well-documented ability to both contract and spread virus. And is it not curious to you that the FDA & CDC wish to wait 75 years to publish data related to their vaccine studies ?

Folks, there’s really truly something very ugly going on here!

If you still don’t understand the bigger plan, please research Agenda 21, the Great Reset, or Rockefeller’s ‘Operation Lockstep’. This has never been about a virus… dear County, wake up! Yet this board continues to participate in the fraud and violate established law.

Martin Luther King Jnr once said that to ignore evil is to become accomplice to it… and folks, you are indeed accomplices at this time.

Under 21 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 50, 23-24, it is illegal to coerce a citizen to participate in an experiment. I will remind you that masks and current vaccines are all e-Way experimental devices.

This is how the Nuremberg Code was folded into Federal Law.

It’s going to be SO much bigger than the original!

Furthermore, under 18 US Code, Section 2331, it is illegal to coerce a population… this is a felony, there is a 99 year prison term.

Forced masking to obtain a public education is coercion.

The longer this lawlessness continues, the more votes are on the permanent record, the more emails are collected and the more affidavits are compiled, the stronger a class action law suite becomes. This board is lawless. It is beyond time you find the courage to stand, courage to lead, courage to follow established law because ultimately you will be held to account.

Thanks for your time.

Dare County, NC. Board of Education Meeting
January 11,2022

… End transcript…

But people are getting sick of something

Yes they are, so what is it?

More and more people are getting sick because they have spent months wearing masks rather than breathing fresh air. They wash their hands with toxic substances and social distance!

Of-course they’re getting sick!

The flu or a cold are your body’s way of detoxing poisonousness substances out of your body. If this didn’t happen, you would die from the overload.

The more you add to the toxic quantity in your body (through breathing toxic air and hand washing in toxic substances) the more you your body will need to detox.

Doing these things breaks down your immune system so that it no longer has the ability to look out for your needs.

On top of that… every vax you receive breaks down your immune system further… I mean, frightenly so! There is not one vaccination on the face of the earth that can help your immunity anything like your own God-given immune system can. They all work against you, rather than for.

So good for you Kate, this is exactly what is needed! As she and countless others have tried to ask the population: “Did the flu just disappear?’ No, it only became renamed!



  1. I want to thank you for all your hard work to educate us…. BUT how do we get this information out to the people who insist on ONLY listening and believing the corrupt, biased media and will NOT open their minds to other information? IE… my sister, who I thought was an intelligent person, first told me I ‘drink the koolaid’ and then apologized… but when I send her videos, information from creditable people refuses to even look at it.. and tells me ‘lets agree to disagree’…. this gets me sick in my heart……. how do we educate the public?

    • Hi Debbie,
      Your sister sounds just like mine! I have sent her videos on pertinent subjects but she ignores them all. Says all the usual stuff! funny how they all say the same thing… can’t they think up something original?
      So what can we do?
      Ultimately, it’s not us that opens their eyes… we can only do what we can do. God is the only one who is able to cut through the barriers so they can see.
      Why do we see and they can’t? Are we smarter? Was it our education? Of-course not! Many are so more educated than us but their eyes are firmly shut!
      So… apart from any little opening we may receive to say or do, the only way is to pray for them… real prayers in faith believing for the desired outcome.
      Each time we post or share, just trust that God is directing that those who need to read our article/hear what we say etc… do just that.
      For the rest part… don’t worry about it. We get nowhere through worry.

  2. Dear Marilyn, thank you for all the hard work you do as you inform the public of the true world in which we live. I put your name on Twitter so that others can follow your great blog.

    • Thank you so much Andi for your on-sharing. This means so much to me. As I put the work in in writing these posts, it blesses me no end that people simply keep them moving. Not everyone wants to take the time to write, but basically, everyone can simply share my work, and the work of others that are meaningful to them.
      Bless you for your encouragement…

  3. I’m an RN and I’m one of only a few at my hospital that did not get the Covid jab. It’s definitely not a vaccine. Everyone that did get the jab got sick. Every last one of them! I was face to face with a simple surgical mask for an entire year with possible “covid “ patients and never got sick. I made sure I had ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine at home just in case. I started taking Z Stack by Dr Zelenko as a preventive. I even avoided the flu shot this year which was mandatory and lost my job because of it. That’s ok because my life isn’t worth a job. These criminals making these “vaccines” are not trustworthy!

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