More Pertinent Questions On The QFS And Nesara/Gesara

Questions On The QFS

Jack wrote to me and asked me more pertinent questions on the QFS… the Quantum Financial System. He feels they are questions not coming into discussion very much. Both he and others would like to know.

Please remember I don’t know the full answer to many of these questions. We are all working of very limited information coming through. We can only do the best we can with what we’ve got.

As people begin to comprehend these QFS questions, and to understand exactly what Nesara/Gesara is introducing to our world, the more they will realise how much they have been robbed of in the past.

First, there are two resets in play. One good and one bad!

White Hats (good) – Global Economic security And Reformation Act
Dark Hats (bad) – Global Economic Security And Recovery Act

Please make sure you fully comprehend the difference.

Be careful you know the difference!

Question #1 – Do we have two financial systems?

Both of these financial systems appear to be running side by side. Is that true?

  • The Great Reset (pushed by the Cabal, the Deep State, New World Order… One World Government people) – National Economic security And Recovery Act
  • The Quantum Financial System – (QFS) a gold backed currency system, brought to us by the World Wide Alliance. This is to bring freedom to humanity and to stop the work of the evil ones from having any finances to continue to their nefarious works.

My response:

We have been under an illegal system all our lives. We have known no different. But, it’s all coming to an end.

Yes, at the moment, they are definitely running side by side. Every transactions taking place throughout our banking system as we currently know it, is mirror imaged on the QFS.

This is so they can test the system, which has been ongoing now since about August 2020.

Simple Information making it easier to understand

Question #2 – What about those on disability or pensions?

Further questions on the QFS. With the new white hat Quantum Financial System, what exactly happens to people who are on disability?

There are plenty of people out there that would have difficulty keeping a job due to personal impairments, whether they be physical or mental. So how are things going to pan out there?

My response:

Nesara/Gesara will soon roll out around the world. It’s happening even as we speak. People on disability, aged pensioners, or any pensioners for that matter, they will look after well.  They all will be in a much better place than they ever thought they could be.

They will not have to work to receive an income. In fact, work as we now know it will be very, very different. Of-course there will still be many jobs to do, that’s obvious. But, this will be by people who want to do it. This is rather than those who have to do it for money.

Where we will work for the love of it!

Question #3 – Will our hobbies and enjoyment disappear?

I think it’s safe to say, that we know the problem areas in countries are the corrupt politicians, the media, hollyweird, big tech, the corrupt bureaucratic institutions, and compromised corporations. But considering the bigger picture, and certainly not to downplay the evil that these two-legged monsters have engaged in (in fact I have moments I’m fuming when I think about it), what does this mean for the structural makeup of broader society in the future? Does this then mean that even stuff linked into people’s personal hobbies and enjoyment will disappear (such as sports, games, movies, music, etc.)?

My response:

I cannot imagine for even a moment why such a thing would happen. Although under the Great Reset rules I would say YES!  They offer NOTHING good!

But under Nesara/Gesara it’s quite the opposite.  You will be free to pursue whatever enjoyment appeals to you.

We are in the Global Reset. People need to see the “bad Great Reset” to believe it, but we’ll reset into GESARA not Globalist NWO New World Order. This will crash the Matrix controlled corporations, Blackrock, Vanguard, Banks, etc. We don’t need them anymore. Everybody investing in wallstreet encourage and fund these corrupt criminal companies that are killing people and that have a Genocide evil globalist agenda. They will all go down and most will never come back up.

Global Market Crash, Great Awakening World, Q+ Trump

Question #4 – Corporations committing crimes against humanity

Will corporations be bought up by people with integrity and honor (such as Musk’s purchasing of twitter), and those heinous, criminal megalomaniacs will just go to prison or face the death penalty according to the justice system and just be forced out?

(I don’t think being a corporation automatically makes it the devil, and it would seem to just have corporations disappear would be like throwing the baby out with the bath water.)

My response:

You are quite right… a corporation is definitely not the devil, only the demons that are in control of many of them. I imagine all good companies will be able to remain into the future. All those who have operated under an evil agenda will be closed down. All those committing crimes against humanity will be ‘dealt’ with. We see this happening all around the world right now.

Stop losing in the corrupt stock market, get out of there and reinvest into metals and cryptos that will make way more gains in the near future. 95% of corporations in wallstreet are corrupt and followed the Globalist Agenda so are accused of crimes against humanity. Most will NOT go back up. Wallstreet is OVER. Injuctions will be released for these companies and will be stopped or transformed, their assets will be seized and give back to We The People under GESARA NESARA

Global Market Crash, Great Awakening World, Q+ Trump

Question #5 – Could we be locked out of the new system?

Does that mean that if one purchases from a popular company deemed within the dee/p s/tate web (ie microsoft, pixar, any major sports league) that somehow one is locked out of the white hat QFS and is stuck in the D/S financial system?

My response:

Oh gosh no! The D/S (De/ep S/tat/e) system will soon be gone. All Fiat currency – the money we currently use, will be no more. It will be gone… forever!

The only time it would be flagged would be if you made an illegal transaction (paying for dr/ugs, c/h/i/l/d/ t/r/a/f/f/i/c/k/i/n/g etc)… with the QFS they would be right on to you! Keep your nose clean and nothing to worry about!

Question #6 – How long until the QFS becomes fully overt in the States?

Meaning of ‘overt’
Done or shown publicly or in an obvious way and not secret.

My response:

As discussed previously, we know that we have been working with two systems running parallel together since August 2020.

We also know that now the entire QFS is backed by gold and precious metals.

As well as this, we know there’s a revaluation taking place with the end result being that every currency in the world will be totally equal.

  • One American dollar… will be equal to
    One Vietnam dong… will be equal to
  • One euro… etc. etc.

And, all backed by gold!

About one-third of the world is currently now working on the QFS system. The rest of the world will follow. I cannot say exactly which country, or when.

Part of the hold-up has been that as they have been releasing QFS funds into the various banks, the bankers who swore black and blue they were on the ‘good side’, just as soon as they receive the funds, they can’t help themselves… they start to try to draw on the money and use it as they used to.

In response to this, the QFS withdraw the money and the bankers arrested. There have been many cases of this taking place for quite some months.

I don’t know how they do it, but the QFS has the ability to ‘see’ how the funds are being used.

Very soon they will turn off the old system and then we will only have the QFS… worldwide!

Question #7 – Are Q-phones going to be dispensed to everyone to replace traditional cell phones?

My response:

That is exactly what they tell us. We are all to receive a brand new Q-phone… that is, everyone who currently holds a cell/mobile phone.

I was told just last Saturday that they are currently being manufactured. I’m not sure exactly when it will happen, but for us to use the QFS as they design it to be, we will all need to have one.

Questions On The QFS

Questions #8 – #15 can be viewed here:

Further Jack questions #8 – #15

Thank you Jack for asking these questions on the QFS. I do hope readers receive encouragement by these words.



    • Hello Mary… it’s the funniest thing as I know I answered this but for some reason it doesn’t appear to have gone through. I’m so sorry about that.

      Anyway, after doing some research on this point it’s left me not knowing what the answer is. Maybe a reader will see this and know… and be kind enough to answer Mary’s question.

  1. Thank you Marilyn for this information. I have been feeling particularly depressed today and this has helped to lift my spirits, as have many of your other posts.

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