World Wide Military Control And How To Prepare For EBS

world wide military control

World wide Military control will soon come into action. This is not something to be afraid about, but rather it’s an important step in the right direction. While those committing crimes against humanity spend their time floating in prison barges, the rest of the world will be informed of their confessions.

I’ve received more questions from Jack! If you haven’t seen Questions #1 – #7, click below:

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Question #8 – Posts say the World Wide Military control will become overt, like a foregone conclusion. Is it going to come to that?

Meaning of ‘overt’
Done or shown publicly or in an obvious way and not secret.

My response:

I do believe the military will come to a place when they can reveal all. Of-course, while they are in the midst of the war, we cannot expect they will spill the beans.

For one, we have an enemy! That enemy has infiltrated just about everything we can think of. Right down to the most unimaginable places… like within the churches for example.

They can only allow us to know what has already taken place, and never what they plan to do… are doing, for that matter.

By the time we learn about ‘what they are going to do’ it has already happened. We never learn before the fact!

A time will come, and I truly believe is coming very soon, that they will release to the public for general knowledge, all. Will they tell us everything they’ve been involved in? I doubt it. You know why? Because some of it is so horrific, you wouldn’t want to know anyway.

By that time, I don’t believe we will want to know all the gory details. We will be just happy to know they have dealt with all that needed to be dealt with.

In the end it’s all going Military – that’s when you see all overt operations in progress.

The Fog of War, White Hats Intel

Question #9 – According to the (Q) posts, it seems to infer that the military will become overt. At the same token, Simon P, in an update, seems to have alluded to the fact that the White Hats are opting for a more diplomatic approach, rather than the military becoming overt and potentially alarming the general populace.

My response:

I am quite sure they would have been discussing this from every angle… how best to do it? I truly do not know what they will do in the long run. While we don’t want the people alarmed, we do want them to comprehend what has been going on.

I guess we will just have to wait and see how they do it.

Question #10 – What does World wide Military control look like?

My response:

What will it look like you ask! It is a very necessary part of us all being able to move on, that they expose what the D/eep Stat/e (the Ca/bal, NW/O, S/ata/nti/sts, On/e World Gov/ern/men/t) have done… at least to a degree.

Will they use the EBS (Emergency Broadcasting System) system?

I’m hoping so.

There is a certain amount of talk going around, and I don’t know if it’s any more than talk, that suggest the EBS won’t be necessary. They are saying that when Trump Truth Social comes out, and maybe the CNN begin to share the truth, the EBS will not be required.

Personally, I can’t agree with that. It might be all they need in the States, but world wide, nope… we need so much more.

How many people will go onto a Social Media platform? I can think of countless people that I know personally that would never do that!

How many people listen to CNN around the world? Not a lot.

I really can think of people that I know personally who would continue to live in oblivion if that was the case.

We need the Emergency Broadcasting System to reach the masses. In my opinion!

Question #11 – Even though there are counter measures in place (red line post – Cue 4414), does pure chaos erupt?

My response:

I believe the military alliance have worked on it very carefully in how they will portray to the masses what has really been going on right under their noses. I’m quite sure, it’s not been an easy thing for them to do.

As people observe hangings after watching tribunals with the people’s confessions, or not, surely they will begin to comprehend what this time has all been about. Here’s hoping there is a choice as to whether you need to watch the hangings as I’m quite sure most people would not be able to take it.

Questions #12 – If the military becomes overt, what happens exactly?

My response:

Will we all go into military law? We have been told really, right from the start, that the military is the only way. They can fight it all out politically, but at the end of the day, the military will be the ones who it appears will take over in each country.

They will control the people (not in a bad way) until measures can be taken for the new system (Nesara/Gesara) to be fully rolled out.

New governments will be formed. They won’t look anything like what the illegal system we currently have in place. All will be different. It will be the voice of the people that counts… not which party can fight their way to the forefront, or adjust the votes to suit themselves using the Dominion Voting System.

Yes, we need the EBS to explain to the people. Many of us have been learning little bit, by little bit. But those who seem to be totally unaware will need to be informed.

They have all come out… after the fact!

The Alliance was able to stop several incidents:

  • A Tsunami Wave meant to kill everyone in Seattle Washington.
  • The Deep State had tectonic weapons centered on the Yellow Stone National Park underground volcano that was stopped from exploding.
  • Since 2015 several Nuclear War Heads and Nuclear subs have been recovered from DUMBS in or near Washington DC, Florida (Disney World), Five Fingers Lakes, Los Angeles.
  • This was just a small fraction of what’s happening behind the scenes. The Fog of War was into: Human trafficking; World Wars; had a tyrannical Slave System that steals your money and puts you in debt to your death; release of Bio-weapons, SARS 1&2, frozen Bio-weapon Spike proteins sprayed through EU, U.S. and other cities around the world; release of Bio-weapon vaccines; created world lockdowns where hundreds of millions lost their jobs; business debt; had the highest suicide rate in history and the highest domestic violence rate in  history; spread HIV and Cancer through vaccines; created sickness among the healthy from Spike Proteins shedding of the vaccinated; created a world economic collapse, supply chain collapse, world food shortages and Civil Unrest.

Questions #13 – But how much food will I need stored, and for how long?

My response:

For a very long time they have been saying we will need to have stores for up to two or three weeks on hand. As time has gone on, with the way the Deep State is destroying the food crops, and food supplies etc. etc., it is now being suggested maybe up to three months would be good.

I have never been a ‘prepper’, but as we look out at the current situation, it is becoming more and more obvious that to be prepared for ‘whatever’ makes a whole lot of sense.

Learn more about it

Question #14 – What type of supplies?

My response:

Whatever you believe you would need!

  • I mean, what would you need if you had no electricity?
  • No water?
  • Pharmacies were closed?
  • Telephones didn’t work?
  • TV had a blank screen?
  • Would your pets survive?
  • How would you cook?
  • Do you take medication?
  • Would you be able to keep warm?
  • How would you see at night?

The list goes on and on!

Put your thinking cap on. Think it through carefully and make preparation, just in case.

Question #15 – How long will it last until ‘normality’ is restored?

My response:

They tell us that the TV will shut down, except for one channel they’ll use for the EBS. Further to this, our phones will no longer work. With this in mind, people should be joining ‘Signal’, an app you can download on your phone. The CIA did own it, but is now it’s under White Hat control. The military/White Hats have been telling us that no other app will work on our phones. This one will allow us to be in contact with our friends and family if they are all connected to it.

I have put the Signal app on the top right-hand of this page for anyone who would like to remain in contact with me when it all goes down. Just go there and click on ‘CLICK HERE’ and it will connect you to me. I believe you need to already have the Signal app installed. No need to send me your phone number as I cannot connect you that way.

They have mentioned a three day period followed by a ten day period. This used to be known as the ‘Ten Days of Darkness’. It is now being referred to as the ‘Ten Days of Disclosure’.

Once Nesara/Gesara kicks in I’m guessing there will be a transition period as we all come floating up to the top after being drowned in a sea of misinformation/disinformation that we have lived our lives in.

I cannot give any type of answer on how long it will take for normality to be restored. This is chiefly because I don’t believe we are going back to the ‘old normal’! We are moving forward into a whole new realm.

World Wide Military Control

We cannot say exactly how this will all roll out. All we can do is give a bit of an idea. But the World Wide Military Control is not something we should look at with horror but something that’s going to move us to the next stage. Bring it on!



  1. I believe EBS needs to be implemented across the world as a lot are still fast ?. What if some haven’t got televisions, mobiles or the Internet! Unless they can view with a neighbour they won’t know. If and when they do see all this information they will first be in denial then maybe shock. This is huge and many heads may explode with this horrific information. I have downloaded Signal a while ago added my husband and daughters…no reply yet…they are all asleep and vaccinated.
    God help us all in this time of Dramatic change. As Trump has said on many occasions “this will be biblical”
    Prayers to all around the ?

  2. Great works Marilyn.

    Im from Adelaide so do we need know the time frame in Australia supposed to be having food shortage as Riccardo mentioned in December 2021 at Taree speeches.

    Yes I cant wait for EBS worldwide and I love to see the MSM / Media personality get arrested too and they will be embarrassed for their treason against our own people on live EBS earlier the better for us to stop the hoax virus since Spanish Flu

    • Not exactly. All we know we need to be prepared. I don’t know about you, but I do think it’s coming very soon. How long is ‘soon’? LOL
      Continue to prepare, especially as we see them destroying our food sources everywhere. Look at the avocados they dumped recently… absolutely terrible.

      • Hi Marilyn –

        Well, to give ALL the people of the world EQUAL Weather (if the earth is a globe), it would seem the timing would be NOW while spring is in the N.hemisphere and fall is in the S. hemisphere – If the earth is a dish, then let it happen any time…


  3. Marilyn.
    I have tried numerous times in the last few months and I cannot connect to you.
    Sure hoping I will soon. Ypu have the BEST website explaining so much to us. I have been with you for almost 2 years. Much love and admiration to you. Viv in Florida

    • Wow Vivian, it’s so nice to hear this… thank you!
      I wonder why you can’t connect? How have you been trying?
      I’m available through Telegram, Signal and the contact form on my website.
      Please let me know what the problem is.

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