Best Is Yet To Come – Have Faith In God!

The best is yet to come

How many times have we heard Trump declare… “The best is yet to come!”

There is absolutely no way that he would just dump us all and leave us to wallow our way through an administration that’s working against the good, not only of the US, but of the entire world.

He would not tell us ‘The best is yet to come” if he was walking out on us!

Keep on believing. This is where it comes down to believing against all the odds, comes into play.

We have not been left to the wolves… of-course not! There are too many people around this world who know the truth… and truth WILL prevail.

Think about this! Look at all the incredible words coming from Lin Wood. Does he act like it’s the end? No, not at all. He just continues to encourage us to believe.

The best is yet to come

This is what we are up against, well, we were up against. They have ALL the evidence. The play is playing out for two reasons:

  • To scrape up every last dirty little swamp rat
  • To bring the whole thing to a place where the masses understand.

Imagine if they didn’t do it that way. If the masses don’t comprehend what Trump and the Alliance have done… and why, they will blame Trump, because they all believe the mainstream media.

But we are going to see much now… you watch, day by day… things are going to change.

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Listen please, to this very encouraging, but simple word given by Pastor George Pearsons on The Victory Channel.

Here is a transcript of part of Pastor Pearson’s message:

Today, was an inauguration day in the United States. America has a new President. Some are thrilled, others not so.

For those who may be wondering about the future of our nation, we have a scripture to stand on… Mark 11:22:

Have faith in God
Have faith in God

But what about the new administration?
Have faith in God

What about the balance of power?
Have faith in God

What about the Democratic Party and the Republican Party?
Have faith in God

What about the economy?
Have faith in God

What about the abortion platform?
Have faith in God

What about same-sex marriage?
Have faith in God

What about LGBTQ+ agenda?
Have faith in God

What about the state of Israel?
Have faith in God

What about the future of the Supreme Court… what is going to happen to the Court?
Have faith in God

What about all the courts and all the judges?
Have faith in God

What about reversing Mr Trump’s Executive Orders?
Have faith in God

What about religious freedom?
Have faith in God

What about the Johnson Amendment?
Have faith in God

What about Socialism?
Have faith in God

What about the Equality Act?
Have faith in God

What about comprehensive sex education?
Have faith in God

What about the 2020 election? Will we ever know the truth?
Have faith in God. All thing hidden shall be revealed.

What about election integrity in the 2022 mid-terms?
Have faith in God

And what about all those prophetic words regarding Mr Trump?
Have faith in God. These words, these prophetic words, are still alive, they’re still working in the realm of the Spirit.

This is far from being over, because we’ve heard from our Commander, the head of the church – our Lord Jesus Christ, and together we say “it’s not over” until He says “it’s over’!

We are the Body of Christ. We are the Anointed Ones. We are the Household of Faith. So don’t give up… don’t give up on those prophetic words.

Don’t give up on God’s marvellous plan for our nation:
Don’t quit standing.
Don’t quit believing.
Don’t quit trusting.
Don’t quit declaring… and
Don’t quit voting!

The best is yet to come… and it’s coming soon

Don’t allow your faith in God to waver. If you are having problems, stop watching the mainstream media. You know it does you no good, so please stop.

It makes me feel quite sick to the stomach whatever I hear them talking about, no matter what subject. This is because all I hear is their lies.

Today was just another episode in the pantomime playing out before us. Keep your head held high and listen to your inner knowing. All will be well.

We are not privvy to the plan. That’s because we are in a war. War secrets cannot be blathered about for the enemy to catch on. Trust the Plan. God is Good. Rise up and be the Warrior you are called to be.

God will not let you down, and neither will Trump



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