My Gosh Guys… Easily the Funniest Thing I’ve Seen!

Funniest Thing I've Seen

I had a good laugh this morning… truly, it’s got to be one the funniest thing I’ve seen.

While there are people, all over the world, worried, confused, and haven’t a clue of what is going on, hey… you’ve got to take a little bit more notice!

Guys, you are being played!

We are watching a movie. This movie includes a virus, a pandemic, Antifa, BLM, new ‘presidential’ elections and an inauguration etc.

We will cover in this post:

  1. Reason for ‘The Virus’
  2. The Reason for ‘The Pandemic’
  3. The Reason for ‘Antifa & BLM’
  4. The reason for ‘The Elections’
  5. The reasons for ‘The Inauguration’

1. The Reason For ‘The Virus’

Apparently ‘the virus’ was created in Wuhan, China… in a lab.

Most perceive it as being a very vicious virus, travelling the world at an enormous rate, infected all it comes in contact with.

The fact that it’s using unscientific data, of-course goes over the heads of virtually all the masses. Many doctors are well aware, but out of fear of losing their license to practice, they go along with it.

Fortunately now, many thousands of doctors are speaking out because they can’t do this anymore.

Originally, or so it is believed, ‘the virus’ was created as a b-i-o/w-e-a-p-o-n, with the intention of using it to depopulate as many of the population as possible.

If this is true or not, I’m not sure I can say. Wouldn’t surprise me (hardly anything does anymore, or so it feels).

Virus was a name given to it because it’s what creates the most fear. You know what I mean… when your computer gets a virus it’s like the end of the world!

A true virus, according to Rolf Krahnert (this is a big page but if you scroll down about 1/6th of the way down you’ll find him) he exposes the fraud and impossibility of a contagious virus.

You’ll find more information on that here: What Others Are Saying

Now, the reason for ‘the virus’ , apart from depopulation, is to give something that could/would cause a pandemic…

Unfortunately for them, it didn’t work as planned. Don’t be fooled by the ‘huge amount of people dying’ with Covid!

2. The Reason For ‘The Pandemic’

The ‘pandemic’ that we are struggling through at the moment, is actually very hard to find. I mean, where is it? Where are all the dead people?

We are constantly told we are to ‘save lives’ by following the instructions of the governments around the world. Most people mindlessly obey.

If you do a little research, you will find that the death rates, over the period of 2020 for example, are no higher than they have been over the past 5 years!

Another very interesting point is that apparently no-one is dying of old age. There is no flu! No people dying of respiratory problems. Amazing really!

But don’t you find it interesting that hospitals receive very large payouts for every Covid-19 death. Maybe it’s worth changing the death certificates to a more lucrative cause of death reason.

All this aside, the reason for the supposed pandemic, was so the NWO (through the pharmaceutical companies and Bill Gates) could impose vaccinations upon the masses. These vaccinations are nothing to do with protecting you from ‘the virus’, but all do with giving you an ID and playing around with your DNA.

The end result is that they intend to depopulate (yes, many would die) and to being able to control you, in their new world where you would own nothing… and be happy!

This is not going to happen… it’s what would have happened if it wasn’t for Trump and the Alliance!

3. The Reason Behind Antifa & Black Lives Matter

An/tifa has been classified as a terrorist organisation. I find it interesting that many mainstream news people, haven’t even heard of who they are!

You know why this is? It’s because their activities are always presented as being “Trump supporters’. Oh my, what an angry mob they must be!

‘B/lack L/ives M/atter’ is another organisation who are portrayed as standing up for dark people. They like to insist that it’s the white folks who are the problem and who keep them down.

In both cases, these are groups of people that are being paid to come in to cause riotous and divisive behaviour.

All the money that was given to the B/lack L/ives M/atter, went towards the Biden campaign. Really, I don’t know why… I mean, what did he do other than hide in his basement? At least, that’s what they tell us! LOL

A Little Background

The NWO needed to get President Trump out of power. They didn’t wan’t him meddling with their plans… he had to go! Their plan was working, and working very well. They had all their puppets in high positions all around the world, countless thousands of them.

Heads of government, education, pharmaceutical companies, many corporations around the world, virtually all our hospitals and even in the seminaries (where they teach and train most of the religious clergy).

The music industry and Hollywood. Every main area was infiltrated by puppets who would do the bidding of the D]eep S]tate.

But then Donald Trump entered the scene… they were frantic to remove him at all costs!

President Trump swore to bring down the lot of them. It was his intention, being backed up by a team of around 8,000 Alliance, to clean out the Swamp.

They drained the swamp, one bucket at a time. Very methodically, they worked through each bucket full, straining it through a sieve!

Then they dug down deeper and began turning over the disgusting muddy, sloppy, gunky bottom of the swamp. Hiding in there were all manner of swamp creatures… but they found them all!

Antifa and Black Lives Matter continued…

Antifa and BLM caused a stir wherever they could… that is, wherever they were paid to carry out their business of disruption. They set fires to buildings and cars and brutality attacked innocent people.

I might add here that it wasn’t beneath them to dress in Trump garb… sometimes they did this.

Meanwhile the press would stand in front of the whole scene and make out it was all the Trump Supporters causing the riots.

Anyway, their job was to cause as much disruption as possible.


4. The Reason For ‘The US Election’

The US election was actually nothing more than a Military Sting Operation.

A little background

  • Very briefly, the United States had become a corporation back in 1871 and had been run by foreign powers for a very long time.
  • The White House was situated on foreign soil – Washington DC does not belong to the States.
  • The government officials were not seated in the original constitution and were definitely not there to serve the people, they were there to serve the corporation.

Learn more about it here:

Further on backgound information

Defacto Military Presidency

President Trump was serving as a ‘defacto military presidency’ with the intention of saving the United States, and by doing so, saving the whole world from the grip of the NWO.

The elections went ahead as planned. It was known well in advance that it would do what it did do. The military knew that all elections for many years had been won through the use of the Dominion Voting Machine. Not only in the States, but elsewhere throughout the world.

They watched the fraudulence happening through the Quantum Voting System, and although they have not used this as evidence, they were collecting further evidence of the fraud.

I won’t go into details with this, but suffice to say, it was a military sting. They set many traps and watched as they all fell headlong into them!

The long and the short of it, they fixed the votes without being very careful. They fixed it for Biden to win, although the QVS (and heaps of other evidence) told them that Trump had won by 80%.

Extra Note:

The 2016 elections were also rigged. They were rigged for H]illary C]linton to win. What the NWO didn’t know was that there were so many silent Americans who were going to vote for Trump. He won by 75%. Hillary’s people were switching the votes, but nowhere near enough. He won even though they did the switch.

They watched and ate popcorn!

5. The Reason For The ‘Presidential Inauguration’

Finally the day of the inauguration arrived. To those who did take the time to watch, many relate that it was like watching a funeral!

It was very sickening to watch the gathering of all those swamp rats in one place.

The funny thing is that many of them, if not most, have already been sent to Gitmo… in fact, some have already left this earth!

But wait a minute… I SAW them on telly!

Yeah, yeah, yeah! We did too. So what did we see? Body doubles? Clones? Actors wearing masks? In many cases, I’m not sure, but it was just one big pantomime play!

All very Weird…

Make sure you look carefully. See the ‘presidential desk’ Biden is supposed to be sitting at signing Executive Orders. See how different it is to the real one. The background etc… haha, all different. Do they think we are stupid or something?

There are many, many differences you can find if you begin to look:

  • Hillary Clinton seems to have shrunk an enormous amount!
  • Why did Biden have to change his tie?
  • Why were so many of them creepily walking around with masks, and next they are in groups all mask-less?
  • Even though they all social distanced and wore the masks, why was it that the next minute they were hugging and all very close?
  • Why did Lady Gaga record a week before the Inauguration Ceremony which went live on C-SPAN?
  • Why did Hillary Clinton’s hairdo suddenly change from being fly-away to a well clipped and styled hair?
  • How come Charlie Ward, who lives in Spain, sat and watched a video of the inauguration 10 hours before it was to start?

How much of what we watched was CGI? Not real. Rigged.

And… why did the fences they built around DC have locks on the outside… and the barbs of the wire to prevent people getting out rather than in?

It truly is the funniest thing I’ve seen… except people do truly believe it… therefore I find it sad!

This ceremony was the final fraud. I think we are really going to see big things happen over the next little while.

Read this broadcast by Santa Surfing. She has a lot of very interesting images for you to see.

It looks like the White House will be locked up. This place was a den of iniquity before President Trump and Melania arrived… just like Buckingham Palace and the Vatican. It must have been incredibly hard for them to live there over the past four years.

Did you notice how happy they were upon leaving? It was like they couldn’t get away quick enough!

President Trump, I truly believe, will be back.

He needs a number of weeks to work on Nesara/Gesara, but everything needs to be finalised and completely done and dusted by March 4th, 2021 when the real president will be inaugurated (unless something happens to delay it).

The United States Incorporation is totally defunct and no more. The pantomime continues to play out. We either watch and believe everything we see, or we research and ask questions.

Which represents you?

I know many people are feeling quite despondent at this time, but my hope is that my posts will gradually make it’s way through and bring enlightenment, as is intended.

Meanwhile, if it wasn’t so very sad… it really is the funniest thing I’ve seen.



        • That’s ok Patricia! I understand how you are feeling. Try to remember we are at war and even our best information can sometimes miss the mark. They don’t tell us what their plans are or how they anticipate it will work out. They basically ask us to keep the faith.
          I do not believe Biden is in control. I don’t think he’s got the ‘wherewithall’ to control anything. He’s a puppet, playing out a role.
          Try to stay calm and pray. I fully believe we will end up in a good place.

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