How To Help An Unbelieving World Understand Pure Evil

Help an Unbelieving World

How to help an unbelieving world understand the pure evil that has been done to them.

Most of us are so used to the life we lead, we have no comprehension of how good it could have been… if things had been different.

But the good news is, I believe a time is coming where things will be taking a different twist, and we’ll come out on the other side in a much better place.

Many people want to go back to ‘normal’, while the media is promising us a ‘new normal’. Neither of these are satisfactory. They will not do.

We need a ‘better normal’. Let me try to explain:

Please I want to go back to ‘Normal’

How do we go back to normal? Exactly what needs to be achieved so we can be there again?

Most people want to be in a place where they:

  • Don’t have to wear masks
  • No need for social distancing
  • No hand sanitizing
  • To be able to travel where ever they desire
  • To go dancing, to church, to the gym or any other place with no restrictions… etc

Of-course, we would all like that… the good old days before a certain ‘virus’ came upon us.

Is it possible to achieve?

I think most people, deep in their hearts, do not believe it will ever be possible to go back to such a place.

They feel that the threat of the ‘virus’ will always be there, and just as soon as they relax the rules, they think that very action will cause a ‘new outbreak’.

This would mean living the rest of our lives in fear, and the only way to overcome the fear is to ‘obey the rules’ that have been set in place… forever.

You are told you need to become used to a ‘New Normal’

Now the media are very busy people… they have much to report!

Every time you turn on the telly, they are there to make sure you are ‘obeying the rules’.

Walk into many stores and you’ll find them also ‘doing the right thing’! Over the loudspeaker you will hear them constantly reminding you of how your must social distance and sanitize your hands. Many still insist that a mask should be worn.

The ‘authorities’ have restricted travel which must be obeyed, and all the other ‘rules’ that they thrust upon us… usually with a frown on their forehead to instill upon you how dangerous it will be if you disobey.

Many, all those who are caught up with these scare tactics, point the finger at others who they see ‘disobeying’. When a group gather together, they point at them with blame for the ‘new outbreak’.

Floating in from overseas are ‘stronger and even more vicious viruses’, so it’s important to take all the care.

Welcome to the ‘new normal’… are we are here to stay?

I’m suggesting…How about a much ‘Better Normal’?

We are going through a tough time at the moment. People find themselves in one of three categories:

  1. Those that have no idea of what is going on, usually because they closely follow all the media tell them.
  2. Those who thought they understood but because things don’t appear to be turning out as they thought it would… now are thoroughly confused.
  3. And those who understand we need to continue to ‘Trust the Plan’… and both patiently, (and impatiently) continue to stand with the Alliance, trusting that God is working it all out. These people are ‘watching the movie’!

So where are you? Which one do you relate to?

Third World War

Right here and now, I want to remind you that we are in a war… this is the Third World War. Yes, it’s different to other wars, but never-the-less, it is a war.

All over the world, and every country is involved.

All eyes are turned towards the United States of America… waiting… watching the events. We know, that whatever is the outcome over there, will be the outcome for the world over.

Draining the Swamp

President Trump promised us he would ‘Drain the Swamp’.

But where is he now?
Did the plan go wrong?
Did he fail?
Has he achieved a certain amount and then left us in the rest of the mess?

I know many feel this way. Many had high hopes that President Trump (and the Alliance Team) were going to rid this earth of all the evil creatures… but what happened?

Where are all the promised arrests? Why don’t we see anything happening?

Draining the last of the filthy bottom

Remember the War?

Ah-hmm… remember I said above we are in the middle of a war?

In a war, the people working on the front line of the battle do not simply spread the word around letting everyone know what their next move is.

This is the ‘Art of War’! They hold their moves very close to their chest. Only a very few in the army know what the planned moves are.

It’s obvious isn’t it? They can’t afford to allow the enemy to get hold of their plans.

But really, there are many moves taking place… all over the world, I repeat, all over the world. Many Sting Operations and Stealth Moves going on quietly.

Meanwhile, because we are unaware, we think nothing is happening.

Not true!

So how to help this unbelieving world understand all this pure evil?

Play out the Real Life Movie

(Remember that what we are now seeing is truly a pantomime… being played out chiefly to help the masses to come to a place where they are crying out for help to come. It’s designed to open their eyes… all of us.)

This unbelieving world needs our help. In fact, they need to be shocked! Trust me… they will be shocked when they learn a few home truths:

They have to see the tribunals (of all those who have been arrested).

People need to see for themselves what these people have really done to them. All the horrific things, including pedophilia, satanic ritual sacrifices, child and human trafficking, organ harvesting and drug trafficking. etc.

If they had videoed their confessions, people still wouldn’t believe. So to take care of that issue, they filmed their confessions, together with the trials, and the resultant outcomes, using analogue technology.

Expose the tunnels to help the unbelieving world

They need to show what the Cabal have been doing, especially with the children and the D.U.M.B.s… dreadful, dreadful things! There are tunnels everywhere, all over the world, and right under our feet.

People need to be shown that the Military have been working for years now, cleaning out these places and blowing them up. Countless ‘earthquakes’ around the world, are nothing more than the Military blowing up these D.U.M.B.s, from 5 to 10 kilometers deep down underground. They are going from one to the next and rendering them completely unusable.

The deeds committed in these places defy our imagination. I doubt the whole story will be revealed because it is far too gruesome, but enough for people to realise what kind of things have been going on.

They need to show how the United States is bankrupt

The United States was declared bankrupt on the 4th May, 2020. It’s interesting to note that so is the United Kingdom. Maybe many, many other countries also…

Interesting read on the Four United States Bankruptcies

and therefore:

The Pension Funds have been completely depleted

People will begin to wake up when the realise that their pension funds have been totally depleted. This was done under the Obama administration.

We have been robbed blind…

On top of this, they need to be shown the amount of money that has been rooted from us. How we have been robbed blind. How we have been left struggling to pay for our mortgage, and to have enough food on the table to feed the family.

Bush fires, tsunami’s and more

How our world has been wracked with famines, bush fires, tsunami’s, monstrous hurricane’s etc. that ‘they’ have been able to create.

The introduction of the Green’s Party aided a lot to the huge bush fires.

How they funded both sides of wars

How they funded both sides of worldwide and country wars! They pitted us against each other. The list of enormous crimes just goes on and on!

The Roths]childs and their banking cartel have funded both sides of virtually every war since that date in 1815 – wars initiated by their paid agents in government in cahoots with the military and intelligence agencies, have all been manipulated into existence.

This has cost the lives of at least hundreds of millions – 75 million in WW 1 and 2 alone, allowing the cabal to control governments and people through debt payments of the loans provided.

When the wars eventually devastate countries, the cabal banking cartel lends more money to rebuild them – the interest payment for these extended loans, ensures they will remain slaves to the cabal.

As the cabal also owns the defence companies, they also sell all weaponry, accumulating huge profits, requiring yet more loans to governments. If the D]eep S]tate didn’t want wars, there would be none.

the millennium report

Public confessions

My intel tells me that countless thousands of arrests have already been made, but it all has to be kept under wraps at the moment.

When the time is right, the Alliance, the White Hats, will bring forth the information. You will see, and/or hear, their public confessions. Everything these people have done while they were committing crimes against humanity.

Potentially, it will be made public via an Emergency Broadcast. This is where the White Hats take over the TV Stations, and instead of their normal programs, these confessions will be aired for all to hear… and see for themselves.

Watch as they share all

When eyes have been opened…

Once we help this unbelieving world and people receive this understanding, it will make them mad! They will rise up and shout! In fact, they will demand action!

When they realise that all the mask wearing and social distancing… their businesses ruined, lives lost… and all the rest of it, has been brought about by this evil Cabal, they will want to riot!

But… because they have seen that these people have been dealt with already, through military tribunals, and that they are already free from their clutches… there will be no riots.

Gradually, as the penny drops, they will toss away their masks and begin to rejoice in their new found freedom.

But it will be not back to ‘Normal’, or to the ‘New Normal’… it will be into a much better place.

Once the evil folks have been removed, Nesara and Gesara will be fully rolled out.

Get ready to be blessed

You see, they can’t roll it out while ever there is any chance that there are some of these evil rats still in hiding. We cannot afford to allow a repeat of what has been happening against humanity over thousands of years.

President Trump will be welcomed back and we can get on with our lives… remember, the best is yet to come!

Please do some of your own research

Once you have begun to research deeply, you too will be able to help this unbelieving world. As each of us do our little bit, the word will get out.

One thing is for sure, I am not trying to convince anyone. What I am trying to do is spark something within you to do your own research.

I know you will not just believe me… and I don’t expect that. In fact, please don’t! But give me the benefit of the doubt and go do your own research.

If you do this, when the great reveal takes place, you will be in a much better place to receive it. It will send you for a six, but at least you will be somewhat ready.

A word of warning though… if you are searching for truth, you need to stay away from the mainstream media. They are on the wrong side of the track. They are still useful to the Alliance at this point in time.

Maybe some will simply be taken down completely, or… as various people are arrested, they will be replaced by those who are willing to tell the truth.

Won’t it be interesting to see them go from being anti-Trump, to being anti-Biden!

We need to do whatever we can to help this unbelieving world to come to terms with this pure evil that has been going on, not just within our world, but right under our feet.



  1. Great article! I am so thankful to God for exposing and destroying this unbelievably horrific evil that’s been under our feet this entire time!But believe me, it is DIFFICULT to imagine the suffering and pure EVIL these children have endured :'(( also difficult to even attempt to begin to explain to unbelieving friends! They have no idea. I almost fear some of their reactions when the truth is revealed.. excellent blog and I am with you all the way! Have been down yes, but not doubted for a moment that this is happening as there is at this point TOO MUCH proof to refute! God bless you and all the truthers, Trump, Team 17 and the patriots and Christians worldwide 🙏🇺🇲❤️🇺🇲

    • Thank you Angela!
      I agree with you… sometimes I think of some of my family and friends who seem to be getting around with their eyes and ears closed… how will they manage once the truth comes out! We gradually learned about it, from one horror to the next… how awful to learn all at once.
      I don’t know how it will be revealed. It will have to be straightforward enough to convince them, but hopefully gently enough that it doesn’t crush.
      Thanks so much for your comment.

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