Fantastic Dental Technology And Med-beds To Be Released Soon

dental technology

Are you ready to read this interview between Nicholas Veniamin and Maria Benardis on Zoom together. Maria shares wonderful extra information on Medbeds and other suppressed technologies, including dental technology. It is expected they will soon be released.

Maria Benardis is a Gourmand Award winning Author, Intuitive Chef, Food Alchemist, Motivational Speaker, Intuitive Health & Wellness Coach and Founder of Greekalicious (

Taken from Greekalicious

I have transcribed and divided the interview up into 4 parts. Today we will go through Part 1 as they discuss the suppressed dental technology, air purifiers and the affects of toxins on your skin. I will release each part of the interview daily for four days.

So, Why Are We Ill?

Maria Benardis

Maria: Let’s just set the scene about where we are going. I think everyone is familiar with the fact that we have been living in a world where it’s all been about chemicals, all about toxic food, all about fluoride, and this is why a lot of people are ill.

Where we are now moving to, and what all these cures are all about, is about turning us back to God’s medicine, the ancient ways of medicine, such as in ancient Greece that was based on energy, frequency and vibration.

That’s where we’re moving to. It’s all about mind, body and spirit.

Healing with Vibrational Frequency

Now the reason why I wanted to set that scene is because most of these new cures and technologies (a lot haven’t come out but will be coming) are based on energy. They are based on a vibrational frequency.

This is why it’s so important for people to ascend to 5D dimensional energy, or agape unconditional love, because that’s where you’re going to 
reap the full rewards of what is already out there, and what is coming.

Such as the Medbeds, and all sorts of other plasma related energy devices. Everything is based on energy and plasma.

Dental Technology

Nicholas: Can you share what there is that we can use for diseases etc. I think you mentioned about dental as well?

Plasma Pen

Maria: So that one is coming. I can mention it now. There is for example, a Plasma Pen that can be used to actually do the fillings. In other words, it helps your tooth regenerate and fill that gap. So it’s really quite extraordinary. We don’t even need all these extractions!

Shen Ultrasonic Tooth Regeneration, and also the Detravich(?) Electro-Orthodontia – Dental Electrolysis

I’ll just read of a couple of other inventions which I’ve written down:

There’s the Shen Ultrasonic Tooth Regeneration and also the Detravich(?) Electro-Orthodontia – Dental Electrolysis. So using an Electrolysis laser to whiten teeth, to heal teeth and to help the teeth regenerate.

Remineralisation Toothpaste

There is also a toothpaste – a remineralisation toothpaste so as you’re brushing, your not getting any toxins, but you are getting all the nutrients into your teeth so that everyday they are regenerating.

I will give the link to the 5,000 plus health patents that will be released so that people can go in there and do further research.

The issue with Mercury

Nicholas: That’s so interesting! Usually when you have a filling, it’s so bad for us because there is mercury inside that filling. Can you also explain to the listeners why mercury is bad for us?

Maria: Mercury is basically a toxin, and this is why everybody keeps telling us to not eat fish such as tuna and so on, because there is mercury in there.

It is actually like fluoride, it kills our cells and destroys our DNA. If we are putting something like that in our mouth, what is happening, is that it is slowly releasing that mercury over time and it’s making us sick because it’s damaging our cells.

Toxic Effects of Fluoride

Even the fluoride… that’s what the fluoride does that’s in our toothpaste and in our water… it destroys the cells.

Not only that, it actually affects the Pineal Gland, so that a lot of people who are drinking a lot of this water, and using this type of toothpaste, they are finding it very difficult to connect to the Creator God, so they need to eliminate those toxins.

That’s what’s making us sick Nicholas… if it’s not the filling, it’s the fluoride, the GMO’s, the artificial colours. Even things that say ‘natural colours’ are actually toxic.

Nicholas: Yes right. Everything we eat and when I speak to JasonQ, he goes into everything. He says no, you can’t eat like this, or you can’t eat like that, because it’s in everything.

There’s poison in everything. In our medication. The dye’s we put in our hair… our light bulbs…

Skin care

Maria: Yes, and moisturisers.

You know skin is the biggest organ in our body, so if we’re going to absorb the most chemicals, they’re going to happen on our skin.

We need to be also not spraying things in the environment which are then going to be absorbed by the skin. People don’t realise that if you spray something around you, the first organ, which is your skin, will absorb it.

Air Purifier

Speaking of the environment, one of the inventions that’s come up, is an air purifier by a company called Aerus which is just undergoing FDA approval. If you have it in your house it will actually detox the whole environment and the air of any bacteria etc.

This is a future thing for us to have in our homes. It’s a modern day purifier that cleanses the nasties that come in from outside.

Could be more than you think!
Once all this is sorted, the Med-beds will be made available

Tomorrow we will continue with Part 2 of this interview. We’ll talk about the Med-Beds in more detail. We will then move on to other little-known technologies that are actually available for you to use right now

Wasn’t it interesting to learn more about the dental technology that is just around the corner. Imagine not having to face that dental drill. Sounds pretty good to me!

Part 2 of 4

Here is the link that Maria said she would leave with links to all the various technologies she was discussing:

Mind Blowing NESARA/GESARA Healing Technologies

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  1. I am so happy to know the future is filled with hope of health and vitality. When you have lived your life with chronic health conditions it is this hope that keeps you going day after day. THANK YOU! Just know you both made a difference today in my life. I appreciate your time that you took getting the information out. Thanks again, K

    • Hi Kay,
      It is for people just like you that keeps me writing! Praise God for the release of this technology… we have been robbed of this for far too long.
      I trust you will be able to use one very soon.
      Bless you. Marilyn

  2. Oh come on! That’s only about teeth whitening – not bone replacement, physical healing of all and any illnesses and re-growing missing limbs.

    Don’t even try pushing new age mumbo jumbo into the mix.

    While I didn’t read the entire article, I suspect you failed to mention that no one will be permitted to financially profit from med beds and that their healing will be FREELY available to ALL, irrespective of their financial standing in life.

    • As I understand S. Miller, from my research, it is for so much more than teeth whitening… as you say. Shame you didn’t read the whole article to get the context.
      I am so thrilled that, as far as we can ascertain, they will be made freely available to all. How incredible it will be if that is truly the case.
      I think there is much we don’t understand yet.
      The teeth whitening was talking about other technology… other than what we currently have available today. 6,000 patents to be released would contain all kinds of technologies, over and above the Med-Beds.
      We have so much to look forward to by all accounts.

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