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Do you want to understand the plan of good versus evil that’s warring around us at the current time?

Read this part transcript of a discussion between Nicholas Veniamin and Charlie Ward on the 29th January, 2021. Charlie gives a brief recap as to where we are on the journey, and where we have come from.

Charlie Ward: (when he discovered the evil)

It started seven years ago for me. In my case, I was talking to a United States Ambassador whom I know very, very well. I still know him to this day.

He informed me seven years they were going to shut down the world for a global financial reset, which to be quite honest with you, I dismissed it.

Three years ago he said to me… we are getting very close now that we have Donald Trump in power, we’ll be doing it very, very soon. But I never thought any more of it.

And then in November 2019, he said to me… we are going to do it next year! We are going to shut down the world’s economy for a global financial reset. We’re going to introduce the Quantum Financial System.

So that was the start of this journey.

The ‘virus’ appears

Back in March 2020, suddenly this virus appears, and everybody’s scared to death of this virus out of Wuhan. I got straight back in contact with him and asked… are you going to shut down the world’s economy with a virus?

He said… well, we’ll start off with a virus, then we’ll have a vaccine, then issues with 5G, we’ll have some riots and then we’ll have an alien invasion! This was back in February, March 2020 he told me this.

(We’ve had all of the above excepting the evil alien invasion! I remember hearing Charlie say they would only use it if it were necessary.

At the beginning of all this, they – the NWO, didn’t know how obedient people would be. How well would they accept all the rules and regulations thrown against them?

Would they obey the mask wearing? Will they social distance etc?

The other day I heard talk of an alien invasion happening soon! If so, I wonder how they would wangle that one??? – Marilyn)

Alerting folks to the smokescreen

So I started doing my videos when I was out on my walks along the seafront (I normally do a 10k walk every single day… I haven’t done so recently as I’ve been too busy, well that’s my excuse!)… so I started telling people that the virus, the vaccine etc. was all a smokescreen for the global financial reset.

Two financial resets

I was completely unaware, at that time, there were actually two financial resets in play… a good one and a bad one.

The ‘bad’ reset (The Great Reset):

  • The bad one was the NWO, Prince Charles, George Soros… all that crowd.
  • They wanted a global financial reset where they took away money, where everything was digital and they could completely control your life.
  • The vaccination they would give you, wouldn’t technically be a vaccination legally, but they’d tell you it was. It was to change your DNA so they could control your frequency with 5G! That was their plan. A corrupt and evil plan.

The ‘good’ reset (The Global Financial Reset):

  • But Donald Trump and his team came along and hijacked the evil bad one.
  • This was because they had a financial reset that was in favour of the people, not in favour of the super rich.
  • He wanted the financial reset for the people so we had control over our lives.
  • He took back the control of our lives so that we wouldn’t be robots controlled by the D]eep S]tate.
Research so you are not deceived!

Over 1,000 hours of research

So that was the start of this journey. I’ve now done over 1,000 videos and interviewed more than 500 people and tried to find out what the truth is about everything.

We have some incredibly good contacts all over the world who give us valuable information on a daily basis for which I’m very, very grateful for.

In chaos, but peaceful

Now, here we are today, nearly a year on from where we started, completely in chaos for those people who don’t know what’s going on, but as for me I’m very peaceful because I know what’s going on.

We are now at the stage where 90% of the world believe that B]iden is the President of America, whereas I don’t believe that for one minute, because of the research I’ve done which has nothing to do with the mainstream media or television. This means I haven’t bought into their narrative.

Why B]iden is not in power

We’re going to discuss in a moment about the impeachment and this will clarify why B]iden isn’t in power.

Supposed Inauguration

First of all, 10 days, er… 9 days ago, the inauguration was a complete farce. You couldn’t have made it up!

First of all, it didn’t happen in Washington… it happened in California, in Hollywood at CastleRock Studios. This is not where inaugurations take place!

Also, for the eagle eye, there were a number of things that kept changing in the video. One of the most important things was that it was done at the wrong time. On mainstream media, I’m told, that the first airing started 17 minutes early, and the last it started at four minutes after twelve.

In the Constitution, it says very, very clearly, that when someone is inaugurated to be a President, it’s done at 12 o’clock and they have their hand on the Bible at one minute past twelve. It’s in the Constitution and that did not happen.

I put out that I had received the inauguration video ten hours previously in Spain but we’ve since found out that we now believe that that video sent to me on the inauguration, ten hours before… was an old video done eight years before when he was inaugurated as Obama’s vice president. It appears that someone was being a bit playful!

But what it did do is that it got you, the people, to go out and ask questions. That’s what I want from people, I’m not the Messiah, I’m just Charlie, and someone sent me that which was brilliant because it gave everyone a poke to check out if everything is right. That’s what I want of you. I just want to find out the truth. If you’ve got truth, I’ve got an open heart and open ears to receive it.

When we started to investigate the inauguration, so many things were wrong. Little things that were noticed were:

  • The Bible was upside-down, which is a satanic thing.
  • The fireworks display. I had three people on the ground in Washington and they didn’t see any fireworks, so even that was CGI. As I said earlier, it was all filmed in Castlerock Studios in Hollywood.

(There were many other strange happenings not included here. Marilyn)

Supposed Impeachment

Now we come onto the Impeachment which is a fascinating subject because mainstream media… why hasn’t the penny dropped? I just don’t get it, because you can’t impeach someone who is not in office.

According to mainstream media, Donald Trump is no longer the President… according to them. So how is Nancy Pelosi going to impeach someone who is not in office? Just a thought! It’s not possible, is it!

(We need to research this so we can see the evil they endeavour to perpetrate upon us… don’t just take my word, or Charlie’s, or anyone else’s word. Research the facts for yourself so you can then be convinced and rise up against it. – Marilyn)

Tried to steal the election

So, the mainstream media and the democrats have tried to steal the election. We all know. Anyone with just a tiny bit of common sense knows it was stolen. They tried to steal it, anyway.

They tried to do a fake inauguration to tell the world that they were in power, when the reality is, they are not in power at all. In fact:

  • The military do not take any orders from them
  • They are not allowed into the Pentagon
  • They’re not allowed into… well, I don’t even know if they are allowed into the White House, I don’t even know if they have been to the White House as they are deeply embedded in Hollywood at the moment, pumping out propaganda, BS and lies. So, I don’t know.

What I do know is he faked his inauguration nine days ago and the White House has been in darkness ever since. Nine days of darkness so far. Just saying. Don’t know!

… End Charlie’s part transcript…

Become aware now!

This was just a quick overview of the past year which could be very helpful for those who feel caught in a maze. Many have no understanding of what is going on around them.

The full video may be viewed here.

It’s all about a ‘good versus evil’ battle and long overdue. Evil has had its way in our world for far too long. God is putting His foot down and all of us, together need to join in the battle with Him. Please share this news and do your part.


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