Simple Covid Vaccine Antidotes After Insidious COVID Jabs

Covid Vaccine Antidotes

Some people have been forced to receive their ‘Covid Vaccines’ and wish they never agreed. So this post covers some Covid Vaccine Antidotes that really they should lose no time in applying. Many are also appropriate to build your immune system strong which in turn gives you protection.

Setting the record straight

I want to mention right here at the start that I believe Co/vid is just a cold or flu that’s been renamed. It’s very strange how colds and the flu seemed to have simply disappeared.

Anyway, people do suffer from something. After people have been wearing masks, washing their hands with hand sanitizer, social distancing etc., it’s natural that their immune systems are greatly depressed.

On top of that, with all the toxins our bodies need to deal with each day, it’s also only natural that people need to undergo a detoxification process every so often. It’s this process that our bodies are undergoing that’s commonly called a cold or flu.

You need to think on this information for awhile. It’s not what you hear in mainstream medicine, and on all the news channels every day. They are busy pumping the ‘virus theory’ to keep everyone in fear, causing them to line up for the jab.

Where did it go?

“I must feed my family!”

Many people are receiving the recommended Cov/id jabs as a matter of course. Maybe they feel they had to do it because of the need to maintain their job, and therefore be able to feed their families. Others have taken in the government/msm propaganda and believe they are doing the best both for themselves and everyone else… for the sake of humanity as a whole.

Thousands have lost their lives by trying to save their life. They believed what the ‘authorities’ told them and have disregarded the fact that it’s experimental.

If you are in the position where you have taken the jabs, but now are wondering if you have done the right thing, don’t wait a minute longer to act...

Dr Russell Blaylock has given an exclusive protocol which helps to prevent the Co/vid jab side-effects. It has the potential to combat the effects from these experimental vac/cines on your body.

Dr Blaylock MD., is known to be an amazing neurosurgeon, but also a lecturer, author, the founder of Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC and the Associate Editor of the Neuroinflammation section of Surgical Neurology International.

I’m not posting this information as medical advice, but just giving you a list of supplements which Dr Blaylock says can potentially help you.

It’s quite a list. Some of the names mentioned you may never have heard of, but this is a good time to jump into your research mode to sus them out:

Covid Vaccine Antidotes

Blaylock’s COVID Vaccine Protocol

  1. 50 billion CFU of several acidophilus and bifidobacterial strains — along with a GOS probiotic — each morning before breakfast
  2. B-complex vitamin (Pure Encapsulation)
  3. Nano-vitamin C 500mg capsules (three between each meal)
  4. Buffered Vitamin C with Hepseridin — three 500mg capsules with each meal.
  5. L-carnitine 500 mg three times a day with meals.
  6. NAD+ nicotinamide — one capsule a day
  7. Nano-Curcumin — two 250mg capsules with each meal
  8. Nano-Quercetin — one 250mg capsules with each meal
  9. Nano-Bacopa — two capsules twice a day with a meal
  10. NAC 900 mg capsules — two capsules taken with a meal once a day.
  11. Mixed tocotrienols — 150 mg a day
  12. Magnesium citrate/malate (Pure Encapsulation) a powder — 250mg dissolved in 4 ounces of water three times a day
  13. Baicalin 250 mg dissolved in water (4 ounces) twice a day
    Note: This can be mixed with the magnesium, and is a powerful antiviral.
  14. Pterostilbene — 200 mg twice a day with a meal.
  15. CoQ10 — 600mg taken three times a day with food (Doctor’s Best)
  16. Astragalus — one capsule a day (enhances lymphocyte production)
  17. Benfotiamine in a dose of 150mg twice a day with a meal for brain protection.
  18. One adult aspirin for day if magnesium + nanocurcumin are not available and an emergency “stop-gap” is needed.

Do you have to take everything mentioned on this list?

According to Dr Blaylock, it most probably would be a good thing if you have received the jabs. But look… as you research and feel comfortable with a supplement, just start right there.

You may need to talk to your doctor first. It’s always recommended that you talk to a health practitioner of your choice before you embark on a real change in your diet.

If you don’t like taking pills, Dr Blaylock says that numbers 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12 and 13 can be dissolved in water and taken altogether. Apparently they don’t have that much taste.

He maintains that magnesium is the most important one on the list.

Vitamin C inhibits excessive coagulation. Don’t be afraid of taking too much as your body will simply use what it needs and flush the rest.

Water hydration

Make sure you drink lots of water. Dr Blaylock mentioned five to six glasses a day. I would say that is minimum. Also, make sure the water you’re consuming is pure water as you don’t want to be adding more toxins into your body.

There is much more you can read by going to this post:

I trust you find this above list helpful maybe to give to someone who finds themselves in this situation and is asking what they should do.

For those who are asking what I do, I shall make up a post sharing that soon.

I repeat, I do not give these Covid Vaccine Antidotes as medical advice, but rather, something for you to do your own research and then follow your heart.



    • Belinda…how are you feeling? That is the question I think you need to ask yourself. If you are feeling fine, maybe you have been taking it long enough. If you still feel a bit off, I wouldn’t stop.
      You need to let your body dictate to you what it needs.
      If you have had the booster, the longer you stay on the protocol the better.
      I know it is a lot of things to take.
      I’m really sorry, but it’s a very hard question to answer… in fact, I wonder if anyone knows how long.
      Wish I could help you more specifically.

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