Germ And Virus Theory – Have We Been Told Truth?

germ and virus theory
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Have we been told the truth about the germ and virus theory? I’m not sure we have!

Have they actually proven the existence of Polio, Measles, HIV, CMV, EBV, HEP C, Ebola, Flu, Zika and now Corona Viruses?

We know they have not been able to isolate the Corona Virus, so maybe they haven’t actually isolated any of these other ones either.

Food for thought!

Germ and Virus Theory

Look what Robert O Young says:

My bottom line still holds the truth that the terrain or internal environment is everything and the germ or so-called virus is NOTHING!

The germ or so-called virus can only be a symptom of cellular breakdown due to an imbalance of the delicate alkaline pH balance of the body fluids and NOT the cause of that breakdown.

That is why years ago I offered any scientist in the World a finders fee of 5 million US dollars if they could prove the existence of the HIV virus using Koch’s postulates. It has now been over 20 years and I am still waiting even though currently I no longer have the funds to pay the prize due to political assassination! It is unfortunate that a former 5 million US dollar prize offered 20 years ago was not enough money to change the current medical viral dogma that is currently paying out trillions of dollars to guess who?


This makes complete sense to me!

Terrain Theory versus the Germ and Virus Theory

Being the owner of my own fish tank, I am well aware that if the tank is in an unsatisfactory state, it simply needs to be cleaned. The whole idea of vaccinating the fish so they can manage in a dirty tank is completely foreign thinking to me.

Imagine swimming around in filthy water. As a fish, it has to swallow the water… ugh! Now imagine after the tank has been thoroughly cleaned out, how the fish must feel!

It’s like us. Imagine walking around in a very smelly, polluted air. Now, for the sake of the exercise, imagine taking a vaccine so you can manage to continue to exist in polluted air. This magical vaccine somehow manages to counteract the damage the polluted air is doing to your body.

Is this what you would do? No, of-course not!

The obvious choice is to remove yourself from the polluted air and go to that place as little as possible, or like never!

Time to think seriously about your Immune System!

While ever your immune system is strong, there is no germ or virus, or any other pathogen, that can survive in your clean and strong internal environment.

God has created us in such a fashion that our bodies, if well looked after, can look after itself. We live in our body… it’s our house! Many of us wouldn’t look after our house the same way as we look our body!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: imagine pouring any old drink into your car? You wouldn’t would you? Orange juice? Water? Coke maybe?

Why wouldn’t you?

Because you know it will cost you a lot of money to restore your car after being so careless!

That’s right, most of us care more for our car than we do our own body!!!

We don’t really have to do anything else other than eat right, drink right, sleep right, exercise right… and stay out of the polluted fish tank … sorry, polluted areas, as much as humanly possible.

Now you may say, that in this day and age, it’s impossible for us to stay out of polluted areas, and you’d be right!

Toxins surround us!

We have pollution falling out of the skies in the form of chemtrails, but still to this day many people are totally unaware it’s even happening. I say to these people… don’t you ever look up? I do believe they are fast coming to an end though, so that’s the good news.

Our fresh food has been polluted with toxic sprays of all kinds, many of which cannot be washed off. In other cases, you cannot even peel it off because the toxins come up into the middle of the vegetable… eg: potatoes. So we are told to eat only organic. Sounds good and we know they do not use toxic sprays of any kind, but what about the chemicals falling from the sky?

Oh dear!

So to meet this need, we need to be detoxifying our bodies to aid our liver. If we don’t, our liver will hit ‘work overload’. Finally our body will succumb to a disease caused from the toxins in our body.

So what causes diseases? Two things only:

  1. Nutritional deficiency… or
  2. Overload of toxins which also alters the pH level in our body.
Simple and tasty ways to build our Immune System daily.

We need to learn what food really is

We’ve heard it said… “Food is our medicine and medicine is our food!” How very, very true this is!

Eating real food and consuming a variety of healthy drinks per day, is what will ultimately build your immune system up.

We have been misled in countless areas… in just about anything you can think of, we have been guided and directed along the wrong path.

We sure have when it comes to our food supply.

So, how about the germ and virus theory? You got it in one! Yep, that too! It’s just one more area we are going to have to relearn. Read what the following have to say about it:

Extra reading…

We cannot believe everything we read and see these days. We are surrounded by lies and deceit unfortunately.


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