Preparing For Invasion from Aliens. How Did We Get Here?

invasion from aliens

Aliens! Aliens! Everyone is talking about the expected invasion from the Aliens.

So, are they really coming?

If so, why are they bothering?

Have they run out of things to do on their ‘planet’ that they feel they need to meddle in ours?

We have been trained very well

I want to talk today about how we actually arrived at this place where most people are ready for Aliens to come in an Invasion.

Yes, humanity is ready for it. We’ve all been trained very, very well.

Let’s go back, shall we…

Way back when…

Most probably, as long as humanity has been upon the earth, deception has been taking place. But back in 1861, the ‘great lie’ received an enormous boost.

This was when Louis Pasteur first published his germ theory. Other great scientists (example: Antoine Béchamp) did not agree with him, and others either then or since, but this has not stopped the De/ep Sta/te pushing this narrative as truth.

Louis Pasteur, Unchecked Fraud: The Unscientific Origins Of Germ Theory

Apparently, on his deathbed Louis Pasteur admitted “The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything.”!!

But this didn’t stop it becoming embedded everywhere. It was taught as absolute truth. It has long been accepted as law. It’s amazing to me that while just about everyone believes in the theory, no-one has ever been able to prove that it’s true.

Just like the virus. Who can prove it? No-one.

Of-course, as the market for pharmaceutical sales grew, anyone suggesting that the germ theory has not been examined sufficiently enough, is regarded as some kind of kook.

People generally, have such faith in their doctors they fail to ask the right questions. There truly is a general lack of critical thinking.

So what’s this got to do with an Invasion from Aliens?

I can’t imagine… can you? Well yes, actually I can!

The whole world took off with the germ theory being pushed of-course by the De/ep S/tate. This really suited their agenda. First germs and then onto the virus theory. Getting everyone afraid to be near anyone else, especially if they have a cough or a runny nose, became the order of the day.

Down through the years they developed the fear. The medical universities which were run by the Dee/p S/tate via the Phar/maceutical companies, taught their upcoming doctors well.

Most all bought into the theories.

By the time we arrived at 2020, the time was more than right for them to introduce the coronavirus. Most people around the world bought into it. They had been taught well that ‘viruses’ are extremely contagious, and in fact, deadly!

As most people believed that authorities were looking out for them, they took their advice seriously. Whatever they said to do, they did.

Meanwhile, the Alien propaganda continued…

The alien theory was pushed at us. at the same time, through every media. It was everywhere. Indoctrination has been virtually complete.

  • Movies
  • Television programs
  • Mainstream News Media
  • Schools
  • Smart phones
  • Games
  • Reading material of all kinds
  • Radios
  • Even on food labels
  • Computer brands
  • T-shirts
  • Tattoos
  • Social Media

We are surrounded by the propaganda left, right and centre. Of-course we know this is the way propaganda works… consistent repetition instills it firmly in our minds.

This has enabled the lie to penetrate deeply into societies around the world. Virtually everyone is expecting an invasion by the Aliens to come, one way or another.

“We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”

William Casey, CIA Director 1981-87

Fortunately for me, it wasn’t a part of my childhood. I was not exposed in the way children are today. Therefore, I don’t now readily accept an Alien Invasion coming our way.

You mean, it’s all a hoax?

Well, yes and no.

The way Aliens have been projected at us, I believe is a hoax.

People are seeing something though?

Yes they are! There is definitely something going on, but I believe it’s all demonic!

I write more about this on this post: Demonic Alien And UFO Deception

Drawing us closer through deception

Here I have mentions just two deceptions… there are ever so many more. All of them working together to bring us right to this place.

They have been drawing us ever closer to the O/ne Wor/ld Gover/nment by the Ne/w Wo/rld Ord/er. This has been the plan for a VERY long time. A little here and a little there. Silently creeping up on us in a way that they hope we don’t notice.

And, most of us don’t, even though their agenda is evil beyond description!

Part of their plan was to reduce earth’s population eventually down to 500,000,000… and to keep it that way. Those who would be left would be used as the elite’s slaves, and be made to be robotic in nature.

In fact, because of our ignorance to their plan, they almost succeeded! So close!

The Goal: Deception

But, the world has been waking up!

Praise God!

Too many inconsistencies during our supposed ‘Co/vid Pan/demi/c’, rather than finally making believers of us all, brought about the opposite.

Our eyes flipped open!

We woke up!

We see clearly now what ‘they’ have been up to.

And… we do not consent!

Breakdown of the Cloud of Deception

Invasion from Aliens

We live in such deceptive time that’s it’s easy for the Dee/p Stat/e to trick us into believing we are being invaded.

  • First the virus,
  • second the jab,
  • third Black L//ives Ma/tter,
  • 4th 5G…
  • the 5th is to be the supposed invasion from Aliens! Will we believe it when it comes?



  1. so much hidden tech, 6000 hidden patents, Aliens ? LQQK at hieroglyphics all over the world, all show an Alien ! With all our tech do we know today how the Pyramids were constructed ? not even a piece of paper can fit between the stones !?! WE DO NOT ! Life is a cycle and many many civilizations have self destructed on the planet ! Yes we sift thru the bones and ruins trying to see the final picture. Who will sift thru our bones ? The lasers were used to burn houses in California, NO planes went into the Twin Towers, Holograms will be used to project Alien ships in the skies ! SO GET READY, for the last attempt for our controllers to cause FEAR AND PANIC ! That is the frequency that EVIL uses to thrive and grow stronger in !!!! 1000 years of PEACE is coming and Evil knows their days are coming to an end ! So it won’t be pretty by any means ! ROME IS BURNING….AGAIN ! This time, THE MEEK SHALL INHEIRIT THE EARTH, AMEN AND AMEN !

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