Are My Zim and Dong Currencies Now Worthless?

zim and dong currencies

Shawn wrote and asked me a few questions earlier today about the Zim and Dong currencies. As there is much confusion around concerning his questions, so I felt that I’d make a short post out of it.

Dinar, Zim and Dong Currencies versus Cryptocurrency

I have a question and i cant seem to get a straight answer.

Im being told that i HAVE to have XLP, XRP, etc or i cant purchase anything after the crash…what about zim and dong?

Or is the zim and dong that i have WORTHLESS NOW?

Shawn 23/7/2023 – Question 1

Why is that ‘someone’ telling you that you HAVE to get XLP, XRP or whatever? That in itself raises a red flag to me.

I have seen so many scams that now I double question absolutely everything.

Having said that, I do believe there is enormous money to be made but I would do deep research first.

Research, research, research!

When the Revaluation takes place, Dinar, Zim and Dong currencies are expected to rise in value. Some others as well.

Yes, I believe they are still worth hanging on to no matter what that ‘someone’ tells you.

Please be aware I am not recommending, only onsharing information.

Will we receive an 800 number?

Ive heard that there would be 800 numbers…is that true…do you know?

Shawn 23/7/2023 – Question 2

I believe that’s true at least for the United States. I have never heard it confirmed that countries outside of the United States will receive an 800 number. They may, but they may not.

This is where you need to be connected. One good way is to join Dinar Recaps’s Newsletter to make sure you don’t miss it.

Will we be connected to the QFS and Q-Phone?

Ive also heard that when your at the exchange centre, they would connect you to the QFS and give you a phone.

Shawn 23/7/2023 – Question 3

There is a certain amount of information floating around the Internet that suggests this is the case. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm it. I’m not sure that anyone really knows.

Actually, it would be good if it’s true. Maybe those attending an Exchange Centre will be the first to be hooked up. But honestly, I don’t know.

Hopefully helps with some of the confusion

It’s said that everyone in the entire world will have to attend an Exchange Centre

Some people do say that everyone in the world will have to attend an Exchange Centre. Personally, my logic doesn’t see that. Apart from any other reason, imagine how many years it would take to find everyone and process them one at a time through an Exchange Centre.

What about those who have never seen a computer before in their lives… and excuse me, but what is a phone?

These people do exist!

And… what if on top of that they speak an unknown language? Maybe they come from the depths of New Guinea, or deepest, darkest Africa!

Is everything going to be held up while we wait for these millions of people to file through an Exchange Centre? Doubt it!

Exchange Centres are to ‘exchange’!

I still believe that the Exchange Centres have been set up for people to come in and ‘exchange’ their currencies. Anything more than that doesn’t make any sense to me.

Hey, I could be wrong! Only time will tell.

Thank you Shawn for asking pertinent questions that we can all benefit from. Yes, Dinar, Zim and Dong Currencies are still a really great investment.



  1. Hi Marilyn,
    our son and stepdaughter are getting married this year in Colombia. We have a couple of 100€ in Colombian Pesos and Venezuelan Bolivars. In case for any reason (EBS) we don’t get to South America, wil we be able to get our euro’s back?

    • While the EBS is on you most probably will not, but afterwards I think will be a different story. Although they say that currencies are worthless, it’s something that will take place after people have had a chance to exchange their currency etc. I believe this is how it’s going to be.

  2. this is really hard to take, seems like the BS never ends, I lost 4K on investing in silver ! Silver was supposed to shoot up in value ! LIES ON TOP OF LIES……….

    • How do you mean you lost it? Aren’t people still holding on to their gold and silver etc? Still waiting for the prices to rise? I don’t believe it’s lies, it’s just a matter of being patient.

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