How To Use Cash As Legal Tender – Know Your Rights!

cash as legal tender

Many store owners are trying to make us pay using card only. But because it’s legal to use cash here in Australia, they cannot refuse it. Cash as legal tender is well documented. It’s in the Currency Act 1965 according to the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia.

We do know that the laws will change in the not too distant future, owing to the fact that we will be returning to Constitutional Law or Common Law. But for now, this is how it stands:

The Commonwealth of Australia laws

Look below at the document to see it exactly, but in short:

In fact, it states that ‘Money rejected is money accepted’!

  • If they have goods for sale which you wish to purchase they must accept cash (notes and coins) as Legal Tender.
  • Should they continue to refuse after three attempts to pay with cash, the debt claim is discharged! This means, the product is now yours.

Cash as Legal Tender – Black’s Law Dictionary

Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition in 1968, on Page 1467 states the following:

  • Money refused (the refusal of money tendered) releases him who pays (or tenders it)

Black’s Law Dictionary 9th Edition, 2009, on Page 1869 states:

  • Money refused releases the person paying (or offering payment).

So, let me say this again in simple words:

If a storekeeper (or anyone who has an item for sale) is refusing your cash payment, and insisting you pay with a card… ask them three times to accept your cash. If after three times they still refuse to accept the cash, the item you wish to purchase is now yours at no cost!

So they comprehend that this is in the laws of Australia, print off the copy below and carry it with you at all times.

Copy and Print Out

How To Save and Print Off this document for your use

  • Right Click on the image
  • Hover over the word ‘Image’
  • Left click on ‘Save Image As’ and save to your computer
  • Print the image off and carry it with you.
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The D/S are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. They want us to accept that they have the right to stipulate in what manner we pay. But cash as Legal Tender may not be refused.

Please Note: I am not a lawyer or have anything to do with the legal profession. I write this post to help as many people as possible. The misuse of any document is not my responsibility. I expect each person do their due diligence to check the legalities of all documents in either Australia, or any other country, before using.


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