The Aliens Are Coming… The Last Major Hoax!

aliens are coming hoax

The last major hoax could be ‘The Aliens are Coming!’ as we fall for one hoax after another. I guess it depends on how many people have become aware that we have fallen for many a hoax in the past and are now beginning to see clearly what’s going on.

Most fell for the vir/us propaganda, and so too, as they have for all the hoaxes, most fall for the deceptive alien propaganda. Now unfortunately, most of humanity is primed to believe the Aliens are coming.

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But fortunately, people are waking up to all these hoaxes the D/eep S/tate indoctrinated us with.

Who has been seen to be the enemy?

  • 1st – The Russians
  • 2nd – Terrorists
  • 3rd – 3rd World Country Crazies (Nations of Concern)
  • 4th – Asteroids
  • 5th – Aliens

As spoken by Dr Carol Rosin (1974) Personal Assistant to Wernher von Braun, German Rocket Scientist

But Wernher von Braun admitted before he died: “It’s all been a lie!”

In all of these five cases, the powers that be have been creating weapons for us to fight against these enemies. At least, that was their excuse!

Who is the real enemy?

Kudos to all who immediately said: satan!

He’s the instigator of it all.

But… he works through people.

What people?

Kudos again if you said: N/W/O!! The Dee/p S/tate! The dark side. Those who have sold their soul to him.

How they have filled ‘Us the People’, with fear? Back in the day we really did think the Russians were the enemy and they were coming to get us!

Over the years we’ve seen all the above listed coming into fruition. We were going to be knocked out of the sky by an asteroid, oh dear, where can we hide?

The last card is the Aliens. Of-course we’ve all been taught they come from other galaxies. Many believe they are coming to save the world, but could this be true?

How could they possibly fake an attack by aliens?

Is it even possible?

We have been hearing and seeing more and more how they use holograms to make it look like things are real that really aren’t. Just one example… we saw a couple of years ago how the pope came to the doorway to greet the people and then mysteriously disappeared as he was walking back into the building!

Is it possible they will use holograms for this?

I think it’s more than possible.

Talking with my husband the other night, we were asking ourselves what could be a real scare event that would cause people to go hide in their houses. It was all just a ha-ha, but the thought came to me of the Hulk! Imagine looking out your window and seeing something as huge as that stomping across the top of houses!

Would you want to run?

I would if I thought for a minute what I was looking at was real!

So, if we looked out and saw huge spaceships overshadowing the neighbourhood… what would we do? What would we think? I mean, something strange and huge like that would scare the wits out of us!

Will it come to this? Will the D/S do something this horrifying?

For many years they’ve been preparing us for the prospect of an alien invasion.

Could they use holograms?

This video has been around for ages and no, it doesn’t look all that real inside a building like that:

But what if it looked something like this?


Then… if we saw something like this?


These images are so easy to produce with Photoshop! But what if they were beamed into our skies as holograms so that they looked real?

How many are versed sufficiently in the Word of God that even if they ‘saw it with their own eyes’ would know it was not real?

I’m asking you to be prepared for anything… as best you can.

But at the same time, I want you to realise something else, and that is whether they say we are coming under nuclear attack, or the aliens are coming… do not fall for it. Keep in touch with those you trust and don’t get carried away with the lies of the enemy… the devil himself.

He is the great deceiver!

This book explains it all – including nuclear explosions!

Australia / USA

Who or What are the Aliens?



  1. Take note: Just because the alien invasion will be a hoax does not mean there won’t be aliens, and it does not mean there won’t be many casualties, so prepare. Eyes open!

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