If The Church Goes Down, Will You Be OK?

I really need to ask you this question: If the church goes down, will you be OK?

Immediately I can hear many comebacks saying “The church would never go down!”

I’d like to think so too, but actually, I’m not too sure that’s the case.

Everything you can possibly think of is floating about the Internet. Everybody with their differing versions of what’s going on in our world.

That’s OK, as each should be free to share what they really believe… but it can be confusing, can’t it?

The finger is often pointed only at the Catholic Church

People I find, are quick to point the finger at the Catholic Church. Maybe of-course, they have good reason to, but I surely believe that every Christian denomination needs to be aware that things are not always as they are portrayed to be.

I cannot talk about any other religious faith as I know very little about them, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it’s exactly the same with them. The same Cabal that have made inroads into the Christian churches, would have made the same inroads into the various faiths.

Take them over and then keep them split and divided!

Yes, keep us all divided was always their plan and they’ve done a pretty good job of it.

It doesn’t matter which denomination you adhere to, if you go back in time to the founding fathers you can find some pretty scary stuff. Most of it relating to them being members of Secret Societies and caught up in their doctrines.

They pretend to be a faithful Christian and somehow work their way up until they’re finally in control.

But this is not what is taught in the churches. Usually, you are encouraged to hold in esteem the founding fathers and the denomination that came out of them.

We live in a time of revelation

This is when truth is being exposed. God is at work rooting out every evil entity on the earth, and below the earth.

You can learn much about these things by reading the following posts:

What is not of God will be done away with when the church goes down

Meanwhile, as the Lord of the Heavens is shaking the very foundations of the church, we need to seriously look at what we are putting our faith in.

Would you fall apart if:

  • You lost your preacher-man?
  • The weekly gatherings became no more?
  • Your doors closed permanently?

I mean, really?

Would you?

What if your church, no matter the denomination, it became public knowledge that nefarious activities have been going on behind the scenes? Because of this, the whole denomination had to be closed right down.

Now I hope and pray, this will not be the case, but my question is this:

How strong in the Lord are you?

What if it became just you and the Lord for a time… would you still stand strong?

No matter what?

I believe that many denominations will be closing their doors… forever! And, it won’t only be the Catholic Church.

You know what they say… when you are pointing your finger at someone or something, there are three fingers pointing back at you!

Never forget that.

Personally, I believe we are much further along the timeline than what most churches are preaching. What they are saying ‘is to come’, I believe is happening right now.

In my study of the Word, I see it time and time again and it all seems to line up.

But, I could never be pedantic about it… it’s just my personal belief.

Does this mean that the Christian church has failed?

I don’t believe so… not entirely anyway.

There are millions of people who have come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ, but when an evil infiltration takes place on the inside… it takes us all unawares!

Many, many churches are filled with wonderful people who really love the Lord. Others are there just putting on a religious show and taking money off the people.

So sad.

First the ‘clean up’ and then the rejoicing!

Don’t allow your mind to be all taken up with what you hear is happening. We are going through the ‘clean up’, and then… Gesara will be fully released.

Even when you find you can’t comprehend, or when it sounds like we are all going to be destroyed one way or another, do not be afraid. It has to be this way.

It’s the only way that people who spend their lives glued to the telly will ever get to comprehend that what they thought is truth, is not necessarily so. We all have to see it. Experience it! This is so none of us will ever be tempted to go down that path again!

So no matter what you hear, good or bad, give thanks that we’ve been given the privilege to live in the most amazing time of all times!


This is a time when we need to delve deeply into God

If we don’t know Him as our best friend, it’s time to remedy that. You can come to know the Father through Jesus the Son.

We need action.

Christ stands between us and Father God. Jesus Christ was sacrificed so that through his unblemished righteousness, we who are filled with blemishes and therefore unrighteous, are made righteous in the sight of God.

This is a time to rejoice as God is moving on our behalf. Sure, we all have a part to play and we must do it… God never comes and does it all for us.

Come on, let’s do it together!

We need to focus on our personal relationship with God so that when, or if, the church goes down, we don’t go down the gurgler as well! Be encouraged, hold on as the end of the ‘clean up’ comes nearer and nearer.



  1. I also need to say I
    talk to God every day. I speak out loud to Him when people aren’t around and in my mind when they are. We’re old pals, God and I.

  2. Marilyn, you brave soul, not many would broach this subject. I believe churches need to air out some bad characters who call themselves Christian leaders while using their titles to give the brethren a false sense of devout purity. They fool people who trust them and then in the darkness of their true hearts betray the people and molest their children. Of course, not all preachers are two-faced sinners but enough are destroying families to warrant the closing of many churches. It’s very often the ones we trust the most are not to be trusted at all.

    • You are so right Andi! It is certainly NOT all preachers/pastors etc who are caught up in these things… not at all. It’s more the roots of many of the beginnings of the denominations that are a bit of a worry. Meanwhile, there are enough involved and they will all come to the light in time.

  3. I would be just fine because my faith is not in the church but in Jesus and God Almighty! God’s house is in side of each of us.

  4. Dear Marilyn –
    As long as Jesus is Lord of all, that’s what matters. There are many christian churches. Administrations of those churches hold various ideologies which differ from the original followers of Jesus, unfortunately exposing much division among Christians. Emperor Constantine began the infiltration of the church with his “Donation” but the Spirit of Christ has remained steadfast through out the ages as Jesus predicted in Mat 28:20.

    kindest regards, gene

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