Idol Worship – What Happens To Those Found Participating In Evil?

idol worship

Have you ever considered if you are involved in idol worship as God sees it? You probably haven’t, and if you are reading my post, I would say it’s a safe bet that you are not!

Idol worship is so much more than idolising something you love. Like a film star, or a band new fast car. No, this is not what is being referred to as idol worship.

Today we will take a look at what Zechariah said many years ago about the subject. He begins by trying to remind the Israelites not to become involved in idol worship.

This idol worship was so much more than what is generally taught in the church of today, it’s referring to the worship of demons.



That’s what idols really were… or are.

Then God spoke through Zechariah and said:

Anyone who harms my most precious possession. I will raise my fist to crush them, and their own slaves will plunder them.

The Lord God – Zechariah 2:9

You can read the entire chapter here: Zechariah 2

The Lord God arranged for the prophetic words. They were recorded for us long ago. Zechariah lived around 520 – 470 BC.

What does the worship of demons include?

Child sacrifice!

It was happening way back in Zechariah’s day and as we have now learnt, it has continued right up to this modern day we live in.



Right under our noses but where nobody sees.

Mainly underground.

All over the world.

Fame and fortune for me… for me!

But many of you would immediately say at this point… oh that’s not me! I would never worship a demon! Come on!

Praise God for that I say. But the unwary can walk into this trap.

There are many folks who we have all looked up to over the decades who fell into this trap. From government officials all the way to Hollywood. Anyone craving fame and fortune so much that they lost their sense of what is right, fell headlong into the trap.

These people actually partook of a Sa/t/anic R/itua/l that involved the s/acrif/ice of a b/a/by! (part of God’s precious possession)

What happened in Zechariah’s day?

In the Bible days of Zechariah, he was in a quandary because he saw that the people had truly lost their direction. They were supposed to be God’s people, but through their lust for foreign women, they came undone.

These women lured the men to come and do what they did. We can just imagine their promises of what they would do for the men if they just did this ‘little thing’! Bowing down to Baal = Child Sacrifice!

Men fell for it and actually crossed over from where they should be onto the side of evil.

Don’t take me wrong… most probably the women fell for it in a similar way.

But God was watching!

He knew!

The time came when His anger consumed Him… and He said “No more!”

The Israelites didn’t learn from their past history. They fell into the same trap.

Now they had to be punished.

Back in the day, God used the Assyrians to punish the Israelites. They were a rough and bloodthirsty people who went too far. What God intended, was far exceeded.

He said:

“… I was only a little angry with my people, but the nations inflicted harm on them far beyond my intentions!”

The Lord God – Zechariah 2:15

God is consumed with anger over Idol Worship

Not against us but against the evil ones who walk on the dark side. The modern day Baal worshippers. Those who have tried everything to have their complete rule over us. Those involved in the despicable!

Does it make you think of some strange religion that’s far, far away from anything normal in our day and age?

It’s actually not too far away, and it involves a LOT of people that we know… some maybe on a personal level. You have most probably rubbed shoulders with some of these people!

I know I have. He was such a lovely man… everyone loved him… but he had a dark side. So very sad.

The modern day Satanic Worshippers

Some could say that God is angry because people are not worshipping Him, but rather they are worshipping idols (demons). Kind as if He’s being jealous… “Oh they don’t love Me anymore!”

But’s nothing of the kind really. God actually is a jealous God, but not in the way you may think. His love for us exceeds everything and all He wants for us is to know and experience His love and immense blessings.

But these people crossed the line, turned from God and participated in deplorable acts!

‘Doing’ always includes your ‘thoughts’ and your ‘deed’.

In this day we are not worried about Assyrians are we. No, these are folk from a day long gone. But guess what? Our modern day Assyrians are actually well known to us. All those we refer to as the Ne/w Wo/rld O/rd/er! Slimy, nasty creatures like Fa/uci and G/ate/s. Those like Sc/h/w/ab and Ro/t/hschi/lds. You know who I mean. All of them.

(Actually, these guys are only on one of the lower levels in the overall scheme of things.)

When we read Zechariah, it has a double meaning. Zechariah was prophesying for the people of his day, but at the same time, much of this prophecy is about the day we live in. It’s the same with all the prophecies in the Old Testament.

He is referring just as much to our situation as he was to their current situation.

When God said:

Anyone who harms you harms my most precious possession. I will raise my fist to crush them, and their own slaves will plunder them.

The Lord God – Zechariah 2:8-9

Slaves! Who us?

Now let’s take a deeper look at what it means ‘their own slaves will plunder them’.

Our first thought naturally would be… we are not slaves! We live in a free world. We are paid wages for our work!

Guess what again? Oh yes, we have all been slaves… slaves to these tyrants who have been ruling over us.

We have suffered much in a way that we should never have suffered. The suffering in the world at this time is enormous, so much so, many are choosing to end their lives rather than continue to face such an unjust system.

Is that living in a free world?

But what was that that Zechariah said again?

‘…and their own slaves will plunder them!’

The slaves referred to here is us! We have been their unknowing slaves… but NO longer! We have come to the realisation of what has been going on and so we are all starting to stand up and agree with God and say… “No More!”

What’s more, the Word says that we will plunder them!

We know that this evil Ne/w Wo/rld O/rd/er is on its way out. In fact, most of the top section of their pyramid structure has already been dealt with. They are now picking up the minions… like lower government officials, political people, those working in medicine, universities, churches or anyone at all that has sided with the dark side. On the police force, the military…

Many people in all these areas are of the light and will remain, but those from the dark side will be removed. (Judged and executed where appropriate).

We the People will plunder our own tyrants!

Back in Zechariah’s day, and in the day we now live in, God has moved into action. He punished the people of old who involved themselves in these horrific things and He’s punishing those of today.

This is more than a rap over the knuckles… oh yes.

All of you will bow down before the executioner. For when I called, you did not answer. When I spoke, you did not listen. You deliberately sinned – before my very eyes – and chose to do what you know I despise”

The Lord God – Isaiah 65:12

Time and again the Lord God spoke to these people and gave them opportunity to repent of their evil doings. They didn’t listen. They went ahead and deliberately chose what they knew to be despicable before both ‘We the People’ and the Lord.

Therefore, many of these same ones are coming before the executioner, even as I write this message.

It’s for THEM… not for US!

And we will be free! The Day of Judgement is upon them. Fear not… it’s not Judgement Day for us.

Not long to go now.

Hold on in there folks…keep your eyes and ears open. We are going through tough times but the promises of God never fail.

When God said:

Anyone who harms you harms my most precious possession. I will raise my fist to crush them, and their own slaves will plunder them.

The Lord God – Zechariah 2:8-9

He is raising His fist to crush them… all those who have been involved in the worship of idols! Evil Satanic rituals. We see it all happening before our very eyes!



  1. The Reptilians were the ones calling the shots. I say were once calling the shots because the military went underground where they lived and obliterated them. This was a worldwide operation. Were those icky things of God’s creation? I would think not as they lived and thrived on misery. Those were the real boogeymen of childhood nightmares. Maybe the Rothchilds and Royals were shapeshifting lizards. This is a topic I hope will be in the broadcast we’re all waiting for.

  2. I don’t see any difference between those who kill babies in the womb legally from those who sacrifice underground. Anybody who can murder a viable fetus is just as evil. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it less a sin. Slavery was legal at one time too. Could abortion deaden morals enough to cross over into the darkness of devil worship? The courts have made killings of innocents more palatable to get that coveted high paying job. If someone could do that, what’s preventing them from joining a cult promising even more riches? Satan loves abortions.

    • Oh Andi, you are so right! Choosing to kill a forming baby because it doesn’t suit you at this time to have a child, or because you’ve found out it’s not the right sex you would like… and… and… and… is a terrible thing.
      I do know of some who chose to abort because they weren’t ready for a child, but whether they could ever end up in devil worship/sacrifice I’m not so sure. They are good living people with high moral standards and yet… they willingly murdered a child!
      Maybe they felt they had no choice. But no, no, we always have a choice don’t we.
      It’s so sad when this happens in a world where there are so many who for one reason or another cannot have a child.
      Where is the line drawn?
      Morals certainly do become deadened. Generally we become used to things and accept them. Fluoride deadens your senses too and our whole world has been swamped with that. The tyrants are well aware of these facts too.

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