Alien Invasion from Outer Space… Are You Ready?

Alien Invasion

So we’ve had the Vir/us, the Va/ccines, the R/iots, and the 5G, but where is the Alien Invasion they’ve been talking about?

We were told back in 2020 to expect all these things, and yes so far, four out of the five have come to pass.

So now to the Alien Invasion… what could it be?

The Internet is really quite divided on the subject of Aliens. Many absolutely believe we can expect visitors from other planets to come and visit us. In fact it’s believed, they are coming to help us. Something like a Saviour!

But the subject of this post is not to discuss whether Aliens are real or not. You can read plenty about that elsewhere and make up your own mind. As for me, I’m not really a believer of such. Time alone will tell whether I’m right or wrong on the subject.

Look! The Aliens are coming!

But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen!

What do you mean?

Apparently, we can expect a ‘fake, alien, holographic invasion’.

As I say, whether there are real Alien out there or not, the De/ep S/ta/te has planned a fake invasion. It’s all a part of the movie. It’s theatre. But, it’s all designed to look real.

  • How many of us know that when the Pope was giving his Easter talk, it was no more than a hologram?
  • When the Queen gave her Christmas message… it wasn’t her?
  • In fact, how many government officials or local political candidates are not what they seem? Body doubles, silicon masks, clones… whatever… but not the real thing!
  • How many know that much of what is seen of Biden is nothing more than CGI? (Computer Generated Image)?
  • Reporters can look like they’re standing in a bombed out street, like U/k/raine for instance, but are still in their recording studio using a green screen!

This list could go on and on…

So how will they run this show for us? I don’t know, we just have to wait and find out.

I suspect it will be good and look very real.

Don’t be fooled!

But the most important thing is that if this happens, or when this happens, we are not fooled into believing.

Technology is such that they can pretty much fool us with almost anything. Remember that!

Don’t be afraid!

Keep your cool!

We are all in this together… keep connected, and above all, hold the faith!

Are nuclear weapons/bombs real?

Likewise, we have been warned there will be a ‘scare event’ coming. This is more than likely going to be nuclear. Remember the operative word is ‘scare’. It is designed to scare us but not actually happen!

Once again the Internet is divided on if there are such things as nuclear weapons. Most of us believe without a shadow of a doubt that they are real. We’ve always been told so, haven’t we?

But what it they too were not real?

Many believe the images of nuclear bombs are all fake footage.

Are they right?

They sent men to the moon, or did they?

To me, it’s become very apparent that they didn’t send men to the moon. It was all designed to convince us that they did, and as a way to receive countless millions out of the people in aid for further exploration.

The more we realise that we have all been living a lie, believing things that weren’t necessarily so, the more we have to be very careful going forwards.

What we are all witnesses to in this day and age, was all recorded in the Word of God millennia ago. It was always there for us to see but unless our eyes are opened, we can’t see anything! Literally and figurately.

It’s God that opens eyes. We can share and share and share what we believe is going on in the world, but unless God opens a person’s eyes, they remain blind.

As always, our job is to share and alert as many as we possibly can, but ultimately, we must leave it in the hands of the Lord for others to see. That is where prayer comes in.

We can expect an Alien Invasion to come, but it will most probably be not more than fakery. Time will tell… my favourite saying!


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