Finally The Mainstream News Media Are Talking Truth!

Breaking News from the Mainstream News Media

We have all been waiting for this to happen! Finally the Mainstream News Media are beginning to share some truth!

They’ve got a ways to go, we know that, but it’s gradually coming out. There’s been a little drip here and a little drip there, but now the tap (faucet) has been turned on a bit more.

This is happening here in Australia:

So, if it’s happening here, its bound to be happening everywhere.

Is it happening where you live? Please, please, please share with us in the Comments section if so!

When I first heard this I felt like I could dance all the way to the moon! At last, it’s coming out!

White Hats in total control

Even our Chief Health Officer finds it hard to stick to his original narrative. Would it be because the White Hats got in to his ear?


I believe they are in total control… of this we can be assured. There is absolutely NO WAY the Mainstream News Media would share this information if they weren’t told they had to… or else!

They ruled the world but are now falling like dead flies!

We understand now that the Mainstream News Media has been under the control of just a select few. These few, we have been told, come out of Israel.

Who lives in Israel?

This will open your eyes wide if they are not already!

Yeap, we are talking about the evil element who have been masquerading under the guise of the good and genuine Jewish people.

We have been told what we must believe… true or not

What better way to control the world than to control the Mainstream News Media. Present it in such a way that everyone feels almost obliged to watch it otherwise they will be uniformed of what is going on… become dumbo’s!

Clever move D/e/e/p S/t/a/t/e!

Present enough local news items to make it all seem good and right, but insert your own evil narrative within designed to control the people.

And control the people, it really did!

Many still watch it religiously! It’s on every night without fail. They have to know what’s going on in the world.

Oh dear!

Many of these same people, even those who are waking up, struggle with their comprehension simply because they continually feed off negative news.

You must stop watching!

But, it’s all coming down, it won’t be long now. We are watching it fall. A time will come, in fact is already here for a great many people, where they will no longer watch controlled news, but will, or are, searching out truth.

But now a little stream of truth is coming out. Those same people who are addicted to world news, are starting to receive a little of the truth.

I believe it will increase.

Will it go so far that a river of truth begins pouring out for all to hear?

Will it lead to the EBS, or will it be in place of the EBS?

Be prepared!

We don’t really know how it will all play out, but being prepared for the Emergency Broadcasting System just makes sense.

Use your intuition

From all this, we should learn that we can no longer blindly follow that which we believed we could. Doctors, Governments, Mainstream News Media, etc. etc. etc. What we have been taught in schools, colleges, universities has all been controlled by an evil narrative. They teach only what they want us to know.

Sure, of-course there is enough truth in there, but throughout they insert falsehoods as truth.

So even with alternative media such as Telegram etc., we must learn to use our intuition. We must learn to question everything. We certainly must not get caught up going from one set of lies to another!

But even so, we won’t always get it right… but at least we are aware and doing the best we can in a very uncertain world.

Who is in ultimate control?

When I say that the White Hats are in control, I ultimately mean that God in Heaven is in control. He is the One who leads and directs all their moves.

We have always been told to ‘Trust the Plan’, and so we should, but the Plan we need to follow to keep us grounded, is the Plan we find in the Book!

It’s all in there! Everything we are going through right now was prophesied thousands of years ago… just for us!

How cool is that?

So now, if you turn on the Mainstream News Media, tune in to the snippets of truth finding their way out, and begin to rejoice. What we have all been waiting for is beginning to come to pass. Praise God!


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