Next Wave Of Bioweapons – The Truth About “Safer” Alternatives

We live in a time of great deception… it’s everywhere! All the news media has to do is start spreading around the world that there is a ‘safer’ alternative and people begin to line up for the next wave of bioweapons… willingly!

It blows my mind!

A great authority on the subject is Dr Jane Ruby. She tells it like it is… a great listen.

When they produce Novavax, mRNA technology is used, which ultimately leads to the formation of synthetic, toxic, pathogenic spike proteins. It is definitely not a vaccine, as we understand what vaccines are supposed to be.

The deadly reality of Novavax

“The deadly reality of Novavax” – there is no safe alternative to mRNA.

Dr. Ruby’s personal definition is: “Toxic, poisonous, designed to kill at a certain time – products”

Dr. Jane Ruby – Drug development expert

She refutes the claim that the Covid-19 vaccine from the manufacturer Novavax is allegedly a safe alternative to mRNA drugs from Pfizer or Moderna.

All they had to do to strip you of your freedom was re-brand the flu and convince you that it’s a threat to your existence!

One in Fifty… that’s 1 in 50 require emergency treatment!

This is within the first three days after receiving Novavax… this is just not funny.

How will it be for the other 49 as the weeks go by? What is going on inside their body? time alone will tell.

TGA Australia approved

Why is it that just because our Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has ‘approved’ it, that people automatically believe it’s safe?

Look, the very fact that it is funded from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation should be all it takes, without understanding anything else concerning ingredients etc., to make you run for the hills!

This should say it all.

They are using psychological manipulation on us all. Anything to encourage, coerce or down-right trick us into the jab!

They are hoping that these new jabs will be given to us all… 100%!


New Wave of Bioweapons – please be aware!

Do you really want all of this injected into your body?

Listen readers… there is nothing safe about it… it’s only promote it as being safe. You know that this means nothing at all. They just want you to believe their propaganda.

They are telling us that this new ‘vaccine’ will be greatly accepted by all the ‘Christian anti-vax’ movement! Only if they are silly enough to believe that corporations that are wanting to kill you will also bring out a nice little vaccine that will help you.

Help you from what?

Protect you from the boogeyman virus?

It’s so simple really – why are people not getting it?
When will people finally realise?

What about any other new ‘safe’ vaccines? Maybe I can have one of those…

They are all owned by the same Deep State tyrants that want to remove you from the face of the earth.

A friend told me today about a man who had to have his lower leg amputated after having the jab, but the doctors were still advising he had the booster! I told her that getting rid of his leg was not sufficient, the plan is to get rid of him!

I don’t care what name they come out with, or how safe they say it is… no vaccine created is safe for you. Yes, that’s right… even the flu shot you may take. All of them work at destroying your immune system so that you then have to rely on their evil concoctions just to stay alive.

No thanks!

When will people finally realise?

  • What will people do when finally their eyes flip open and the truth is revealed to them?
  • How will they take it when they realise they have been so lied to?
  • Will they be strong enough to stand when they come to a place of realization that they willingly rolled up their sleeves to be injected by a bio-weapon?

To me this is just so horrifying, but so many of our friends and family do not accept it, even when we provide them with the evidence… they still don’t believe.

The White Hats continue to allow things to play out in their constant hope that more and more people will gently come to their senses.

You don’t have to believe anything I say… but go do your own research! Listen to the above video and follow the links for further information.

But whatever you do, do not come under the propaganda spell of the new wave of bioweapons!



  1. If you try to enlighten people with the truth you just get insulted. Everyone is on their own journey sadly for some they will never awaken to the truth I fear. My other half just walks away, remains silent and utters believe whatever you want to believe or if it was true it would be on the news. I’ve been trying to wake him up for 4 years. Someone I spoke to the other day had never even heard of the Rothschilds or the Rockafellers! They are truly living in the 3D system dumbed down by fluoride and reality crap tv.

    • I guess Caroline, the only way is to base your ‘argument’ on truth. Have you ever shown him the VAERS report?
      It’s a tough one, and I believe that the only one who can really open their eyes is the Lord Himself.

      • Hi Marilyn he probably wouldn’t read it. Another point is he’s an athiest. Needs proof even of the Lord. Love him to bits but he’s so dumbed down its unbelievable. Someone at work made a very good quote at work one day when we were talking about religious beliefs and athiests/non believers. This was a quote from a Muslim colleague. Ask him when a gentle breeze blows on his skin, he doesn’t see it but he can feel it! Thought that was a brilliant description of having faith in our creator.
        We can’t see what is going on atm but some of us research and we have faith in the good that will be delivered.

  2. My comment is that why is the white hats allowing this evil injections? Why can’t they stop it by force just like they are stopping evil in Ukraine.

    • Hi Allan,
      It breaks their hearts too… we have to realise that. I believe they thought people would come to their senses long before this,, but no… they just keep falling for it.
      We have had to experience the pain (even to death) with all this jab stuff. If DT had told the world what they wanted to do, he would never have been believed. He (and they) had no choice but to let it play out so we could all see for ourselves what they had planned for us.
      People dying through jabs is dreadful to say the least, but… in most cases they went for them willingly, without doing a scrap of research.
      You don’t have to dig very deep to find all the alternative to mainstream media.
      It’s so very sad, but unfortunately, it must happen.
      May it come to an end soon please Lord!

    • Hello Allan, allow me to give my point of view… but I also invite you to go down into your heart and follow YOUR GUIDANCE. To hear what your intuition whispers to you. I am amazed at how much people expect EVERYTHING from a savior, from people outside. Trump and the Alliance are doing their part but everyone is doing their part. We cannot save others, WE CANNOT! We share our information, our advice, we alert BUT no one will save anyone. This is probably the biggest letting go to do and it is very painful because we have to let go of OUR ATTACHMENTS ourselves. We cannot save others, especially the people we love most, our children, our parents, our friends. We must respect THEIR CHOICE… their experience. Perhaps their soul has chosen to give us a lesson… to us.

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