Help 7 Year Old Martin’s Desperate Situation Today With A Miracle

Martin's Desperate Situation

When I was asked this morning if I would promote a GoFundMe page on behalf of 7 year old Martin’s desperate situation, I immediately said yes!

Many of us are aware that our world is changing and that humanitarian projects will be the order of the day. Nesara/Gesara is coming through to help all humanity.

A lot of people know exactly what they want to do in the near future, but others just want to help out wherever they can.

Well, this is exactly that!

This is your chance!

You can make a difference!

As it turns out, I have known Jack for quite sometime as an Internet friend. We have shared many things together over time, but this time, Jack is reaching out on behalf of a friend in need. I’ll let him tell the story:

Hi, my name is Jack and a friend of the father of Martin.
Martin is 7 years old and is in the ICU unit in Cebu City Philippines.
Randy, an American, is the father of Martin and 4 other children.

Martin was having a hard time walking and his vision blurred.
Turned out Martin had a very Large Tumor growing on his brain.
A 12 hour operation left Martin blind and infected with an unknown bacterial infection from his breathing tube.
Doctors are trying their best.

Martin is now in the ICU unit with drains and tubes attached.
No one can enter.

Now the family, who was living on another island, has to move into Cebu city to be close to the Hospital.
Prayers are very powerful and cost us nothing, but the financial strain from the Hospital and living expenses has the drained this poor family.

Randy had to abandon his efforts in working to support the wife and other kids, and they are trying to find affordable housing near the hospital.
If you know of any temporary housing in Cebu city, please contact us.

We know GOD has the final say and HE loves all the little children of the world.
I myself have donated $104 to try to help.

Please find it in your hearts to Pray and or Donate to help Little Martin and family.

Jack Williams

What can we do to help this 7 year old Martin and his family?

#1 – Pray faith-filled prayers and believe for Martin’s total restoration. To aid you, I have added Martin’s desperate situation in to my Prayer Vase here.

#2 – Give. Even $2 given from enough of us will make a huge difference to this family. You can do it anonymously if you prefer.

You can give whatever the Lord puts on your heart. Even as little as just $2 will all add up.

Whatever it is you find you are able to do, please do something.

Don’t let this opportunity to be part of the answer pass you by.

Help Martin’s desperate situation through GoFundMe HERE

#3 – Share! Keep this post moving… everywhere! Many will read and simply pass it by! Nonetheless God will quicken the hearts of those who will pray and/or give, as it keeps on moving. This is an opportunity for us to give money, knowing it’s going to the area of need.

Please don’t hesitate!

Martin’s situation is desperate to say the least, and we can all be part of the solution. Bless you all.


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