Why Trump Is Being Arrested? Urgent Explanation!

Why Trump Is Being Arrested

When people hear news that Trump is to be arrested, many say, oh no… that could never happen! Others, on the other hand, can’t wait as they believe he really deserves it. It’s so sad.

Read what Ricardo Bosi says in his explanation as to why…

~Begin Transcript~

Many of you have heard that Donald Trump is about to be arrested. The first question is… why would this be telegraphed to the world?

There is a reason for that… they want people to watch!

But why is Trump going to be arrested?

Let me answer it this way… you’ve heard of predictive programming. You know that they’ve been showing us movies for years so that when it actually happens in reality there is no surprise.

This is called predictive programming.

Go back a little while, remember when Mara Largo estate was raided by the FBI. There was shock, horror, how dare they! You shouldn’t do this!

You see, the first time anything happens, people get very agitated and very exercised over it.

But the purpose of that was… (it was a setup too. You are watching a show! Please go get your soft drink and your popcorn and watch the show.)

The reason they did that to Trump (it was all set up), was then they can target Biden and go through his stuff. So when they went through Biden’s papers there was no surprise and shock for the people. Psychologically, they had already watched Trump get raided. They say, well if Trump got raided, fair enough if they want to investigate Biden and go through his papers, no problem.

The same thing is happening now. Work it out for yourself… see if you can put the last piece into place!

Trump’s about to be arrested… why?

It’s in order to begin the arrest of the others!

See how it works?

The guy actually being arrested won’t be Trump… he’s a double. That’s all part of the game too.

But they have to arrest Trump so that the normies out there will go through the shock, horror, oh my god it’s terrible. It’s over what? Stormy Daniels? Please!

They get that psychological shock out of the way and then when Biden gets arrested they go ‘oh yeah, that’s fair enough… they arrested Trump last month, so they can arrest Biden this month!’

And Obama… and Clinton… and Pelosi… and all of them. The arrests are starting. That’s what they’re trying to show you.

That’s why Trump is being arrested.

~End Transcript~

After all, you cannot indict a sitting President!

No matter which way you look at this, it’s quite exciting! How long we have been waiting for this action to take place!

So, these explanations above help us to comprehend why Trump is being arrested. Let’s now, we watch to see. Yes!



  1. How do we get in the q f s system is it automatically done with my credit union Vystar or do we sign up on it. Will all debt be forgiven automatically or does Trump have to be announced as the true President first for it all to happen.

    • Hi Brenda!
      1. We don’t have to worry about it. All our accounts are already being mirrored on the QFS. A time will come when they will give you an official account, but we are waiting for their instructions. We have not been told to do anything at this stage.
      2. We have been told there were 3 markers. The Queen, the Pope and JB – all gone. How it will all work out we can only guess at this time, but things are all heading in the right direction for sure.

  2. It certainly starting to warm up, banks shutting down in the UK like mad. HSBC our last central bank in our town going in early May…yee hah

    • I’m glad you see it as a time of rejoicing! Most don’t… The thing is, we have to go via this route otherwise the new cannot be ushered fully in. So, I’m rejoicing with you. 🙂

  3. Marilyn you are fantastic. GOD gave you to all of us to explain the historical moments we are all witnessing. The black hats/cabal sure made our lives miserable for years and years. So many needless deaths …Titanic, 9/11, never ending wars, pharmaceuticals to kill all of us. Children that should never have endured what they did by the pedophilias. I have been following President Trump for seven years. So very grateful GOD gave him to us. Much love to you. Viv

    • Thank you Viv for your kind words. As you may realise, I don’t post every day… I would, but unless the Lord gives me something specific, I keep quiet. I never know what or when my next assignment will be!
      Thank you once again… it’s people like you that make my day., 🙂

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