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Do you know what today is?  Can you think of anything special?  No?  Oh well… it’s kinda special to us.  Today, three years ago we landed right here at Spring Waters! It’s really easy for us to remember the date as yesterday was our wedding anniversary and 3 years ago we spent it crossing Bass Straight on the boat.

Just a little bit of trivia for you.

So what else has happened in March?  Well to start off with it has been our third warmest March ever recorded!  That’s got to be good.

Our days have been packed full, but what about yours?  If you were to stop and think a moment, what would you pick out as the most outstanding “happening” in March for you?

I guess our most outstanding “nice time” was when we scooted off up to Sydney and the Central Coast to visit as many as we could.  Yeah, yeah… I know, we didn’t get to see everyone, but the truth is it was actually quite tiring and in the end it was kind of nice to come back home for a rest!

Mind you, we had an absolutely fabulous time and it was SOOO good to catch up with at least some friends and family.

But the week was soon over and we found ourselves back home.  Before Selwyn went back to work we had a lovely picnic at a place called Lilydale Falls. Here’s Selwyn climbing the track.  I just noticed his pants look like they are a very hot pink!  Ha ha… they are actually red.
It’s not like they are particularly spectacular but all up it’s a lovely walk with two waterfalls to view.  It’s only about half an hour away from our place.
Here’s “hot pants” gazing at the top waterfall.

I planned to have Trent’s cottage finished by the end of March and I worked myself silly to do so. 

Didn’t quite make it as we are waiting on our handyman to do a couple of jobs, so I simply lay down my paintbrushes and said “no more until he’s done”. 

I’ll show you the results next time.

One day in the middle of my painting I devised a nice picnic lunch for us to have down in the Fairy Glen towards the back of our property… near the dam.  LOL.  This is a place that I would have spent countless hours in when I was a little girl.  Childhood revisited!
Selwyn was happy to partake in our little picnic.
Lunch looks good – it’s making me hungry!
Of-course, Rocky had to be part of it too.
We’ve been noticing an interesting phenomenon.  You see, we see this from our kitchen window and I’ve noticed in the mornings that sometimes the top of the mushroom lights up with a very bright light.  After much consideration, I decided it’s the little men from space that come during the night and take off in my little mushroom.  I notice it when they’ve just landed and before the lights are turned off.

Once I understood what was happening here, I’ve tried really hard to see them coming in to land but it seems to be just like Santa Claus… I mean, did you ever see him fly across the sky?  Didn’t you look really hard and feel miffed because you always seem to miss him.  I did!

I’ll catch them landing yet, you just wait and see!
The last few nights we’ve had a little visitor who arrives just after we go to bed.  Turns out he’s very ravenous. I’ve wondered why he’s been giving us such a hard time.
Then I remembered how a few weeks ago I left a couple of half filled buckets of water down in the chook shed.  Next morning I found five drowned young rats in them.  I was amazed… why did they jump into the buckets?

The next night I left them again half full to see if there were any more, and would you believe if I told you that four more committed hurry-curry!  That was nine rats in two days!

I was wondering why this rat was eating us out of house and home and then I realised… oh yes, it’s pay back time!  This guy was obviously the dad of those nine kids… yes, that’s it!  Revenge!
He played us out for four nights!  It didn’t seem to matter how we set the trap he’d simply delicately take the morsel off without tripping it. 

But then he’d go on a rampage and eat everything he could find… about one third of a huge sweet potato, half a pear, half a nectarine, countless tomatoes and apples and anything else he could poke his nose into.

I even hid the sweet potatoes in the cupboard in containers with firm lids. Using his keen night vision he obviously could see them in there, so to spite me, he chewed the lids to bits – plastic everywhere looked like rice.

Two humans, one rat!  Shouldn’t be too hard should it?  I can tell you he wasn’t the slightest bit interested in the “rat attractant” and just ate everything we left out for him.  It was sweet corn we used in the end…
I’m happy to say that he’s now gone to live in a better place so the continuing saga has finally come to an end.

With April well on the way I’d better get cracking or I’ll have nothing to share with you next time.  I really do hope everything is going well with you, and don’t forget… happy to talk anytime.

It was so sad what happened with the cyclone.  I couldn’t believe that people who lived in NSW who would have been talking about all the happenings in Northern Queensland are no longer with us!  Who could have believed it would have such an effect so far down the coast.

Living on this earth there is always something…

Oh well… until next time.Love and blessings to you,



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