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February come, and February go!  How was it for you? I know for some it was an extremely hot time, but not so for us.  In fact, our summer was a bit of a write off as far as heat went.  Oh, nice days for sure, but in comparison to the heat felt in NSW, it was nothing like it.

I think maybe our hottest days hit on the first days of Autumn… hot, really quite hot, especially the afternoons.  Dry too, the grass is beginning to crackle… but so late to previous years.  Normally it’s dry long before Christmas, but we’ve only just lost our green over the last few weeks.

Well what do you know?  Not a tree this time but just a large branch.  The tree lost it’s first branch at Christmas and then a couple of weeks ago down came another. 

Trent is happy though as it let’s more of the morning sun through onto his cottage.  Anyway, it’s all cleared up now, at least, I have a great pile of branches waiting until the fire restrictions are lifted so that I can burn them.

I don’t like piles of branches lying around because I always think it’s a good hidey-hole for a snake or two.
Pied & Penny
Talking of snakes… a week or two ago I found a dead carcass of a small tiger snake in the chicken pen.  It was strange as it died with its head in a hole.  I guess it hoped it could get away but, it was only a hole dug out by one of my ducks – they like to do it to find worms.

Anyway, the curious thing was that the back of the snake had been thoroughly pecked – it was ripped to shreds.  Now, there is no way the ducks would do that, nor the chooks… so that only leaves my guinea fowl.

I originally got the guinea fowl as I had heard that they will drive snakes away and kill small ones, and guess what… it looks like they have done the job.  I would have loved to have seen it happening – it must have frightened the snake so much that all he could think of was getting away.

Guinea Fowl are such brave little creatures… I have four pairs, most born here on the property… brought a couple in to stop the boy’s fighting and give them all a wife. Now they’re all happy little chappies.
It was Trent’s birthday on the 7th Feb.  He didn’t want to go out anywhere, all he wanted was some of Mum’s home cooking.  Only one more year until he’s the big 30… how did it happen?
Talking of Trent…  Trent and Cassi went on a long journey this last Saturday, across to St Helens and up to Binnalong Bay.  He’d wanted to go there for ages and now here he is, happy as!

Gorgeous white sand with turquoise water.  He said there were heaps of people swimming but not caught in this picture.
This is not Trent’s photo as for some reason he didn’t take one… but here they are at “Pub in the Paddock” where you can feed a pig a bottle of beer.  Apparently the pig loves the stuff!  Poor pig, I say!
Not far from there they walked down through the beautiful rainforest (yep, Trent too) to see the St Columba Falls.  This is one of Tasmania’s highest falls and the amount of water is pretty much as Selwyn and I saw it.  I’d like to see it when the water is thundering over!
I mentioned last time that I had more paint on my hands…well that was when we were painting the shed. Notice the tank isn’t painted yet.

We’ve since put in a temporary window instead of that old broken one.  We’re waiting on brother Warren to bring us a glass sliding door.

Actually Warren and family were here last Sunday.  It was so good to spend the day with them.  I was so annoyed after they left when I realised I didn’t take a single photo. 🙁
Here’s Selwyn up a ladder.  I tell you what… the shed has been transformed!
The room at the back of the shed is Selwyn’s studio where he likes to dabble with his artwork.  I paint “things” in there too… like mushrooms for the yard.
Funny where you see them pop up!  They seem to last too, quite a long time!
A little bit of deco in front of the shed.
Even the old concrete water tank has undertaken a facelift.  It’s great looking around and seeing everything look so fresh now.

I tell Selwyn I like things pretty… I want to be able to look out every window and see “pretty”.  I’d have to say that we’re getting close.
I’m still hard at it as I’ve now taken on Trent’s cottage.  I’m about half way through.  It’s coming up looking really smart.
I started with the back deck and am working my way around the house.
A work in progress… gradually the old cream disappears as the crisp eucalypt and white appears.

Hey… see the Toyota parked near the house?  Trent bought it with the intention of doing it up so he can go 4-wheel driving with his friends. It’s a bit of a shell at the moment but they’ll work on it up in the workshop until it’s ready to go. He’s really very excited about it.

Parked right outside his bedroom window in the same way my brother did when he brought home his first car… needs to be the first thing they see when they get up in the morning!
Last, but not least!  Selwyn the plumber at work. 

The overflow pipe from our water tank snapped off so had to be replaced… but he’s gone a whole lot further and taken a pipe virtually all the way to the dam.  This will be a great improvement in the wet season as the area won’t be so waterlogged. 

We still will have the water that runs all the way from the road out the front, to the dam.  We’re working on a way to capture it and direct its pathway. It’s quite a lot of water but sure helps keep the dam levels up.

Well that’s our February news.  As you can see we’ve been busy. Hoping to have the painting finished by the end of March.  That’ll be good I’m sure.

Selwyn has a week off at the moment and we’re going up to Sydney and Gosford to stay with various friends & family.  I don’t know how many friends/family we’ll manage to see but looking forward to catching up with as many as possible.

Until next time, hugs and kisses…


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