The secret I was keeping…

I’m revealing my secret to you right here and now!  What secret you ask?  Hmmm, so you’ve forgotten that I was holding something back and not telling.  Geez, it was only last November!  Do you even remember last November? 

Oh well, as you know, time flies… waits for no-one, so they say.

Was your Christmas good?  Ours was, especially so because sister was here.  We had fun and a much needed break.

It was great to just go off and do a bit of sightseeing and admire lovely places.  Here we are a Bridport (north coast) This is an inlet into a lake where the water was running clear and blue.  It just made me want to get right in it!
I also took Noreen for a trip down to Hobart to see our cousins, Roz & Keith.  How lovely it was to see them and share apple pie and ice-cream.  Yum.

While we were there, Mt Wellington was completely hidden under mist.  It was strange to realise there was a very big mountain right there but it was like it didn’t exist.  No photo as it would just be washed out and white!
Anyway, I was telling you before that I had been extremely busy with a project I wanted finished before Christmas.  I took on the job of painting the outside of the entire house.  This photo was taken when we first came here to look at the house… run down, but mainly needing a paint job.
This is how it looks now.  We will be redoing the roof sometime by getting the professionals in. 

Even in it’s run down state, we fell in love with it.  Even though in the past, we built a lovely modern brick home, it didn’t have near the character of this place. Our imagination runs wild here.

Notice how  the tree has gone.  Remember how it fell down last year?  We kept part of the trunk, and what do you know… some swans landed there!  A mother with her little one.
A solar powered light shows them up a treat in the night.
Under the shade of the pine tree sits our little Bambi.  She loves it there!  Of-course, she’s only ceramic… unfortunately.
Here is a shot taken along the front of the house after we had installed the new front doors.  Old fashioned colours which I’m so happy to see the end of.
Looks so different now.  The colour is pale eucalypt with white trimmings.  The colour blends so well with the surrounding trees. So pleased with it.

It was painting the verandah that took sooooo long… the eves, the floor and all the railings.  It went on and on as the house is totally surrounded by the verandah.

But hey… I got there!

Got to do Trent’s house yet… soon.
Grabbing a quick cuppa with Selwyn’s cousin Tony, his partner Cassy and of-course, Selwyn and Cassi (Trent’s friend).  Trent was sitting on the other end of the table and somehow was missed out of the photo.

Tony and Cassy have been coming each year (from up Ulverstone way… if that means anything to you) and we always have a great time with them.  This photo was taken before the upgrade of the back deck… still in it’s original yucky colours.
Here’s a portion of the deck now looking down our back yard.  All what you can see is part of the property.

The handsome young man you see there is Rocky.  He’d be wondering where his ball is as that’s all he thinks of!
As soon as Christmas was over and we’d had a bit of a break, we started on the next project.  Hint… see the paint on my hand?

Anyway, while I was busy (with my project) along came this cicada and head-butted the wall.  Surely dazed and confused, it fell to the ground.  I was quick to catch him as I know he’d (a boy as he had drums) make a nice juicy meal for one of my birds.  And sure enough, as I was running for him, so was one of my guinea fowl.  But I saved him to live another day.
This summer we’ve had so many cicadas in the gum trees, many more than previous years.  It must be a good year for their cycle.  They don’t appear to be interested in the blackwood trees, which almost all of our trees are. 

But being Australia, there are plenty of gummies around and all full of cicadas. We love it… the sound of summer.

Well once again it’s been great sharing with you.  We are all well and I trust you are too. Planning on a trip up to Sydney and Gosford real soon which we’re looking forward to.

As usual, don’t hesitate to get back to me with all your goss as we always love hearing from you.

Warm regards,


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