A Lot Of Good News And Hope

Good News and Hope

Are you ready for a lot of good news and hope? Sure you are! We can all do with it, can’t we?

This is a copy of an email I received from David Sorensen of Stop World Control from the Netherlands.. I thought it was so brilliant I wanted as many people as possible to read what he has to say.

All I’ve done is split it up with headings, and split some of the wording up to fight against algorithms.

Yes, it’s a fairly long read, but full of good news and hope, so please make sure you read right to the end.

… Begin Transcript …

Dear Freedom Fighters,

I am writing this real quick from my phone, to encourage all of you that so many beautiful things are happening worldwide. How I wish that I was able to show it all with splendid videos and illustrated emails, but that is not possible right now. Hence, this simple text message.

Remember that I told you about the in depth report I released in the Netherlands, to expose how the government and royal family are deeply involved in the worst evil in the world: sa/ta/nic abu/se and m/urd/er of ch/il/d/ren.

This dossier went viral and is causing a stir now. All of a sudden some local newspapers are writing about it, bringing this evil under the attention of the Dutch people. The minister of justice always refused to investigate this (because he’s involved in it, of-course). But now he was forced to at least say publicly he will start an investigation. All that is theatre of-course, but… there is a big stir in the Netherlands!

From a leading medical expert I heard that they will now organize a round table with several lawyers, doctors and professionals to discuss how they can expose this evil to the whole nation.

This is significant because from an underground cybersecurity expert (= hacker) – who knows a LOT about the criminal operations in the world – I heard that many of the criminal lines in the world, lead to The Netherlands. It is a true hub for some of the world’s greatest s/ata/nic operations.

That God is using my report to now shake this nations, is encouraging, to say the least.

And that is only the first effect of my report that I know of. My experience is that whenever I release something powerful, the real effect is always unimaginably greater than I can ever see.

For some this may sound as not much, but I know the main thing is to awaken the people, and ignite a fire. Once the spark hits dry wood, it will tart burning and that’s what is happening.

Awakening of the Intelligent, Educated Part of the World

Due to the false co/v/id pa/ndemic thousands of intelligent people with influence, like medical experts, scientists and lawyers, are waking up to the insane wickedness of their governments. These well educated, smart people are not planning to sit around doing nothing.

For example: Andreas Kalcker is an international scientist who developed a 100% effective cure for cov/i/d. He is working with 4,000 medical doctors and lawyers worldwide. And he is connected to the military of several nations. He told me that they are preparing tri/bu/nals and e/x/e/cutions of all who are complicit in this worldwide crime.

Once scientist is gathering thousands of doctors and lawyers, and is involved with military who want to defend their nation against the Ne/w W/orld Or/der. That’s just one example!

The World Doctors Alliance is doing the same thing! They are connecting hundreds of thousands of health workers as well, worldwide. All to oppose the N/W/O.

One of the world’s greatest lawyers, Doctor Reiner Fuellmich, is also gathering a large group of scientists, medical doctors and lawyers to sue governments and the World Health Organization, because of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.


This has never happened before in the history of humanity, that such large numbers of highly educated people are seeing the reality of the world they live in.

They are waking up and taking action, which is very promising.

The fire that has been lit, will set more and more people on fire.

Local Newspapers waking up

The very fact that in the Netherlands some local newspapers are writing about s/a/t/anic a/b/use by governments, shows something interesting: the cab/al may own all the major news outlets, but they can’t impossibly own all the thousands of smaller publications. Once the news starts getting out there, and journalists pick it up, something amazing can happen.

May countless of smaller journalists worldwide wake up!

Young boy delivers 9,000 flyers of Good News and Hope!

I also heard from a young boy in Belgium – the heart of the European Union (which is at the heart of the Ne/w Wo/rld O/r/der) – that he has distributed NINE THOUSAND flyers of StopWorldControl.com. So what happened?

The Belgian NATIONAL NEWS talked about it, warning the people. That only creates more attention for it, of-course.

Huge banners on the bridges

In the Netherlands people also created HUGE banners of our website, which they hang on bridges of highways!


All these are just signs that people are waking up and taking action to wake even more people up.

People stirred by election fraud

The report about the ele/ction fr/aud in the Netherlands also caused a big stir, because suddenly there are sounds all over the place that new elections are needed.

Who knows what else will move…

Good News from Military police brings Hope

Another great news from this nation is that more and more military police are coming forward with heart breaking stories. They are mentally traumatized from being forced to beat up innocent citizens. The stories they are sharing, are causing massive awakening yet again.

During recent mass protests in the Netherlands, hundred of police and military veterans posted themselves in between the police and the protesters. They formed a live wall of protection, making it impossible for the MP to attack the protesters.

Yet again an enormous sign for the people to see there is something significant going on.

An Investigation Committee has received over fifty testimonies from police officers, who anonymously share their story of how they refuse to further serve the corruption of their government.

That is incredible! An more and more of them are coming forward. This is causing an awakening among LAW ENFORCEMENT!

A worldwide organization called POLICE FOR FREEDOM is spreading in nations around the world. Now hundreds of police officers in several nations are PROTESTING THEMSELVES on the streets.

Isn’t that absolutely awesome?

Fake President waking up the People

Today I also heard a great encouragment and confirmation from two well know patriots in the USA, Dave Hayes and the X22 Report that exactly confirmed what I felt in my own heart: Bid/en is only allowed to play fake President so the people would wake up more.

Sometimes you need to SHOW the people, because telling them is not enough.

That is happening now: in order to further shake the people awake, they HAVE to go through the darkness. Nothing else works.

Sad but true!

That is also true for the vaccines. Telling the masses how bad vaccines are, doesn’t work. They have to see their beloved ones die, and be crippled for life, before they wake up. Sad but true.

For decades there has been an awakening going on concerning vaccines. Millions know how bad they are, but… billions still have no clue.

I believe the current mass vaccination will result in vaccines becoming banned altogether, in the end.

Millions of healthcare workers are waking up worldwide to the horror of the vaccines. Without the plandemic they woul stay asleep forever.

In Argentina a brave reporter Veronica Ressia declared openly on national TV that the pandemic is planned and is a crime. She is supported by the Argentina Doctors for Truth (translate that to Spanish, and google them). Imagine the impact of that!

When I looked her up, I found several South American social media accounts with large followings who are revealing truth as well. This reminded me how the awakening is worldwide! Italy, Germany, Africa, South America, Asia…

Good News and Hope

Guys, we are witnessing the greatest positive movement of humanity in all of history. Are you aware of that?

It may look small to you, but every new day starts out as a bleak streak of light at a distant horizon. However… once the sun starts rising, there’s no stopping it! The day will break forth.

I am working on a video that will show you how 28 nations in the world are joining together against the Ne/w Wor/ld O/r/der. Hopefully I can soon finish this very encouraging video.

Another great news is that Mike Lindell announced an even more powerful exposure of the USA election fra/ud. He is determined to expose it to the whole world, and there’s no stopping him!

Mike also announced his new FREE SPEECH platform called FRANKSPEECH.com. It will be like YouTube and Twitter in one. Sounds great!


Guys, the truth is marching on and every attempt to silence it, only makes it go louder and wider.

When Twitter removed millions of patriot accounts, these people swarmed to Parler. When Parler was seized by the ca/bal, they all went to Telegram. And guess what: there are dozens of incredible groups on Telegram, with millions of users, who are exposing evil and wickedness of the government and ca/bal more than ever before.

Never in the history of humanity was there such a bright light as today. Groups dedicated to exposing the el/ite ped/o/p/hilia, co/v/id corruption, government ty/r/a/nny, etc.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Recently I read the PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION. A very dark series of statements by the s/a/t/a/nists who are behind all this evil in the world. One of their statements shows what they fear most of all:

Individual initiative with genius behind it.

They are terrified of people like you and me, who are using our God given ‘super powers’ of creativity and intellect to expose evil and reveal truth.

Guess what… that exact thing has been happening like never before, in all of history! The documentary PLANDEMIC was a typical ‘individual initiative with genius behind it’. It was viewed almost a billion times! MAJOR BLOW TO THE STRONGHOLD OF DECEPTION!

And that’s one example… There are countless similar projects, in every language, all over the world.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion also mention how their goal is to disconnect humanity from God, by making mankind materialistic. Again… what is happening? I hear this from people all over the world. Like this smart tech director from South Africa, or the creative author from Austria, or the ex-military farmer from the USA, or the pastor from Hollard… they all see the same thing:

All over the world people are massively turning back to God. No, not to religion, to God, the source of love, truth and freedom.

The more evil they will throw at the world, the more people will wake up

So many wonderful things are happening right now. If only… we look in the right direction.

Of-course there is a lot of bad stuff. Things may get very dark and messy for awhile, in certain areas of the world. People are dying and suffering. But let’s be honest: that has always been the case.

Nobody knows the number of vaccine deaths every year, year after year…

Now this horror is finally being revealed to more people than ever. And the awakening has only just started. The more evil they will throw at the world, the more people will wake up.

The more the sa/t/a/nic practices of the elite will be exposed, the more mankind will understand we truly need the source of love, light and truth to protect and help us. Massive spiritual awakening!

I believe we are at the beginning of a historic turning point in the existence of humanity and the world.

One of the significant things is that people are learning that WE ALL HAVE TO BE INVOLVED WITH POLITICS, EDUCATION, BUSINESS, HEALTH CARE, etc.

For centuries the people have been dependent on the ‘Big Guys’. This made us lazy, indifferent and therefore easy to submit to slavery. Now I see a worldwide movement happening where the people stand up, take action and begin to reform the world.

In America I see several patriot organizations being formed where citizens are educating themselves about the constitution and start attacking the corrupt judges and governors.

Again: all this is just starting.

Besides that there is a worldwide explosion of brand new grassroots media, that are slowly beginning to replace the old mega-media, that has manipulated humanity for so long. Thousands of new websites, radio shows, TV programs are being born as I speak. They are not owned by the ca/bal, but they broadcast truth and freedom to the world. They cannot be silenced because there’s too many of them!

The world is waking up.

So have hope. Have courage. Have faith. Stay alive and share love.

All the evil that is in full swing now, is being turned around by the One who is greater than all. As the Scriptures say: He became famous by defeating his enemies with their own weapons.

The pit they dig for the world, is their own grave. For real!


  • sharing truth.
  • awakening others.
  • supporting the frontline warriors.
  • praying.
  • speaking words of life and freedom and hope.
  • opposing tyranny.
  • exposing evil.

We win. It’s destined. Darkness is being cast out. Even though it may get messy and nasty for awhile, the light is greater than the darkness.

Read this message again and understand how all these encouragements are only the tiniest tip of an enormous iceberg of tremendously good things happening worldwile.

Be brave!

Much love from the frontlines,

David Sorensen

End Transcript …

I love it when someone shares through open eyes on a world wide scale, bringing such good news and hope to us all.

Here is David Sorensen’s website… lots of good reading…

Stop World Control – David Sorensen
We are living through amazing times… The Greatest War in History.



  1. Dear Marilyn, thank you for this update. It is a good reminder that mankind is made in the image of God and projects His power, we will not be destroyed that easily. When push comes to shove we will resist and reject enslavement by evil forces. God is still on His throne, He is shaking the world because it needs to be shaken but through His wrath we will find mercy. May He bless all those around the world who are in a position to fight against the evil ca/bal, we can do anything in He who gives us strength.

    • Yes, this is definitely one big God-sized shake up Kris! There is a big message to us all to beware we never, ever get involved in all that evil. The evil ones are going to pay big time.
      His love and mercy surrounds us even in the midst of all this drama. We just need to continue to hang on to the Lord and He will see us through.
      Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I’m so grateful to all of you working on the front lines of this war. You are my heros and represent the strength of the human spirit, the strength of love. I wish to help any way I can. Thank you again and God bless you.

    • Hello Tamra,
      Thank you… of-course we are all doing our little bit. Every time you share my posts, or the posts of others… every time you share with someone else, you are also doing your bit.
      Keep up the good work. 🙂

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